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Are you bad enough to save Wikipedia?
Rhobite, your typical deletionist.
A deletionist may peg a rabid squirrel out of a desperate desire for furry contact.
Not to be confused with deletionists on ED, who are also flaming faggots.

A deletionist is a type of troll on TOW that, instead of being banned, is actually embraced with open arms. A deletionist is basically a cross between a troll and a griefer on TOW, and since TOW is suppsed to be about writing articles, it's pretty obvious what they do.

Deletionists are lower than a common vandal, because vandals at least try to make the site more entertaining, whereas deletionists only target the entertaining content on TOW. Deletionists think that all 3,714,804 articles on Wikipedia should be merged to one page.

Presumably, deletionists think it makes their e-peen larger as Wikipedia is Serious Business, but the problem is that all TOW users that aren't there evading blocks are assholes, so it's just assholes trolling and griefing other assholes. The number of people who actually add content to TOW is very small. It may look larger, but, similar to how digg articles make it to the front page, it's a small number of people with many accounts. Examples of content adders are PoetGuy, who is responsible for 100% of their bondage and poetry content; Sceptre, responsible for 100% of the Doctor Who content; and Jon Awbrey who is responsible for 100% of the gibberishy academic articles with big words that are unreadable without looking half of them up. Except for a few newbies who will later leave the site, that's 100% of the content adders. The rest of the site is deletionists. If it looks like someone is adding content, it's either a sock of one of them or it's someone revising an article until it's in a bad enough state to be deleted.

Notable deletionists include Jack Merridew, Dragonfiend, Kelly Martin, and Cyde. Since people appreciate having their work deleted, deletionists frequently receive accolades from grateful editors like Grawp many times a day.

How Deletionism Works

  1. Be a prick
  2. Find a category you have no clue about
  3. Find a bunch of articles you don't give a shit about, that only a few hundred weeaboos even know about
  4. Delete Fucking Everything
  5. When people complain, dismiss their comments, call them sockpuppets and newfags, and keep deleting shit

What deletionists live for

Think of the children (Oversighted):

Dear Wikipedia assholes, I regret to inform you that because of deletionist scum such as Gavin Collins and J Milburn, I am planning to terminate my life. You see, Wikipedia was my life, and these deletionist bastards have ruined and deleted everything that I have worked so very hard to create. I spent over three years contributing to Wikipedia, improving the site, sacrificing grades in school to add to a revolutionary encyclopedia, but because of these low-life dip-shits whom I abhor in every molecule of my body, I have discovered that it was all for nothing. So I end my life, and I hope this will bring the wrath and resentment of the world down upon these deletionist jackasses.


—A heart-broken child

Wikipedia hates what it does best

Wikipedia deletes thousands of articles a day that they consider "cruft".

People who use Wikipedia like to write a lot of "cruft", from mentioning tours that musicians have gone on, to various characters in cartoon shows, computer games or tabletop roleplaying games. It's what Wikipedia does.

Furthermore, it's what Wikipedia does best!

But at the same time, Wikipedia hates that it's what they do best! They want to instead be known for making legitimate, real, articles. They can never do this right, however, and end up with totally inaccurate articles where they can't even get the dates right.

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