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Darknest, or Darknest Fantasy Erotica as the admins would have you say, is the home of many a furry. Unfortunately, due to the fact that it's based on pr0n, it has attracted over 9000 members including 13-year-old boys pretending to be 18, 16-year-old girls whining constantly, and pedophiles just there for kicks. (and kids)

It's not just based on any pr0n. It's based on WoW pr0n, making it a haven for geeks who have always wanted to fuck a night elf, which is really sad.

The fact that "Fantasy Erotica" is in the title means that most people who frequent the site have to hide the browser from friend or family because they are either underage or ashamed of how much time they spend on it.


Darknest was originally created by Shirox, but after an unfortunate shark-jumping fatality nobody was left to maintain the site and it suffered a slow, agonizing death.

Ackanime and NSQ created the current incarnation to keep the community alive. But it's still just shit nobody cares about.

It is filled with furries, weeaboo faggots, mouth breathers and basement dwellers. They aren't very good at all and overall create a site that is impenetrable and choked with stale memes and retarded anime worship.

In its first year after being revived, Darknest was attacked by a member that didn't like some of the fetishes posted there (but obviously rape was ok by her standards), and instead of keeping her nose out of threads she didn't like, felt the need to let everyone know how they were sick fucks and she wasn't.

There was much drama, and after her ban she "hacked" the site (ie: guessed ackanime's password, it was probably "ackanime") and proceeded to delete everything in the gallery and on the forums. She then proceeded to claim she would get Blizzard to send their lawyers after the site for posting official art and pr0n of the game, even though Blizzard has known of Darknest for years, and several blizzard employees jack off to the site and use it to find underage kids to rape.

The Admins and the new server

Last Thursday, the admins shut down the gallery portion of the website, claiming that if the members donated IRL monies to them, they would create an erotic comic for the community. In a related story: encyclopedia dramatica is selling t-shirts now.

It took about a week for the $3,000 to be collected. Meanwhile, those lazy bastards are producing pages at the staggering rate of 1 a month. Good fucking job. Recent developments have also shown that giving the creators IRL monies will get the comic out faster. What, $3,000 isn't enough? This is quickly becoming the most expensive porn ever created in just about the worst quality and the slowest "plot" advancement.

Also, the admins took down the 2 most popular sections of the forum, saying the forum members were "out of control" and such bullshit. They have refused to put them back up, and one admin has demanded the community do the admin's job and find new moderators themselves[1] (look for NSQ's posts)

This caused the community a significant amount of butthurt

The gallery finally comes back and...

Last Thursday, the gallery was ONCE AGAIN SHUT DOWN due to two members uploading their entire hard drives worth of porn to the gallery and did everything they could to try and overload the bandwith. This will most likely lead to another fundraising project which forces Darknest to again beg for money to upgrade something. The members Darknest can thank for this are:

BlueThirdMKII: A massive whiner who even complained he wasn't featured here yet. Takes every opportunity to whine and cry that the "artistic" images he uploaded were voted down because they did not contain an inch of nudity. Also whines and cries excessively that not everyone can masturbate to every goddamn thing in the world like him (But should for some reason appreciate it's artistry). His extreme number of fetishes means he's probably fat and desperate to a level Darknest has never seen before. Will probably claim this is not his fault. Clearly it is when he's not included on the newly implemented list of restricted members that can upload anything. Is now trying to delete the entire page because he's crying like Jessi Slaughter. YOU DUN GOOF'D.

Ryuujin: IsWas smart enough to keep his fucking mouth shut, but was clearly mistaking his mouse for his dick and beat it as hard as he could as he also did everything he could to strain the website's bandwith.


Half the names of the boards have to do with WoW! OMG THESE ADMINS ARE SO CREATIVE

