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Debi Daly sans hours of Photoshop

Debi Daly (Powerword: Debi Montoya) hosts what she likes to refer to as a “show” on BlogTalkRadio. Debi’s typical program centers on her failed rationalization of trolling, claiming to be a psychic Christfag, shitty-quality audio clips, interviews with the mentally handicapped, dead silence, and giving out unsubstantiated medical advice. Debi also enjoys camwhoring for young men on the internet and peddling drugs to other show hosts. She's also a habitual liar with gas problems. Any other show host who has pointed this out on air has been eliminated from the JewTalkRadio network, so think twice before crossing this attention whore.

A History of Debi

The Beginning

On January 26, 1959 a soulless wretch named Deborah Montoya was born. We can only hope she told the truth for once when she claimed that she was abused by both her mother and her brother. The fact that her father was a gay marine seems to have given her the impression that she herself is a marine. This is by no means true, and is actually insulting to real marines.


Starting in the winter of 2009-2010, Debi's relatively new show had become the target of numerous 4chan raids which resulted in thousands of newfags calling in and spouting memes on air. Some of the better trolls stuck around and became the internet hate machine they embody today. Hence, Debi religiously researches memes by reading about them on Yahoo! Answers.

Troll War I

In the same winter that most of Debi's antagonists arrived, the Bill Waggoner Crew (more commonly referred to by their acronym: BWC) pit BTR's two craziest hosts against each other in what would become known as the first Troll War. Their shows aired during the time slot and both broadcasts consisted entirely of each host insulting the other (with some healthy provocation from the BWC). This war lasted for the majority of the year 2010, until Debi--being the good person she is--started bribing the cancer-ridden (seriously) BlogTalkRadio Director of Customer Relations, Shannon Dingee-Kramer. As a result, the BTR terms of service no longer apply to Debi, and Waggoner's show has been cancelled; his name banned from even being mentioned on BlogTalkRadio ever again.

Troll War II

December, 2010, not long after the first Troll War, a BTR host known as Vince in the Bay made a remix (in the style of Star Wars) involving Debi, Moxie, One Angry Jew, Ken Moore and GOOFY BONE (BTR hosts). Debi hates virtually all of these people, and saw Vince's hosting of them as an attack on her. This caused her to feud with Vince as she did with Waggoner, albeit a more 1-directional attack, as Vince didn't really give a fuck. GOOFY BONE, lacking any creative thought processes whatsoever, decided to steal the Star Wars idea from Vince and suck at life.

The Nervous Breakdown

Debi's most recent encounter with trolls has left her completely desperate and she's under the impression that someone by the user name of Wild Goose is orchestrating her "internet hate machine." In this excerpt from her tantrum, she blames Goose for producing blogs, videos, and inciting 4chan raids on her show:

Current Status

Since the emotional meltdown, Debi has been swinging a knife in the dark in terms of finding out who exactly is to blame for mobilizing her so-called "hate campaign." She frequently shifts the blame between Moxie, Wild Goose, Doctor Herpington, John Brand, and a medley of other fine trolls. When Debi is feeling extra pissed and hopeless, she makes false claims of having alerted the FBI, Dallas PD, and Ghostbusters. The reason she hasn't lived up to this threat is that she knows she would be utterly fucked if she drew police attention to herself; being that both she and her husband engage in organized crime, drug trafficking, and tax evasion. Currently, her "show" is resting in ruins and the majority of her audience is comprised of trolls. The small minority of people who listen and call in to legitfag/whiteknight just feel sorry for her. Stay tuned for more epic drama and lulz.

As of 11/01/2010, a Dallas county court agreement states that Debi is not allowed to be left alone with her grandson, Jett. Dozens of lulzy documents regarding Debi, Victor and Heather can be found on the Dallas county courts website. Reasons for this court order are uncertain, but some speculate that it is either a case of neglect, rape, or just simply being batshit crazy. Currently, her lie count has reached a peak, and she can no longer keep track of what she lied about.

