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All adult babies are depraved, obese, saggy, wrinkled, lopsided sick fucks.

Pedophilic narcissism, euphemistically referred to by practitioners as infantilism, is a variation, a range of desires that have a common theme: Diapers and babyhood. Someone who practices infantilism is called an "infantilist" or sometimes an "adult baby" (often abbreviated "AB"). Infantilists want to be treated in a babyish way, though what that means varies widely. Usually, though, it means being diaperfags and using said diapers for their intended purposes.

Their claims of just wearing the diapers as part of an outfit is just what ABs would like the general public to think about their sordid little interest. The true reality is that every last one of them enjoys spooging into their pretty pink princess Pampers and receives immense sexual gratification from uncontrollably shitting themselves at a moments notice. The amount of sexual gratification is magnified by how much bondage, humiliation and domination is being branded into the fat folds of their jiggling asses.

Many ABs are in denial and will attempt to ignore, refute or otherwise suppress their needy little wanton desires for being a little bitch, forced to release their bowels into their bambino breeches, however the truth of the matter can be easily discerned by just how much frothing rage the typical AB exhibits when accused of this reality, all in their fleeting and ultimately futile attempts to try and "explain" their fetish as having some measure of pseudo-normalcy in society. It is interesting to note that infantilism is the most accurate definition of a manchild imaginable. So that means that all infantilists are easy troll-bait.

Adult Babies (AB) vs. Diaper Lovers (DL)

ABs are more often than not the product of attachment disorders. Often abused, sexually and/or physically, they essentially had their babyhood ripped out of them courtesy of a pedophile or overly abusive parent. Others partake in the interest as a form of stress relief, a way of putting grown up responsibilities aside and retarding back to a simpler/easier time in their life when they had someone to literally do everything for them; from wiping their asses to feeding them their food, it's the penultimate form of sheer laziness incarnate.

Aside from the typical Adult Baby you also have what's known as a Diaper Lover. A Diaper Lover, or DL for short, is someone with a simple object/clothing fetish, who simply gets off sexually on the diapers themselves, no baby stuff required or needed at all. They very often share fetish interests with those who get off on rubber/plastic and other material/clothing based fetishes. On occasion they also share fetish interests with the BDSM crowd, in which the diapers are used as a tool for humiliation and control.

The two communities are very often directly intertwined with one another, however it is possible to spread animosity, hatred and outright war between the two main communities with the right trolling stance. AB/DLs are similar to furries in that they tend to be easily provoked and enraged, partly because of the fact that they are, by definition, man-children who can't function properly as adults.

Methods of trolling infantilists

  • Accuse them of being pedophiles. Infantilism is technically the polar opposite of pedophilia. However, calling them that will lead to endless rage and butthurt.
  • Accuse them of being mentally imbalanced.
  • Remind them of what a sick waste of human resources they are. This doesn't just include necessities like food, water and power. But it also include the countless amounts of diapers they will use across their incredibly pathetic life time just to fuel their depraved fetish. All of this contributes to our constant raep of the environment.
  • Show them this hypothesis which explains the cause of their desires. It basically asserts that they pedophiles which are sexually attracted to the thought of themselves as children.
  • State that nobody will pander to their faggotry and that they will remain forever alone.
  • Buy them a big tub of these. Since they enjoy eating children's sweets and also enjoy shitting themselves, they will be in no position to complain about the consequences.


Psychiatrist needed ASAP About missing Pics

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