  • Rules and Notices: Where the admins tell you how they're going to screw you over
  • Your Voice: Forum where everyone whined about the taking away of the general forums. Deleted after they were reactivated, because no one had anything to complain about.
  • Pig and Whistle: The "general discussion" board. Board reactivated after promoting a number of people of questionable responsibility to mods. This board consists of 100% completely unreadable garbage.
  • The Plaguelands: Board deleted. Was a gigantic troll-fest being for the reason it had a less serious description. The "anything goes" board that was deleted because "fun" is apparently not included in anything.
  • Random Chit-Chat: The Plaguelands with a weird mustache.
  • Quel'dorei Archives - Lore Discussion: Who the hell discusses game lore? These basement-dwellers, apparently. Having a board to discuss WOW lore is like having a board to discuss Twilight or the Left Behind books, the source material is pure pablum and no good can come of any discussion of it, yet for some reason you'll still have a million people willing to talk endlessly about it as if it was Faust.
  • General Help: Good place to troll n00bs but so is gamefaqs.
  • Emerald Dream: Place where everyone jacks off and sucks up to various artists - and that is an understatement. No matter how much shit an artist uses to carve out their latest masterpiece, they will still be praised for the beauty, quality, and uniqueness of their latest bucket of stools and fail. Criticism on Darknest is about as common as Kobe Bryant in Rape Rehab session.
  • Super Snapper FX: WARNING: SHITTY PHOTOSHOPS FOUND HERE. This would be the worst board on the entire site if it wasn't for all the other boards.
  • Dalaran Library: Board for fanfics of WoW. Some might be considered "erotic", but who the fuck jacks off to text? Most of them are about futa orcs or night elves being raped and/or killed by their own wolf pets.
  • Finkle's Skinner: Do you play WoW? Do you want to see all the female characters nekkid? This is the place for you! (Besides jail)
  • Nat Pagle's Guide To...: This board can also be easily trolled. Simply create a guide to something offensive, and become an hero when they delete it.
  • Booty Bay Dating Service: Place where various pretend girls try to get another pretend girl to cyber with them, and also quite possibly the board that is most ripe for trolling. Instructions: 1) Find a cum-party/ad for a relationship. 2) Meet the player in-game. 3) ???? 4) Profit! Blizzy considers himself the king of this board because he fucks a lot of pretend girls through this.
  • Dark Dragon Tavern: Role playing board. Emits foul odors as the only people that participate are, you guessed it, fat basement dwellers. Most of the role playing involves typing gigantic 1,000 word paragraphs describing your character's hair, slamming together no less than 20 adjectives, and then going on to describe your ample child bearing hips and at least FFF cup breasts. Real human beings would be too embarrassed to even read this board let alone post to it. The urge to light ones self on fire is known to immediately follow most attempts at reading this board.

(Not Really) Awesome Members (Who were Banned)


Blood-Eagle:Goldshire whore extraordinaire. Giant, racist cunt. The majority of Darknest, including Ledrah, nerd-lust after her. She hates europeans and most minorities, and tends to tolerate TH's spastic retard antics for as long as humanely possible. Is an ALL AROUND SWELL PERSON, even though she's a giant, vindictive cunt. Her vagina probably has teeth, too. Was banned from Darknest for things she did previously. Probably slept with Sutra and Kaylee (hot). Is prophesied to one day return to Darknest and destroy the festering shitpile of a website once and for all, but is likely too busy e-fucking a guy pretending to be a horse.

TH: Much like Blood Eagle, except he made little sense and gave better head. Also hated furries. TH stood for "Tentacle Hentai". Goes on racist tirades and likes to say 'nigger', even though he's whiter than sliced bread. Sounds like a faggot on ventrilo. Is now busy being a gigantic faggot that constantly rebukes 17th. Killed himself after a drug binge.

17th Knight: Banned for the unforgivable crime of sending two pm's in a row to the gelatinous NSQ. Known for starting intellectually stimulating threads such as "Boobs". Was hopelessly infatuated with the Blood Eagle, but has since turned his sights on TH. Currently has a couple dozen accounts on DN and is banned on average of once per day. Finds this to be hysterical. NSQ gains approximately 100 ergs of nerdrage everytime he must ban 17th Knight. Is posting on Darknest at this very moment using 4 different accounts. In a recent interview, he had this to say: "Yes, taurendruid, I know I'm on encyclopedia dramatica".


Ultimate Overlord: Local pretend girl who enjoys watching kiddie porn. Didn't get banned, but now an ex member because it killed itself (apparently). When it vanished, it deleted all posts it made in order to provoke some drama. Then a month later, it re-appeared pretending to be a friend, saying it killed itself. But no-one cared.

