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Dead Nigger Storage literally means what it says, nothing more and nothing less. So, somehow you found a dead nigger somewhere and you don't wanna get it discovered. You can store the dead nigger anywhere, and it's not as complicated as it seems. Such places can be in the tool shed of your own backyard, your parking lot in the garage, your attic, your basement, your deceased 101 year old grannie's former room, your dog's kennel, or, if you're some sick fuck like Jeffrey Dahmer, you could put it in your freezer to prepare for your next meal.

Don't Like Storing Dead Niggers?

So, you don't mind about the idea of dead niggers, but you may be a bit hesitant about the dead niggers being anywhere near your house or property... especially if you're not the hard core, redneck type of white person from Texas; this is all completely understandable. Furthermore, you don't have to be white in order to want the dead nigger dead; you could be any race including black because niggers are not human and must be destroyed.

As stated earlier, not everyone is too keen about having a nigger corpse hiding anywhere because well, and here's a few legitimate reasons:

  1. it could start to smell bad;
  2. the smell could get the attention of your nosey neighbors;
  3. those neighbors could alert the local sheriff in town;
  4. you're booked, charged and eventually convicted of murder;
  5. you get sentenced to 25 years in prison;
  6. the prison you're sent to is full of niggers wanting to destroy your ass;
  7. eventually they kill you after raping you at knife point in the shower;
  8. they hide your lifeless body somewhere in the prison facility where you can't be discovered right away;
  9. you start to smell bad;
  10. the guards find you in the morning;
  11. THE END

Knock it off, Julie. I don't need you to tell me how fucking good my coffee is, okay? I know how good it is! When Bonnie goes shopping [for coffee], she buys shit. I buy the gourmet stuff because when I drink it, I want to taste it. But you know what's on my mind right now? It ain't the coffee in my kitchen, it's the dead nigger in my garage!


No, no, no, NO! Let me ask you ask you a question. When you came pulling in here, did you notice a sign out in front of my house that said, DEAD NIGGER STORAGE? You know why ya didn't see that sign? 'Cause it AIN'T there, because storing dead niggers, ain't my fucking BUSINESS, that's why!


Quentin Tarantino on why he refuses to store dead niggers


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