The Anti DebiDaly League

Usually abbreviated to "ADD", the League was created to combine all trolling efforts thus far. But let's not shit ourselves, since they're really just some faggots who have a massive boner for some old Granny with mental problems. They're also "just jealous" and "wish they could be Debi."

BWC4LYFE NIGGERS! The ADD League is an unofficial subdivision of the BWC.

Caught in Lies

Recently, Debi has been doing nothing but feeding the trolls. Evidenced by YouTube Favicon.png OpGlueFactory, the horse has been doing many possibly illegal things, and lying to her dear fans and friends. It should that be noted that NONE of these videos are spliced or the audio edited in anyway (though Debi would like you to believe that). The videos include many different clips, including

  • How she steals money from her husbands job
  • That she can check warrens because her husband left his work account signed in
  • That she pays the BTR Admin so she can break terms of use violations and get other users banned.
  • That her son does drugs
  • That shes a marine


If you've ever trolled Debi, you better call up your e-lawyer and start praying. On 1.16.2012's show, there is only one thing that Debi talked about. How she is V&ing all you trolls because you made fun of her on the internet. That's right, the Texas police are gonna come at you, even if you live in Austria. Her lawyer was in the chatroom and that she backtracked the ADDLeague most Senior Member.

Cyber stalking is a felony in the 3rd degree [in Texas] and can earn you max 10 years, min 2


tl;dr We're all fucked. NOPE! MOAR DEBI LIES!!!

Debi and Troll War III

For moat information about Debi and Ghost, see the section below

While she may deny it a thousand times over, Debi thought that she was friends with Ghost. The situation escalated after the incident with CelticBrony. the ADD League and parteners let Ghost know what Debi thought of their "relationship." Ghost semi-immediately responded that he wanted nothing to do with her (and caused Debi to say the same thing on that nights show). When Debi claimed that Ghost had been befuddled and lied to, he did a broadcast on Paltalk, repeatedly bashing her for being a batshit crazy bitch.

Following this, Debi did a whole broadcast to explain what "lies" were being told about.

As one person put it,

still wondering why I even listened to debi last night.. she never took 1 breath. Her show should be called the ghost/ goose show


Twitter-favicon.png TatorJuice

In her little mind, she even thought of a way that the events of CelticBrony and the short war between NCF and the BWC was all a plot to troll and only her. She knows this because she "infiltrated" the BWC forums (SHE WASN'T ALLOWED IN ON PURPOSE GUYS, NOT AT ALL).

Relationships With Other Hosts


Debi's contempt for other females stems from her primitive worldview and tenuous grasp of reality. Debi feels that if she maintains a friendly rapport with another female for an extended period of time, that female will reach through the tubes of the internet and run off with her beaner husband; therefore every other female is a threat. Moxie embodies everything Debi fears. When she left her show in February of 2011, Moxie became Debi's arbitrary scapegoat for anything negative mentioned about her on the internet. She is everywhere and she is everyone. If you can't stand Debi's voice, you're Moxie. If you disagree with Debi, you're Moxie. If you mention Debi's real age, you're Moxie. If you think the show is boring, you're Moxie. The reason Vic is staying in a hotel tonight? Moxie. The reason Debi is being trolled? Moxie. Debi's own shadow? Moxie. Debi's obsession with Moxie was epitomized on April 3, 2011 when she claimed that her husband had "a guy on a stakeout taking pictures and video of Moxie."

Bill Waggoner

Bill Waggoner is likely Debi's most notable enemy. The two engaged in a Troll War in the winter of 2009-2010 that ultimately ended in Bill losing his show as well as his right testicle. Debi's relationship with Bill Waggoner has since become something of an enigma, as Debi and Bill speak well of one another on air, but in private circles, their reserved animosity towards each other is brought to the forefront. Also, Debi has admittedly attempted to distribute illicit drugs to Bill and his crack-addicted family of aspies.

Debi has claimed multiple times that she and Bill are great friends, and that she is even a member of the BWC (Bill Waggoner Crew), when in fact she was trolled into believing she had "membership."

