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No words could do this justice.

Decendingskulls aka Brian: another true genius emerging from the collection of elite artistic talents on DeviantART. Decendingskulls brings something completely fucking unique to the table, something no half-sane person would (or would ever want to) even dream of: this typofied artist deals exclusively in Ms. Pacman porn.

Yes. That's right.

Ms. Pacman porn.

The "Art"

lol anatomy. Why anyone would find this fuckable is beyond anonymous.

Dskulls is a prime example of why one should never masturbate and play video games at the same time. Sure, it might seem like a good, time-saving idea for a while, but one day you may find your peen hankering for the hard, supple shell of a yellow circle in whore makeup with a bow on its head. However, Dskulls takes his warped fascination one step further, turning the aforementioned yellow circle into some grotesque, amorphous blob person with hair. And oddly, no tits. He also calls her "Pepper" for reasons unknown to anyone but basement dwelling nerds.

Naturally, Dskull's crude Ms. Pacman drawings all focus around vore (and the occasional cunnilingus), seeing as the Pacman games revolve around eating fruit and... getting chased by ghosts who... want to eat you... we guess... even though Mr. and Ms. Pacman just sort of pop out of existence upon colliding with a ghost. Rather than continue to try and explain the inner workings of a sick fuck's mind, here's a quote that quite nicely sums up where Decendingskulls is coming from :

Dskulls' dark and moving comic.
A short comic displaying the darker interpretation of a day in the life of Ms Pac-Man. One thing I always liked about her was how cocky she is in the face of impending doom. Think about it - she's trapped in a dark maze, hunted by five Pac-hungry ghosts (i think it's five), doomed to race around in this game of survival for all eternity. Eventually she will get caught & consumed, & then reborn to the same hellish situation so that she can be eaten again & again, at least three times. In spite of this, she opts for being flirty & teasing them, not to mention running naked in heels the whole time.


—Dskulls, "overanalyzing" is an understatement here...

Considering how often he focuses on Ms. Pacman being vanquished, raped, and eaten by ghosts, he must be really bad at Pacman games. Dskulls also believes that getting 2 favorites and 3 comments on DeviantART means he's popular, and people are eager to see more of his brilliant art.

Yes. That's right, too.

Ms. Pacman pornagraphers.

The Yahoo! Group

The horrifying image that greets you when viewing the group. Presumably drawn by Dskulls' even more brilliant contemporary, whom he's begun to rip off

As if unleashing his mindbending fetish on the unsuspecting internets wasn't enough, Dskulls has started a Yahoo! group, because apparently there are other people out there as crazy as he is. Initial research shows he has even made a friend, whose style of Ms. Pacman he is now ripping off. Luckily the images in the group are closed to non-members, thus saving the minds of many netizens with otherwise dangerously insistent curiosity. We may never know if the club is full of only Dskulls' and his friend's horrifying Ms. Pacman porn - the two of them wanking each other's e-penises for all eternity as the only two people who would even think to sexualize Ms. Pacman for any reason - or if this really is another in a growing group of people who will masturbate to fucking anything.

Welcome to THE group for people who are turned on by or otherwise interested in the interaction of "Pepper" Ms Pac-man & the Ghost-Monsters. Particularly by her being chased, caught, chomped, & just victimized in general.


—Dskulls, In the welcoming message of the Ms. Pacman group

WARNING: This website will forever change the way you look at Ms Pac-Man. If doubtful of the erotic potential for the content herein, see rule 34.


—Dskulls, fully aware of everything that's wrong with what he does

Please refrain from hateful or offensive comments of any kind, unless they are within the context of a power-play fantasy.


—Dskulls, anonymous will rape you like the bitch you are

The Ripping

Aside from ripping off his imaginary friend's style of drawing Ms. Pacman (that sounds insane no matter which way you phrase it) and creating "photo manipulations" of official Ms. Pacman art, it seems that Dskulls' single, solitary piece of "art" that isn't of Ms. Pacman is a lie. His pic of Princess Peach sitting complacently by, crying her eyes out as a goomba waddles up between her spread legs and sort of bumps into her vagina, is a stolen, altered drawing by another DeviantART. This, of course, makes sense, as it's obvious that Decendingskulls can't fucking draw.

lol how do i do art? Why anyone would see a bare-breasted Peach and immediately think to add tears and Goomba rape confounds anonymous

This other pervert's original drawing is here; Dskulls' rip is here. Dskulls says he had permission, but it is advised that the original TARTlet be informed of Dskulls' theft immediately as delicious cake drama may ensue.


Current Age: 27


—Dskulls, Oh lawdy.

In the near future I'm going to try to create this. I'm thinking of drawing a pic of Ms Pac-Man chomping a ghost (for a change). Then drawing one of her reclining with a satisfied look & a swolen belly as the ghost's eyes fly away. In the background I'm going to draw another ghosts lurking in the shadows. Finally I'll draw a pic of her being chomped by the second ghost.


—Dskulls, Really pushing that artistic envelope

It's funny to think about the impact the pictures have on total strangers around the globe. Well now I'm just sounding like an internet n00b. Anyway, for the few people who are finding the pictures enjoyable, rock on. It rules to feel a connection where you never suspected one would be possible. I know I've shown you things most of you never even imagined. I know, because I have searched teh internetz & found nothing like this, which is why I had to do it myself.


—Dskulls, On how he's far too easily encouraged

Just a few days ago a guy with a slime fetish called my work "scary & gross." I told him he was hypocritical & judgemental & he just maintained his bull-headed & very immature attitude. Do you think he reported me to the staff? If so I don't think I have to type what I'm thinking.


—Dskulls, even slime fetishists think he's gross


And finally, for your viewing displeasure, the gallery. Warning: You may feel a powerful urge to tear out your eyes upon viewing these; if so, please make a video and upload it to Jewtube.

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