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Typical artwork
The faggotry has increased to Over 9000

A furry dramawhore and lolzcow, Lesang is a fat furfag that spends his well earned days yiffing and stalking the IRC closetfurs on FurAffinity, drawing disgustingly obese and inflated characters, jerking off his dick to dog cocks, and bawling at the merciless trolls that spam his FurAffinity page. It is a well known fact that the hermit has never set eyes on daylight. He usually posts journals and blogs, whining about how broke he is and how he needs money. He is constantly whoring out commissions of blimp-sized animals to anyone, regardless or lack of talent. Trolling the faggot is next to useless. Lesang will promptly shit his pants and block you, then procede to whore out emo tears on the interwebz to his supporters

Online History

Trying with desperate attemtps to get attention, Lesang found it necessary to spout his disgusting fetish art on websites such as Deviantart and FurAffinity, getting mercilessly trolled and flamed in the process. Using his superior intellect, the whining furfag bawled about how his art was misunderstood and resulted in blocking the trolls from his gallery/ This resulted in moar delicious juicy drama and bawling from other fat furfags that supported Lesang's shit artwork. Lesang is also a brony, which means that his gallery is full of fat, fucking, MS Paint scribbles of fucking ponies being forcefedor inflated bigger than the Macy's Parade balloons. The whining faggot also found it neccesary to make a blogtv channel, where he could post videos of him bawling about him being trolled for being a fat fucking pedophile furfag.

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