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The drama whore herself.
Hiding in the dark to make others think her appearance is better than it actually is.
But don't turn on those lights, buddy.

Dayna is a known drama whore of Yahoo!'s JA:2, and a known e-slut. She likes to boast about how she can strike terror and fear into the little 16-year-old girls on Yahoo Chat! We are all aware that Dayna is really a 40 year old man with a wig, who has a bad case of Internet disease. When will he/she/it learn? She is also a kleptomaniac, and has admitted to stealing food from her (old/current?) job at Burger King. At least 100 years ago she roleplayed, like any weeaboo fangirl would do in their young naive days. Her characters were none other than ones from the Infamous Inuyasha series. The characters in particular: Yura of the Hair, Sango, and mainly Kikyo (this is where we assume she is a furfag, due to the fact that anyone who roleplays Kikyo has an ~*EVERLASTING*~ love for the retarded furry Inuyasha). She loves to down on others who are, as she claims, "Japaloo," even though she's been seen still using Japanese characters and eating her ramen. These days, she and her lackies roleplay Batman, as Dayna claims to have grown out of anime (she's not fooling anyone). Despite how much she says she hates anime, she seems to have a knack for picking out anime characters, but claims it's just "instinct."

Internet sex life

Dayna is infamous for her e-slut nature. Having cheated on several of her e-romeos, and breaking it off with everyone of them, She continues to act like she is someone of the Highest caliber when it comes to being online. Honestly, you can't miss her anymore with her "HOLIER THAN THOU" attitude. Recent sources also note that she is quite aware of this article and feels the need to bitch about it in her current Y! profile. (Ttly not butthurt, gaiz.) She's also attempted changing her entire ED page with responses to the article. Lulz were had before it was changed back. Be warned though, don't ever call her a SIF or anything of the nature, or she will release the dogs of hell onto your ass. This proof can be found between her old horde friends. (Max, Brandon a.k.a Bran-Muffin, and a few others. That is if you want to dig deep enough.) Don't put it past her to find things to use as her ammo when involved in an argument with her, even though that's giving her a bit too much credit, she can and WILL stoop that low.

Despite being an e-slut, she has been involved in RL dating rituals, and this has resulted in many a things. (She was beaten by one boyfriend who managed to move in with her. In all honesty, the bitch deserved it.) If you don't believe this, you can always ask her friend Lizzie. (Or lesbian lovah, you never know with them anymore.) A.k.a Cheza.

According to an unknown source, back when he and Dayna roleplayed Dayna gave him e-sex or breast fed him or some shit as a "mother." In spite, she now rejects all claims of having any interactions with this guy. She has also admitted to having lesbian tendencies.

Battling with Drug Addictions & Real Life

About 300 pounds ago, prelude the drugs & Internet drama. She began her early career in prostitution as a camwhore. Go figure.
  • According to an unknown source and a handful of Dayna's personal friends, she has tried cocaine and hasn't stopped since. A witness says that her life began to go downhill ever since and only got sluttier. As to this day, she still does it and "refuses to quit or admit she is addicted."
  • Also, Dayna is fat, which comes to many as a surprise due to having seen the a picture of Dayna when she was younger, which she flaunts around the most.

When Encyclopedia Dramatica interviewed a Y! Chat user, she replied..

  • "She says that she has a life and hobbies off the Internet. That isn't true, she only gets fatter."

She likes to spend her Saturday nights drunk and talking to Hunter, her Internet boyfriend (even though it's obvious she's still in love with former boyfriend Cameron; evidence of this is shown whenever she badmouths Lexi, Cameron's current girlfriend, for stealing him away) and the rest of the Japanese Anime rooms. She says she's moved in with Hunter and they're extremely happy together. However, she still trolls the internet and hits on unsuspecting men. It's suspected they've broken off and she is now sponging off of some other poor black person elsewhere. She claims to have a job or something, but witnesses and fellow Japanese Anime chatters are convinced she's a prostitute by day, weeaboo by night. An unknown source says..

Deep shit, man.

Kisho would still hit it.

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