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Can't you see her delicate artistic soul??

Melissa Gavazzi a.k.a. Deleriumschild is a self obsessed attention whore with a deep desire to be a Suicide Girl. She considers being an amateur internet model one of her many artistic accomplishments. She enjoys being offended on LiveJournal where she is both Lj-favicon.png deleriumschild and Lj-favicon.png melssexysecret though she has moved to blogspot and has newly undeleted Deleriumschild so that her dramafest of stalking can continue. IT was deleted again today the 12-27-09. Her blog spot was made friends only for a while but it was deleted around the same time as her deleriumschild account was re-deleted today.

She considers herself to be a very prestigious writer because she is a published author with an ISBN number.

LJ Dramas

Over at the Stupid free community her exploits date all the way back to 2006.

The first really juicy drama was in the Nintendo DS community where she spammed updates of her playing Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin and when everyone politely told her to knock it the fuck off she called a waaambulance and fled. All that remains now is the post on Stupid_free and a screenshot of her farewell.


The next stupid_free adventure takes place 2007 at the Girl_gamers community, where the bitch was doing the exact same spamming shit. When it wasn't well received, she deleted comments she didn't like, insulted people, and threatened to leave. Noted drama whore Aegion rode to the rescue, but nobody gives a fuck except for Stupid_free

She tried to be a supporter of the trans community. They replied, "lol no thx" because her version of support was asking them to do her homework for her. She ended up kicked out making her the historical second person ever banned for having a trans fetish.

In 2007 the psycho hosebeast started drama in Boston based LJ communities "here" and they have a wiki page devoted to her "here". She claims to have changed, but her dramas now are the same as those in her past. She's still a crazy cunt.

And she undeleted her accounts a few times to harass people.

Examples of faggotry


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In both 2007 and 2009 she posted on the internet about being a PUBLISHED AUTHOR with ISBN NUMBERS. This makes her better than all of the other posers on LiveJournal, because LiveJournal doesn't have ISBN NUMBERS!

When people pointed out that vanity presses does not make one an renowned, respectable, published author, she deleted all of their comments and her journal, though the original post remains along with the post at the sf_drama community.

She fully admits that her first book of poetry was written when she was a sixteen-year-old girl and was published without being edited. But that's okay because she's a great artist and doesn't need grammar and four English majors to be told her poetry was good. Her narcissistic delusion is all the validation she needs.

One example can be found at google books. "Don't Be Sad" on page five is where Deleriumschild establishes herself as the voice of her generation.

In her non-lj blog she posted this gem:

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Queer Folk

Not a lot of time as my lunch is ending, so I just wanted to post a poem.

You stand in the street, preaching that he loves everyone
See some guys kissing, and they've betrayed the holy son
When did we turn out this way?
Teaching that it's not ok to be gay
Seperation of church and state?
If it were true, that shit would be great
But the state wants to hate and the church condemns
Just cause she likes her and he likes men
Bullys see a kid with a rainbow flag
Come up behind him shouting, "You mother fucking fag"
Tolerence isn't there, as the kid screams and begs
While ignorance carves faggot in his leg
Most people don't want to waste their time
Turn up their noses when they hear "hate crime"
Though you can't change the spots of a leopard
I hope these fuckers remember Matthew Shepard
Live your life and do what you do
Cause who he loves doesn't affect you
Tolerence needs to be taught
And teaching our kids is the only hope we got
Hope that tomorrow won't be filled with hate
No ignorance towards who our peers date
The closet will be open
And this fear will be broken
Fear of being who you are
Forced to bare all these scars
You say loving everyone was his word
I guess exceptions were made and that shit's absurd
People's eyes will open and soon they will see
You can't change a person or who they want to be
This battle is fought every day, for the right to be ok to be gay
There is a state that has done something great
I hope everyone remembers the date
Massachusettes' tolerence went up a bit more
Making history in 2004 

New Attempts At Fetlife

Mel has joined a social networking site for kinky people called FetLife. She is plaguing the users there with more pathetic attempts to collect "coming out stories" for her book. She joined communities on there that have the same or similar names as the ones she dramabombed on LJ. Obviously, nobody cares about her piece of shit self-published book about coming out. Like there aren't a fuckin billion of those already! Once the users of the communities realize they've been trolled for a second time, they will be sure to chew her out.


