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Jason Brody (A.K.A. Deadmau5) is the grand wizard of the Pennsylvania chapter of the Ku Klux Klan, along with his communist ideals that have been instilled in him by his abusive drunk father. This sick fuck gets his kicks out of cracking open a cold one. Brody also has been known to engage in furry activities, which involves having secks with his canine companion Buttercup.


Deadmau5 at the Grammy's
Typical quality Mau5head.

Deadmau5 is notoriously a little bitch when it comes to interviews, especially when he is asked about the origin of his name. It originates from the time he rammed a mouse up his ass on Chatroulette in an attempt to gain sexual pleasure. The chronic masturbation that ensued after he rammed the mouse up his ass gave him a minor stroke which caused him to forget about said mouse, and after a few days people began to notice the foul stench of rotting mouse emanating from Zimmerman. Ever since this incident he has been known as "that deadmouse guy". He refuses to accept any criticism of himself and constantly moans about how hard it is to be him while treating the people around him like slaves, adding fire to the rumor that he is in fact a pre-pubescent teenage girl. His fans mostly consist of hormonal teenage girls and faggy looking fan-boys in tight pink t-shirts. He has no sense of humor but attempts to make people believe he is funny by regurgitating memes he has seen on the Internet.


Deadmau5 pressing "play" on his Macbook Pro.
Stop calling me a DJ or I'm telling!


Deadmau5 was once interviewed by some britfags that called him a dj, he preceded to rage and baaaw until he ran out of Unwarranted self importance. His "music" is fucking awful and all his songs sound like they were written in about 2 minutes. All he does is play the same fucking tune over and over again with the 'chords of life' patch in z3ta+, with some generic ass 4/4 drum beat.


He also is notorious for having his songs stolen by many other artists in their attempts to seduce him into having buttsex, a seduction with which he gleefully complies. The most recent artist to fail at this is Neon Hitch when she stole his shitty song "Seeya Next Tuesday".

Gaming and Internets

It was your idea first.
Deadmau5 Minecraft stage.jpg
(generic meme) LOL,DERP!!!


He is a well known minefag and owns an incredibly boring server that you can't do fucking anything on other than walk around looking at some gay-ass statues of a mousehead. Given the fact that he is on less than .00000005% of the time, you mostly deal with admins molesting you in the concentration camp of a server he runs.

The name Deadmau5 is often buttfucked to near death in all internet chatrooms and video games, in an attempt to fool all the other 'Deadm1c3' into thinking that they are the true Deadmau5. Although a quick mic-chat dispells this as they nearly always sound like a pre-pubescent idiot on helium getting rammed in the ass by their hung, musclebear stepfather and loving it.

Deadmau5 likes to get into slapfights with producers on the internet.


Deadmau5 and his wife Skrillex carrying out their daily routine.
Deadmau5 in his fursuit.

He is also in a civil partnership with Skrillex, a well known fag and fellow talentless emo cunt, who 'produces' similarly shitty music. There's around 25,000 metric tons of Deadmau5 and Skrillex yaoi out there drawn by ugly, fat, weeaboo fangirls. As they have yet to make a negative comment on such fan art, it is assumed they are too busy sound docking each other to notice.

On the night of the 2012 Grammy's, Deadmau5 wore a shirt with Skrillex's cellphone phone number on it on television and then invited every guy who called back to their hotel room for a good old fashioned Roman orgy. It was estimated over 9000 penises rawed Deadmau5 and Skrillex that night and the following morning.

Pen throwing

Deadmau5's participation in the fine sport of pen throwing is well known.

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