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Age hasn't been the kindest. Just look at him
Some argue David Gerard looks like Dracula
You wish! Dracula isn't anywhere near as scary looking
David on Wikipedia
David Gerard and Arkady about to get it on
David Gerard's wedding pics, left to right: wife's girlfriend, wife, David, David's girlfriend Arkady

David Wainwright Gerard (also known as Red Drag Diva) is a senior bureaucratic fuck on TOW and sysadmin on RationalWiki who openly uses his real name on the site. David Gerard is meant to be an indication of just how serious Wikipedia is at becoming a well-known and respected encyclopaedia.

Gerard's favorite weapon is the Clue Stick, although you will never see him hit himself with it. He's an over-60 bisexual polyamorous twatfenster goth from Western Australia, who speaks with a carefully cultivated faux-London accent, since he's lived in the UK for many years and fears being sent back to Ausfailia, where bogan prison and face-rapes await. Currently, he's on the waiting list for a vaginoplasty. And works for Dell UK as a minor server sysop.

About David Gerard

You know what's really scary?

All of this is absolutely true. It hasn't been altered for lulz. This is 100% actual factual truth. It doesn't need to be lullified. He really is a bisexual goth s&m freak with a disabled wife and furry girlfriend, and he got that girlfriend pregnant, while his wife has her own girlfriend. He really is a senior member of Wikipedia - the motherfucking UK media spokesperson and a Checkuser. He is meant to be respectable! He uses his real name in all of this. These are his real photos that he took himself, and has listed for public download. It is very difficult to find "normal" pictures of him - or Arkady - or "Red Countess" (his (ex)wife). It is just plain and simply impossible to make any fun of him any worse than this. What more could you say that isn't actually true already? David Gerard himself is disappointed that this article doesn't make fun of him more.


David Gerard migrated to TOW with a group of anti-Scientology buddies from alt.religion.scientology, notable Kelly Martin and Tony Sidaway who are both to a degree transexuals like David. It is unknown if David participates in the Project Chanology IRL protests but it would be a sad loss if he did not because his ugly-sex-vampire-like, mock Lucius Malfoy, dress-wear would make for memes better than gas mask girl.

Virgin Killer

Inevitably, David Gerard was in the lead on Virgin Killer, going onto the radio to protest at ISPs having the temerity to want to protect their customers from illegal child porn. "Wikipedia is not censored" he foamed.

It was discovered that David has a vested interest in keeping porn sites up and running, being the proprietor of Lemonparty.

Checkuser and Oversight Revoked

Gerard's CU and OS flags were yanked as a result of posting confidential communications on a public site, and making abusive Tweets and blog posts about Andrew Landeryou, a Wikipedia user and the subject of a BLP article. The Arbcommies posted an announcement about this and screwed up, and abused oversight to cover up its tracks. Here are the email and tweets, in case they get deleted. Oversight this, Arbcommies:

The email
Mr Landeryou saw fit to send me a threat for this:

Delivered-To: [email protected]
Received: by with SMTP id p6cs401193hbb;
        Fri, 27 Nov 2009 06:27:38 -0800 (PST)
Return-Path: <[email protected]>
Received-SPF: pass (google.com: domain of [email protected] designates as permitted sender) client-ip=;
Authentication-Results: mr.google.com; spf=pass (google.com: domain of [email protected] designates as permitted sender) [email protected]; dkim=pass [email protected]
Received: from mr.google.com ([])
        by with SMTP id f5mr129158qce.107.1259332057425 (num_hops = 1);
        Fri, 27 Nov 2009 06:27:37 -0800 (PST)
DKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;
        d=gmail.com; s=gamma;
DomainKey-Signature: a=rsa-sha1; c=nofws;
        d=gmail.com; s=gamma;
MIME-Version: 1.0
Sender: [email protected]
Received: by with SMTP id f5mr129158qce.107.1259332057419; Fri,
        27 Nov 2009 06:27:37 -0800 (PST)
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2009 01:27:37 +1100
X-Google-Sender-Auth: 2eb9e638f8d73878
Subject: Twit
From: Andrew Landeryou &[email protected];com>
To: [email protected]
Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary=0016364275f7efd07804795b1708

Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1

[email protected]

Mr Gerard,

I am told you made reference to me in your musings on Twitter. I don't know
you, would rather not have to become familiar with who you are and what on
Earth possessed you to comment so freely about me or to edit Wikipedia to
say absurd things about me.

Your entitled to your opinion of me but I think it might be best for you to
discuss claims you make about me with me first. If you don't, I'll promise
to return the favour after an investigation into exactly what ails you. And
that really would be a waste of time for me and a very unpleasant outcome
for you, so I urge you to Twit more carefully in future.

Yours sincerely

Andrew Landeryou

I look forward to an exchange involving pie charts.

p.s.: if you don’t want your months-long-running Wikipedia shenanigans remembered, it helps not to have done them. Oops, too late.
Abusive (now deleted) tweets from Gerard
#   Andrew Landeryou appears to be a waste of skin. http://is.gd/54RL0 Please do forward.    12:42 PM Nov 27th   from web   
#   @jeamland mr landeryou has some history on wikipedia. (i did the sockpuppet investigation.)    4:09 PM Nov 26th   from web  in reply to jeamland  
#   @davidgerard Mr. Landeryou has some history full stop.    4:10 PM Nov 26th   from Tweetie  in reply to davidgerard  
#   According to Wikipedia (at least at the moment) Andrew Landeryou is the Premier of the USSR: http://bit.ly/77BEUC (specific revision linked)    4:07 PM Nov 26th   from Tweetie   

But Gerard did not delete all tweets related to Andrew Landeryou's Wikipedia abuse. He stubbornly refuses to delete this tweet:

Deep-cleaning of TOW userpage

Gerard sanitized his "bisexual-friendly" TOW user page in early January 2011 when Jimbo floated the idea of running for U.S. Senate (R-FL) 2012 - a plan likely to sag which flopped faster than Carly Fiorina's failed attempt for the same in California and perhaps even faster than her plastic Barbie-doll tits. For this remarkable accomplishment, Gerard gets a wikicide honorable mention.