Thread where "she" complains about not being able to watch moar kiddie porn

Ledrah: “Will hack your IP address and get your n00dz” Because this person apparently has a complete understanding of how internet protocol works, finds himself hilarious despite lack of thought and wit, See: unfunny. Known for scat fetishism and offering 13yo’ boys to play pretend to be 10yo girls with him. Last Thursday he appeared on FOX’s Perverted-Justice, when questioned and later deemed a manner public record he stated “I just like the taste of it, so young. Smeared off their bodies like chocolate.” He is now serving 16 years of anal raping. Rumored by some people to be Blood-Eagle in disguise, despite there being no similarities between them whatsoever. Is also known as Rishzar and Vikata of the Scarlet Crusade server, in the guild "House of Crimson." That's a roleplay server just in case you didn't know how incredibly sad and pathetic that is.

Kayuna: Swedish dumb Fag who's obsessed with futa arts, even making her his own perverted shit while spamming the booty bay adds for new faggots to crap RP with. This chickFag has serious issues and a sick world perspective. HerFUCKING HIS work can be seen on: http://www.chickswithdicks.com/. She's currently quited making screenshots, due to her his puppy love syndrome with some other faggot that decided to take Kayuna in. Has an obsession with big tits, thus forth being suspected to be a man. Started quite the crapfest over another "artist" throwing Samus into the mix. OH NOES! As of 3rd September, Kayuna has confirmed he is in fact a guy Gay! Last Thursday Kayuna was banned for involving childr0nz into one of his stories. LOL. The faggot attempted to make a comeback by making an over-obvious second account, and got raped again by the banhammer.

Countess : A new annoyance to the forums with Moon Guard elitism and horrendous spelling to back it up. Finds that they're funny, witty, and always right, but everyone else is too busy trying to figure out how they misspell the most basic of words. Probably another fat-face with chin pubes pretending to be a girl.Got banned for calling out blizzy the fuckwit and his fuck whore friend Symphonie

Current Members Fags

Moderator Sion's bitch and schlong.

NSQ: Shapeless mass of an admin with a Cheeto-fueled power complex. Goes into ban-mode when his weight is mentioned. Also see his thoughts about this: <Greyface> "Guess what? I'm treated differently because I am fat. There's nothing strange about that, it implies I have qualities that thin people don't." You're right. They're called bitch-tits. Grats. Flexes his authority in a vain attempt to get e-poon, but even through the veil of the internet he's much too repulsive for any girl, or guy pretending to be a girl, to contact him. He probably has some mental disorder and is hypersensitive, always a good quality in any website moderator/administrator. Like basically every website mod/admin on the entire internet, he runs the site only to give him the minuscule amount of power that real life has denied him.

Sutra: bitch that likes to think she's important. Frequently makes use of the flawless reference that is Wikipedia to support arguments she starts in order to enforce the lie that she's important. Has on occasion posted semi-attractive yet grossly flabby-armed pictures of a woman, who she claims to be. But leading scientists speculate that it is impossible for her to be anything less than fat and horrifically ugly, due muchly to the fact that she spends all fucking day on Darknest. Apparently lives in Boston, or used to, so she probably has a really annoying accent, and is a chowd. Sutra left Darknest last thursday right fucking after Kaylee returned from the grave. It is currently believed that Sutra attempted to kill Kaylee after she found evidence proving Sutra was actually either a former fatty (lolflabbyarms), a man, or a man who chopped of their penis. Regardless, Kaylee returned from the grave to force the vile sutard back into the shadows, ending Sutra's reign of pseudo-intellectualpwnage.

Ackanime: Fat white woman. Also draws. A good combination. She is one of the people removing things from this article to look less stupid. Been tapped only twice. Once in Denver and the other in Tibet.

Kaylee scrambling to cover up some of her shit.

