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The most nerd like admin of all, who is also a nazi.

DerHexer or Keith Abbot is a gay scruffy Nazi Nerd who is a wikipedo admin and a freak, a characterization with which many, many, many people agree. He spends all of his fucking sad life fighting vandalism and when you vandalize his user page he likes to put you on your last warning. He has a striking resemblance to Angry German Kid.

One day a sad YouTube user and Wikipedo (how sad can you get) decided to post a comment about DerHexer on a youtube video saying "Have you ever heard of an administrator on Wikipedia known as DerHexer? He is very fast. If you want to know how fast DerHexer is, he have made more than 11,000 edits in one month in April 2007 and is making more than 8,000 edits on September 2007, mostly reverting vandalism. It took me 6 months for me to make 8,000 edits!" which shows how pathetic Wikipedians basically are and of course the comment on the video got a trolling response. Only to reach his talkpage only afterwards were good lulz had by all.

When it's not protected, have a go at vandalizing this worthless wikipedo's userpage.

PROTIP: DerHexer's router is still vulnerable to the DCC SEND startkeylogger 0 0 0 trick. You can help him lose his virginity by kicking him from #wikipedia-de on freenode over and over again.

RC Patrolling

DerHexer is the world's worst Recent changes patroller. Not content to just revert vandalism, he with his T3 connection in his mother's basement speeds through every single diff made by every single non-administrator user on the most hidden away talk pages far out of project space. If there's even a chance he can get away with bullying someone by reverting them, he will take it. What's worse is once he does so, an edit that normally would have been vandalism for someone else to be revert now gets a bandwagon of basement dwellers reverting any edit to that page for months.

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