Ol Rooter

Debi claims to have a personal relationship with Ol Rooter in real life, going so far as to say she's been in his pizza parlor. This is clearly not true, as Ol Rooter has a video of her "visiting" his wife's birthday party in a Skype call. Ol Rooter also trolls her on her own show, providing evidence of the fact that he hates her along with the majority of the planet.


Debi thinks that because they are both "well known" BTR hosts, they are great friends. She also claims full right to play clips from his most recent show during her hour. It should be noted that Ghost hates anyone who steals content from his show, especially Debi. If she comes back late from a cigarette break, a frequent excuse is that she was "just on the phone with Ghost." Debialso claims that she invented Ghost's famoust show segment, "Radio Graffiti."

After the events of Troll War III, Debi renounced her non-existent affiliation with Ghost, and claim to lost any respect she had for the man. Why? Because he believes all the truths (that Debi claims are lies) that the ADD has been spreading. This is a clip from a show on Ghost's paltalk show, when Goose decided to call in and lay down some facts.


Steve Augle is a photographer on the lam. He makes his living by agreeing to perform photography services and then skipping town when the customer follows up and demands their product. His involvement on Debi's show began when he figured out no one wanted to listen to his shitty broadcast, so he came to Debi (another host no one actually listens to) and they pooled their resources. A staple of his calls into Debi's show is his frequent incoherent ranting; a portion of which has been immortalized in this audio clip below:

Bath Tub Girl

BTG hosts her own BTR show from, you guessed it, her bathtub. She often calls into the DebiDaly show to talk about shit no one cares about. She, like Debi, is a fake psychic, and claims that her bathtub gives her visions. While on air, she can be heard splashing around with her rubber ducky. She also has an unhealthy obsession with Oprah.

She thinks prostitution should be legal and often proudly claims that she is a lupus-ridden dominatrix whore.

To request her hourly rates, please visit her Twitter account:


NewsGuy is a zionist Jew prick who fails at his shitty podcast. He reads off news about shit no one cares about and bores the balls off of his audience of 10 listeners. He, like many others, has entered and exited Debi's revolving door of friendship. He is actually afraid to use her name on his show, and instead calls her "She who shall not be named".

NewsGuy's show in a nutshell.

The Spaz Herself



Known eMail Addresses

Physical Appearance

Debi suffers from subpar aesthetic qualities to put it lightly. As you can imagine this is a point of contention with her. In fact, there is so much contention, she ends up quickly hating any women who are younger and/or prettier than her. For Daly, a Grandma at the age of 52 (53 on January 26) that means she hates pretty much all women. After having looked at her pictures, you may have noticed her crazy wall-eye. Deb is a textbook projector and knows exactly what her fucked up eye looks like. But for some god awful reason, she has created a story about each of her eyes. One of them is her "smart eye" and the other is her "sexy eye". It is unknown which eye is which, because they both look batshit crazy.

Debi cites the reason for her visible bloating as being the side effect of Zantac 75. This gas problem became so significant that in late 2011, scientists from around the globe held an international conference concerning Debi and her flatulence. It has been found that Debi's excess release of methane gas is responsible for at least two acres of rainforest being lost on a daily basis. Al Gore, the savior of the Earth's atmosphere and inventor of the internet, asserted that if Debi's gastric releases are not curbed within the next two years, the worlds rainforests may be gone by 2030. Debi's farts have also been bottled and proliferated to third world countries for use in armed conflicts. The use of Debi's farts in combat is a blatant violation of the 1925 Geneva Protocol passed by the League of Nations.


Debi doesn't like to admit that she's married.

Her illegal immigrant husband, Vic, is a licensed bail bondsman who owns a company named Inferior Bail Bonds. Debi’s frequent misuse of Vic’s access to law enforcement databases is another exciting staple of her show (i.e. looking up warrants and performing credit checks on random listeners). He is also "affectionately" referred to as Spictor Montoya, "The Banhammer" when moderating Debi's chat room.