Kaylee: Demented anorexic moderator with rape fantasies. Super-easy to troll with mind-bendingly hilarious results. Has an unhealthy obsession with cats and Heroes. She has a very forced personality and can be found on this very website, editing this article. Also needs to eat a motherfucking hamburger. Watch her scramble to edit the page as we post her email address repeatedly! Had a boner for Sutra, but then had an insane breakdown after certain things involving the word 'Incest' were revealed to her. A skinny stick of shit who goes into ban mode when her weight is mentioned. Goes ballistic if you don't pay attention to her for more than a minute, then accuses you of conspiring against her. Gave better head than even TH, footjobs too. She spends every waking minute pretending to be a cat and trying to get attention as a cat, being a cat, sleeping as a cat, crawling into people's laps as a cat, and refuses to be treated as anything but a cat, and will become incredibly depressed and despondent if you even attempt to act like she is a human being and not a cat. Instead of being treated as the creepy mental disease this obviously is, most people on Darknest act like it's really cute, and humor her psychosis, because most people on Darknest don't have the mental capacity to know any better about anything that isn't World of Warcraft and anime where they get all of their entertainment, or The Daily Show and The Colbert Report where they get all of their news. Apparently she has disappeared and may be dead. She had some seriously fucked up shit happened to her when she was young, and she could be pitied if she weren't so creepy and annoying. May actually be girlvinyl.

Elvenboyslut: A big black person whom tries to sound kinky and interesting by pretending to have interesting fetishes, and pretends to be gay by posting subpar pieces of rat shit homosexual art (see: Art) It is widely known that Elvenboyslut only pretends to be this way because he thinks it makes him a much more interesting person and diverts attention off of his shitty, faggot-rife 'art' and onto himself, allowing him to get away with what is clearly the result of him shoving a pencil up his ass and waving it over a piece of paper for a half-hour straight. Wax crayons are occasionally used.

Vestra: The coolest, most handsome and the most modest dude on the forums. Girls want him, and guys want to be like him, but they can't. He is untouchable and has amazing abs and a black person.

Mia Strangepaw: Furfag that liked to create useless and easily trolled topics. Her inactivity has suggested she choked to death on a furball. She also have the hots for being gang bang raped by niggers. What kind of retarded name is "Strangepaw"?

Post that Kaylee deleted in an epic abuse of power because the bitch can't take a joke.

Kegluneq: One of the 50 people on darknest who either have wolf in their name or named themselves after a wolf, the word "kegluneq" being Nantuk or whatever for wolf, which he learned in Metal Gear Solid, making him not only a huge tubby fag and possible furry, but also a tasteless retard. Noble forum troll just another overly sensitive fag who enjoys jokes about racism, the holocaust, rape, and terrorism (he's for them), but freaks out and gets super serious when someone jokingly refers to moderation privilege abuse. In fact he freaks out and gets super serious just about all the time. Probably grew up in a moderation abusive household. Does not enjoy lulz. Also plays a moonkin but denies it like all moonkin Decepticons. Is also a fat weeaboo who (seriously) worships pig and bald from Penny Arcade as if they were Leonardo Da fucking Vinci. If you want to troll him, just make fun of Penny Arcade to him and watch him go into a meltdown, if he is not already going into one.

tie: Retarded fat hussy who thinks she's able to write decent fanfic (I.e, sucking some good writer's cock so he does her part). Is a pathetic excuse for a human and will ultimately jihad something out of low self esteem.

Demonsfearme: Retarded attention whore moderator who likes to dress up as a furfag in public. Why the fuck she's even a moderator no one knows. Doesn't really moderate, but says she does to stay popular at school. Has a black rapist boyfriend who is probably Lolotar. Announced on the forum when she had her first orgasm thanks to her boyfriend. Was a lie though. Lolotar couldn't pleasure a horny horse, let alone a stick. DFM needs to eat a burger or three. She also has hairy arms and upper lip. Overall, a humorless weeaboo who loves anything anime, and is clueless about anything on the entire planet that isn't related to stupid anime shit. Her IQ is known to be somewhere below 60.

Moderator DFM getting ready for work. Needs more rouge/rhinoplasty.

Lolotar: He is a tremendous touchy faggot. He also writes shitty fanfiction, but nobody gives a shit, well...some do, no, no one does. Currently ignoring some hussie who keeps her legs open for easy access to any passer by. UPDATE: Sutra has in fact been confirmed as said hussie. It's common knowledge that this is actually a sick threeway relation with Tie.

dourlynome: A 28 year-old self-proclaimed bisexual virgin. If he doesn't say "m'dear" in a reply to a girl, you can assume that his account has been compromised by a doppelganger. "I don't watch p0rn. Unerect, I'm rather literally hung like a baby carrot." [2] Some suspect that his inability to be aroused by pornography is directly related to his near constant hard on for the nation of Canadia. Also known to throw temper tantrums if you capitalize his name. Hasn't realized post counts aren't displayed, but still posts in every thread possible in order to beat Blood Eagle. He doesn't watch porn but frequents a site based entirely on WOW porn, which is the kind of logic you get only from the absolute rock bottom of internet users (see: pedo, furry, weeaboo).