Internet Degree

Her Associates Degree from University of Phoenix Online makes her just as prestigious a scholar as she is an author. She defends these claims through stalking strangers and abject cuntitude.

Interestingly enough, in the middle of defending University of Phoenix Online's accreditation, she goes on a random tangent of

"in my past 8 classes, I've gotten all A's, on my own, with no help."



In March 2010, she queefed out a 5 page paper defending Paris Hilton for her psychology class, calling her a talented "singer, actress, model and reality TV show".

Because her grades should have nothing to do with whether or not the school is accredited, one can only assume that the stress placed on "on my own, with no help" is her confession of cheating to get that online degree. The next stop for her and that associates degree is rumored to be Internet Law School, where she will become an Internet Lawyer and sue ED out of existence.

With her almighty and coveted internet degree, she holds down jobs where she works for free and expects companies to care.

ED Drama

Deleriumschild is well aware of ED's coverage of her antics, and the knowledge is a source of endless whining and drama. She has made multiple attempts with multiple names to censor the article. She is clearly too stupid to fathom that nothing said on ED is nice, and too incompetent to employ subtlety. She also fails at not using her well-known online handles.

On November 15, 2009 editing as Shampoo150 (which she uses on AIM and as an email address) she attempted to blank the page TWICE, only to be thwarted by MysteryBot. Apparently when the first attempt was reversed in seconds, it didn't click that winning the internet isn't as easy as just hitting delete. Noob.

She had this posted on her blogspot before she deleted her blogspot. it was posted not long after the November 15 edit.

On November 17, 2009 editing as Littlemel4 (her name IRL is Mel, she uses it online in order to more effectively demonstrate that her IQ rates somewhere between a rock and mung), she attempted to replace the introduction with two versions of her lameass autobiography. She was again foiled by MysteryBot, further proving that she is not smarter than a perl script.

The hilarious edit is here for your lulz

I'm pretty small, hence my nickname. Actually I got my nickname because my main character I play in Rocky Horror is [Columbia] and in the movie she's played by Little Nell. Hahaha, get it? I love being creative and artsy and I love writing poetry. I love studying psychology and, thanks to a friend, own the DSM-IV. I am going to the University of Phoenix to earn a degree in the aforementioned subject. I hope to someday be a gender therapist and help transsexual people through their transitions as well as help gender questioning patients. Basically transgender and LGBTQ rights are pretty important to me. I have a habit of looking up something on Wikipedia and then clicking on random links that take me further and further from what I originally looked up. Aside from psychology I enjoy studying Norse Mythology, Irish folklore and American History (especially Boston). I also enjoy reading about haunted places and have been on Boston's Ghosts and Gravestones about seven times. I'm a fan of classic lit and enjoy a good Portmanteau. I have no problem telling people I have bipolar II disorder and borderline personality disorder as well as ADD, generalized anxiety and social anxiety. I promise, though, I'm not *that* crazy. My life pretty much changed on March 16, 2008. Ask and I might tell you the tale. I am part of a Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow cast, The Come Again Players, where I mainly play Columbia, Janet and Trixie. I also play Rocky and Eddie from time to time. I am also part of a Repo! The Genetic Opera shadow cast, Genetic Imperfection, where I play Amber Sweet (I’m New England's first and the world's 4th). I have published two books of poetry; Delirium’s Child and Modern Day Ophelia. Feel free to message me with questions, comment and concerns.



On November 28, 2009 editing as Imperfectamber (one of her MySpace aliases), she forgoes any sort of creativity by replacing the entire article with "hahaha...". This results in no lawls for deleriumschild, but many lulz for ED. Defender of the tubes MysteryBot maintained a perfect record by once more by stuffing her like a midget playing basketball.

On December 4, 2009, she discovered the recent edits and decided to whine about it on her blog. Coincidentally, an account named Deadlylittlemiho removed the nude pictures of Deleriumschild that very same day. Perhaps she still believes that she is smarter than ED.