Recent Activities

Unlike the stereotypical crazy old men of yore who would be content with yelling at children to get off their lawn and turn down their music, Gerard instead spends his twilight years snarking and sneering at the Millenial whippersnappers who disagree with him. With the icy grasp of Death growing nearer and nearer to the aging Gerard as each day passes, Gerard appears content with puttering around various wikis, ArchiveToday-favicon.pngbitching about bitcoins on reddit (and complaining about ArchiveToday-favicon.pngwrongthinking redditors off-site), ArchiveToday-favicon.pnggriping about GamerGate, attempting to recruit a new anti-Gamergate sperg to ArchiveToday-favicon.pngreplace Ryulong, ArchiveToday-favicon.pngname searching RationalWiki on Twitter, ArchiveToday-favicon.pngtalking shit and ArchiveToday-favicon.pnglying because someone wouldn't work on RationalWiki's outdated software, shilling his blogs, keeping the manchildren and autists of RationalWiki ArchiveToday-favicon.pngunder control, and, disturbingly, ArchiveToday-favicon.pngabusing his RationalMedia Foundation position to protect pedophiles.

Considering his stance on the Virgin Killer incident, it is sadly not a surprise that Gerard would have continued to go to bat for pedophiles as the years went by. While the full extent of his pedophile apologia is unknown, observers have caught Gerard threatening users and using his position of power at RationalWiki in order to defend self-admitted pedophiles.

On November 19th, 2015, a RationalWiki user named ArchiveToday-favicon.pngTallulah became disgusted at seeing RationalWiki's whitewashing of self-confessed pedophile Nicholas "Sarah" Nyberg, and tried to amend the article because, "You don't have to be a gator to see Nyberg's chatlogs are effing creepy." Tallulah soon encountered fierce resistance from Ryulong and Gerard (both of which ArchiveToday-favicon.pngwere friends with Nyberg on Twitter): they ArchiveToday-favicon.pngedit warred, ArchiveToday-favicon.pngyelled at her on the Talk page and tried to invoke a Biographies of Living Persons policy, ArchiveToday-favicon.pngabused sysop tools to keep the truth about Nyberg suppressed, threatened to ArchiveToday-favicon.pnginvoke the RationalMedia Foundation and ban people for discussing Nyberg, ArchiveToday-favicon.pngblocked Tallulah for three months, and ArchiveToday-favicon.pngtried to intimidate another user into silence.

Despite Gerard's posturing, some of the user base ArchiveToday-favicon.pngquestioned his actions and threat to involve the RationalMedia board and Gerard was proven to be full of shit like usual. They unblocked Tallulah and continued to discuss pedophile Nick Nyberg until they ArchiveToday-favicon.pnggot tired of dealing with Ryulong.

Almost a month later, Ryulong had flounced, but his pedophile apologia remained in the articles. On December 16th, 2015, there was ArchiveToday-favicon.pngrenewed discussion about how to deal with it. Since people were editing the GamerGate pages, Ryulong had returned and was continuing to ArchiveToday-favicon.pngdefend the pedophile. On the 18th, Gerard got butthurt and shut down discussions of Nyberg, ArchiveToday-favicon.pngprotecting the Talk pages and ArchiveToday-favicon.pngwiping the discussions. Three users (Arcane, Aneris, and Seriously) who were critical of Nyberg, Ryulong, and Gerard also found themselves ArchiveToday-favicon.pnglogged out of their accounts, their recovery emails removed, IPs blocked, and the passwords scrambled. While Aneris' account was eventually restored to normal, the other two ArchiveToday-favicon.pngappear to ArchiveToday-favicon.pnghave not been and these three were the only ones who ever reported it happening to them. With Gerard being the only one to have access at the database level, it seems likely he could have been so buttblasted that he did this to get revenge and jerk himself off to their frustration.

Another user called Banned main had left a ArchiveToday-favicon.pngresponse to Ryulong on his own Talk page since Gerard had chimped out and protected the GamerGate pages. Gerard discovered this (or more likely was sent there by Ryulong) two days later and ArchiveToday-favicon.pngRevDel'd Banned main's comment, then ArchiveToday-favicon.pngblocked him and added ArchiveToday-favicon.png"Inappropriate personal information" as a new "Serious" reason to block someone on RationalWiki. The "inappropriate personal information" was links to Nyberg talking about little girls and his 8-year-old cousin (who he called his "lgf" or 'little girlfriend') in archived ArchiveToday-favicon.pngchat logs from Nyberg's own site and evidence that Nyberg had panicked and made efforts to hide these logs once they were discovered.

Tallulah returned on January 11th, 2016 and tried again to change the article so it wasn't white knighting for a pedophile and ArchiveToday-favicon.png"obscuring the facts." ArchiveToday-favicon.pngGerard began edit warring with her and quickly gave her a ArchiveToday-favicon.png9-hour block for edit warring against him. Tallulah returned the next day and ArchiveToday-favicon.pngwrote in her user space in protest of the constant whitewashing and lying being done by Gerard and others to protect a pedophile.

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