Stephen has “special needs,” smokes weed every day, and has managed to convince his mother that playing video games such as Call of Duty qualifies as gainful employment. He’s clearly the product of good breeding. By stories Debi has told on the show (and most shows contain JUST stories), Stephen is obviously embarrassed by his Mother's show and addiction to the Internet.


Heather can speak for herself. In fact, here’s a video of Heather asking for it:


Jett is a beautiful harlequin baby.

Jett, or the Dominator as his family calls him, is the illegitimate child of Heather and a fine gentleman the identity of whom she can't seem to recall. Her now ex-boyfriend, Sean, was scared away from that healthy relationship by Debi's own mental instability. Sean was both shocked and delighted when he was sued for child support and the DNA test results came out negative.

Some argue the biological father is Wild Goose, who infiltrated one of Heather's house parties and violently invaded her vagoo.

Possible other baby daddies include:

  • Mel Gibson
  • Stephen
  • Heather's own father, Billy Jack, a horse who went off to the glue factory years ago
  • Dalton, one of Debi's pet tards
  • Trim, Debi's dead pimp
  • George W. Bush
  • Goofy Bone
  • Strope
  • Several other strange men

Heather is also suspected of giving birth to thousands of other illegitimate children. These children's fetuses, being black, were all flushed down the toilet.

Drug Use

Debi has admitted to doing a number of drugs including (but not limited to) cocaine, Pain Killers, Bath Salts, K2, MDMA and weed. She points out these things multiple times on her show. Perhaps she is trying to seem "cool and edgy" for her kids. Her story of cocaine addiction is thus:

Use scrollbar to see the full text

There was a child of my friend, his name was ______. Now, for some reason, I always called him my Niece. He was the one who kept nagging at me to quit. Now, he was afraid of walking Didn't want to walk across the stage for his middle school graduation, because it was lame with all the [Hums Pomp and Circumstance]. So, I told him , that, If he walked accords the stage, I would quit cold turkey. Well, we went to the ceremony, and I eventually saw him walk across the stage. I excused myself, and went to the ladies room. The door lady said that I <sing-sing voice> couldn't come back in if I left </sing-song voice>. Well, I went the the [sic] bathroom, and took out my bag that had all my cocaine stuff in it.And I flushed it down to toilet. And I never did it again.
TL;DR: She faked it.

Known Dead Relatives

Remember to remind her of, laugh at, and insult these people if you call in:

  • Grandfather
  • Grandmother
  • Father
  • Mother
  • Younger Brother
  • Uncle
  • 1 other that "Shall Not be Named"

It is also notable that all these died within a short time span of each other.

Outrageous Claims

Debi is a pathological liar and at least 100% of what she says is falsehood. Here are some of her most notable lies.

I was a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.


—Debi (Ugly as hell)

I have a soul


—Says the Psychic

Trolls infiltrate my daughter's house parties.


—The daughter's a slut, so who would?

There was a radio in my backyard planted by someone other than myself.


—See: Ghost

I took too much “Xantac 75″ that’s why I’m fat y’all!



I had four engagement rings at one time.


—What a slut

I have only slept with Victor.



Everyone in Dallas wanted to marry me.


—Odd, seeing as everyone in Dallas hates her

You guys have never caught me in a lie.


—See: All these quotes

I've never been in a lawsuit.


—Also odd, seeing as she's threatened to bring trolls to court

I've never hated anyone.


—Except everyone who's called in

I'm a psychic/intuitive.



Everyone hates me because I'm perfect.


—I get so tired of being right. It's like right, right, right , right ,right

I've never photoshopped any of my pictures.



I'm 42.



I've never done/seen this before.


—Just about everything

I have good friends that stand by me


Dalton and Augs don't count.

The Authorities know everything that's happened ... Someone is gonna end up in jail, if not prison


—Debi bitching about trolls to a "Friend"

I know a Dallas County Court Judge because she hit on Victor


—she wanted us to put this

Ive never done anal


—Knowing Vic, this actually may be true.

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