On December 5, 2009, she came back for another round. Using an old lj handle, Bohemianbabe, she attempted to revert edits to re-delete her nudes and to conceal the Dec 4th edit that reveals she is still stalking this page like it's a b-list celebrity or big name in community theater. And in order to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, she attempted to blank the page again. Because doing the same thing over and over again will yield different results. Except it doesn't. And, as anyone qualified to receive an Associate's Degree in psychology can attest, that is also a definition of insanity.

Buy her books!

Deleriumschild being BUTThurt because she's the BUTT of everyone's jokes on lj. BUTT.

Today is your lucky day, because you too can buy her books! Along with two books of poetry, she also has a photography book. For the low price of $27.95, you can have the photo book summarized by Deleriumschild as "I love to take pictures. I don't have a fancy camera, just a digital, but I still think I do ok. In this book is a collection of my photography from indoors to outdoors. Please enjoy!"

There is a review of one of her books on amazon

One of the largest problems with most people who try to be poets is a failure to grasp or completely understand structure. The fact that this author includes intermittent rhyming shows an inclination toward attempting, without understanding, the demands of traditional structure.

In some lines she almost, but does not quite, achieve meter.

Most of the work lacks imagery and could just as easily have been prose. In fact, one of my greatest disappointments with this volume was the fact that it appears to be prose placed in fancy format and then called poetry.

Poetry should be far more than that.


—A washed up has been

The reviewer clearly has no taste in prose, probably because they were too busy sipping lattes and sniffing their own farts to develop one, but the point still stands.

"Not very safe or careful" whoring

I R srs art model. This R srs piktur. Jaundice--it R teh sexay

Along with attention whoring, drama whoring and camwhoring, in this post she admits:

"I don't hide the fact that I used to trade sexual favors for money and I wasn't very safe or careful about it." (Which translates to "Yes I do have AIDS")

Her camwhoring can be found at her personal modeling website and at her page.

Using the Bill Clinton defense

Upon confrontation with her whoredom, Melissa attempted to claim that she was not a whore, that she only did oral sex, and that oral sex does not qualify as sex for the purposes of what defines a prostitute:

Melissa Gavazzi: I'm not a whore
 do you even know anything about me
 so STFU
 now I am asking you nicely to please take that down, it's a lie
me: "I don't hide the fact that I used to trade sexual favors for money and I wasn't very safe or careful about it."
 whatever you aids ridden whore
 sluts like you deserve the shame they receive
me: ""I don't hide the fact that I used to trade sexual favors for money and I wasn't very safe or careful about it.""
 theres the soundbite slut
Melissa Gavazzi: I DID ORAL SEX
me: you can get aids from oral sex
 and hsv
 and hepatitis


Melissa Gavazzi: can you just please take down the thing about dec 5
 what the hell did I ever do to you
 why do i deserve this?
 tell me, what did I do
me: i don't know. that isn't my place
 i didn't write the article
 you should ask whoever wrote it
 i could take it down
 but i have zero incentive to do so.
Melissa Gavazzi: you do know that a lot of stuff on their is Libel right?
me: and?
 i didn't write it.
Melissa Gavazzi: then why call me a whore, I'm not a whore.
me: if you want to sue somebody, you have to sue the source
 you have admitted to trading sexual favors for money
 that is called prostitution
 people who engage in prostitution are whores
 and once a whore, always a whore
Melissa Gavazzi: escorting is very different
me: you can never erase that
 no, sorry, blowing people for money is being a whore

Thanks to Melissa for confirming in a verifiable form using her real name in a medium where she has no reasonable expectation of privacy that she has, in fact, traded sexual favors for money. It's legally verifiable! I would be willing to testify in court that she is an admitted whore. Thanks, Mel! --oh the rorror 16:23, 7 December 2009 (UTC)
tl;dr "Dear Internets, plz h8 me moar. I DID ORAL! kthxbai." -Melissa Gavazzi
It should be noted that previously, in a now-deleted blog post, she had admitted to having sex for money "once or twice". Not oral... actual sex.
Still unanswered is the question of why, precisely, Melissa Gavazzi is so concerned about being linked to the failed December 5th edits but not any of the others. For fuck's sake, she Power Worded herself trying to cover it up, as though getting rid of it would magically conceal the fact that she'd already tried it several times. This has been making several of Deleriumschild's trolls (congratulations Mel, you're e-famous enough to have your very own stalker trolls) scratch their heads since Weev's edit.


