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Diapered up.

Diaper Dude is a cripple who has been seen on 4chan and 7chan, providing lulz. He was first sighted on 7chan in march of 2007, posting a thread saying he was going to kill himself on webcam. The thread was soon stickied.

He posted pictures of himself in diapers (dated and signed) as proof, and explained his shitty life. Eventually, he made a stickam account and hosted an epic show. First he took requests, one involving shotting cum through the air into his diaper which he held in front of him. He said he was waiting to kill himself until there was more people, while still taking requests. Eventually there was over 40 people in his Stickam room. He pulled a knife, put it to his throat, pulled it back as if it was about to jam it in his throat, and then cut his video to the intro of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and then proceeded to spam about how 7chan sucks.

His Story

Now this is a story all about how Diaper-Dudes life got flipped turned upside down. I'd like to take a minute and sit right here, and tell you about diapers he had to wear.

Diaper-Dude has Spina Bifida, which leaves most people crippled and in wheelchairs. He however only has a mild case, he said, and after being forced into a surgery he says he didn't need, resulted in him only having a fucked up foot, no control over his shitting and pissing, and no feeling in his penis. All of this was proved with epic pictures made of win. He also states because he moved when his condition got worse, he had no friends, and never has.

While in most cases this sounds like whiny bullshit, Diaper-Dude does not whine. He says all of this while seeing the humor in it. To quote;

I consider myself like the goatse man. He had an incredible talent. And he used this talent, to provide hours and hours of lulz. I'm alot like him. I'm fucked up physically, and I see the lulz in it. Thus it is my duty, as it should be the goal of any internets citizen, to use my pathetic abilities in a humiliating manner to provide the lulz"




TLDR: He's 19, has to wear diapers because of a spinal disease which means he can barely walk, and loves to use his lulzy problems to provide lulz to the internets

/b/ Has a Heart?

While Diaper-Dude was originally greeted with insults and instructions to become an hero, it soon faded as it was realized he came to provide us the lulz. He became somewhat of a mascot to /b/, as he was seen as the epitome of /b/tards: He was socially inept, had no hope in life, and was pathetic. He was also only after the lulz.

Thus, while he was still hit with insults, many /b/tards offered him sympathy, to which Diaper-Dude replied

"I don't want your fucking sympathy. I came to bring lulz. Go back to gaia with that shit, faggots"




While Diaper-Dude disappeared for a few months after providing weekly lulz through the months of March and April, he came back with a vengeance. He still makes the occasional thread on /b/, the latest of which was on January 4th 2008, where he trolled /b/ into dividing into two groups - those who pitied him and those who insulted him - and then causing them to argue. the thread lasted over 3 hours and received up to 300 replies. Eventually he came back to say

"Lulz, faggots. I am 19, have to wear diapers, have no friends, and no life behind my computer, and I'm still better than all of you faggots".



With this, he won the thread.


In a previous thread, one sick fuck /b/tard suggest Diaper-dude make a video not unlike two girls one cup. Diaper-dude said he was willing, but didn't have any IRL wimminz, nevermind one that would be willing to take part in the latest internet shock video. He also said he didn't have the money for a hooker, at which point, one /b/tard offered to donate. Others soon followed saying they would donate to see the epic win that would be diaper-dude having sex with a woman, in his diapery crippled glory.

Being that Diaper-dude wants to have sex just as much as everyone wants to see it, especially after his epic stickam videos, he said he would be willing to make a website showing the lulzy things he's done, hosting webcam shows, and eventually, uploading a video of himself having sex with an aids-ridden hooker from craigslist.

As of January 04 2008, he said he is still willing, but doesn't have the money for a webspace. EDiots with free webspace, contact him and get a site going for epic win! We must get diaper-dude laid, then fap vigorously to him having sex with his diaper hanging around his knees.


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