When she's not too busy being "artistic," deleriumschild also enjoys stalking people! She shows a clear preference for e-stalking, as do most lazy, semi-retarded slutbags, but is certainly not averse to doing it the old fashioned way when it suits her (ie. when she can convince yet another poor sap to put his penis into her clammy, gaping crevice).

One of her sock puppet accounts on livejournal actually reveals that she has been fired from a job for stalking.

By her own account, she has been banned from a RHPS cast for repeatedly and stupidly stalking multiple members IRL, although like any good paranoid delusional she insists that she really didn't asking: "is it my fault their cast list was public?" Indeed. At last report she is making some other cast fucking miserable with her bullshit because, again by her own account, they were too stupid to immediately recognize her bouquet of personality disorders and ban her before she got a chance. To update the last report, it appears that this hosebeast has been banned once more from a band of freaks performing the Rocky Horror Picture Show, in the Western Massachusetts area. Presumably for continuing to be an idiotic slut faced hobag, but the source didn't actually give enough of a shit to find out conclusively. To be ostracized by drama whores for aggravated dramawhoring is nothing short of phenomenal.

Because she's in a Repo! The Genetic Opera cast along with her Rocky Horror, she has taken it upon herself to also start stalking that dude who starred in it and blogging about it.

The lulziest part is that she actually takes serious offense to being called a "stalker" because it's so unfair. She likes to get all butthurt about it whenever somebody calls her one. This includes all such references on ED, which has recently passed LJ as the "website most likely to make deleriumschild off herself with a curling iron."

But she knows the best way to combat these allegations is to proceed to stalk anyone who she suspects may have something to do with this page or maybe even just generally disliking her on the internet--which is all the same thing as editing this page, btw.

She spent months stalking MC Chris, and trying to get others to do so for her.

Her new victim is a local singer/songwriter/cover artist named Jimmy Richard. She even started a Cuntbook page for him with 20 members.

Get it while it's hot

This is Mel's craigslist ad for porn pix: enjoy.

To: [email protected]
Subject: Re: Sexy Video for Sale - w4m (anywhere)
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2010 15:14:19 -0500
From: [email protected]
I am interested in these pics/videos. But, before I pay $50+ I want to know what I am buying. Could I get a few samples?
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2010 16:04:25 -0500
Subject: Re: Sexy Video for Sale - w4m (anywhere)
From: Melissa Gavazzi <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
price is negotiable if that is too much. I can do $50 for the video and a
few hundred pics
On Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 3:14 PM, <[email protected]> wrote:
> ** Avoid: wiring money, cross-border deals, work-at-home
> ** Beware: cashier checks, money orders, escrow, shipping
> ** More Info:
>  I am interested in these pics/videos. But, before I pay $50+ I want to
> know what I am buying. Could I get a few samples?
> ------------------------------
> this message was remailed to you via: [email protected]
> ------------------------------
~Little Mel~
"So why care for these petty obsessions?"
"Been knocked down by the slamming door. Picked myself up and came back for
"Here's to the strong; thanks to the brave.
Don't give up hope: some people change.
Against all odds, against the grain,
Love finds a way: some people change." 
Comic book blog:

attachments 2 3
the video Bahleeted
web archive. WARNING: DO NOT VIEW AFTER EATING. ED is not responsible for lost meals.

Movie review

Observe the cats desperately trying to get to her YAWNING hatchet wound. One can only assume this is due to the overwhelming smell of fish (seeing as though she appears to have forgone bathing for some time), or possibly because they are normally involved it the process somehow. The viewer can use their imagination, but I can only assume this heinous act involves peanut butter and a lacrosse stick.

The video takes a turn for for the worse (yes, that's correct, I said worse), as she proceeds to piss as she reaches climax... Piss...Yes Piss... Dark yellow "I've been eating large amounts of meth" PISS.

The reviewer has seen many Female Ejaculations and this, my friends, was not that.

Throughout, she is speaking as though to someone on the computer or in the room, but since that is clearly not the case, one must assume it's the voices in her head. I give this movie:

  • -10 Depravity
  • -1 Originality
  • -1 Erotic Value
  • -10 Grossness
  • -10 Mental Illness

new video blog


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