Blizzy: Imagines himself as quite the player, but only on the website. Takes great pride in his Booty Bay personal ad, looking for girls to fuck inside the World of Warcraft game or wherever over internet text, which he considers the same as fucking lots of girls in real life (it isn't). He will take literally every opportunity to mention his Booty Bay personal ad. After many years of seduction, Blizzy finally managed to pork Sutra into submission, so earning him a promotion to moderator. Since then, Blizzy has been roaming the boards, distributing grains of wisdom in a manner not unlike the six flags guy... but with more candy in the van. Any time that's not spent being an internet tough guy in the forums is spent begging Symphonie to cyber with him. Goes into nerd rage every time ED is mentioned on darknest.

Moondai: Hyper-sensitive, whiny, attention-whoring "artist." How is this different from anyone else on the site? Spends 15 minutes a week drawing her Gank Me comic then complains that people think she sucks. Unfortunately doesn't realize she does. Is well aware she sucks at anatomy, but instead of taking a drawing class or getting a "LRN2DRAWANIME" book, she continues shitting on her wacom tablet and calling it "art." Just got laid off (AKA didn't give her boss a blowjob), so she's pleading for attention for people to give her money for her half-assed doodles. Needs to learn to draw, learn to anatomy, learn to color, learn to write, and learn that Darknest and Hentai Foundry (LOL the MODS make fun of her she's so shitty!) are not the best places for her attention-starved ego, which she has denounced to herself being "Painfully humble." Moondai lists off all the expensive programs she uses, and her art still looks like shit. She just gets bullshit praise because anyone can look at a rough doodle and be all like "oh god, that's a doodle of a chick getting fucked by a dood and I see what may be vag...*FAPFAPFAPFAP*" UPDATE: Cries and bitches about her write up as often as possible so her pathetic followers feed her pity and donate money to another person who's as worthless as a corpse.

Ferid: A fucking nobody who thinks he's so cash. His only action that ever warranted any sort of recognition was having Jay as his avatar for a while. He likes to suck throbbing nigger cocks. Also a furfag.

Whoever wrote this article: Been on Darknest for years, which is why he can describe it with such accuracy. Most likely butthurt after getting banned for being a stupid faggot. (Blizzy wrote this piece after finding out that ED now had a piece about him, in one of his fits of nerd rage.)

Members Fags who are not notable but put themselves here because they're awesome!!!shitheads

Bunnaystar:dyslexic wannabe who acts smug like they are king shit...but their another uninspired shitty shemale with an oversized dick and no brains.

Natsana: Shitty roleplayer who thinks he is immune to being put on ED because he isn't "XTREME" enough.

Luigirules: Not as cool as Mariorules. Wanked on lolotar's face once. Video is somewhere on YouTube. Probably wrote 99% of this article (just look for the unfunny parts, such as the three sentences before this one). Takes encyclopedia dramatica very seriously. Has no sense of humor.

Seiku: Self proclaimed fagotty shemale whos overly busy with acknowledging the whole DN community of how it (yes, it) is a transsexual. Overly known for not being able to take critique, but being able to hand out a shitload of irrelevant critique. ZOMGWTFBBQ SHEMALE IS AN INSULT. Faggot. Is currently creating lulz with crap screenshot altering. It is a freak and should be treated as such.

Tyratos: Some fag that comes and goes every now and then. Supposed Furfag with a Guro fetish seen posting lulz about Canadian public safety.

Fish222: Retardin, 'nuff said. Suspected furfag.

Yrixa/Yxie/Senna/Lena_Dusktail: Or Marco, 26-year-old German, used to have a pre-teen internet girlfriend in Elfwood and then turned into a fag. Is a disgusting geek, denying his true gender and gets upset when someone "accuses" him of being male. Has also admitted to being raped by his aunt, though probably another fantasy in his little world where he's female. Sleep walks and pretends to have a social life. Also a furfag.

Cubehead: an 16 year old girl Fag doing erotic screenshots of her his cyber-character on earthen ring. She He always whines about people doesn't comment her his pictures enough. She He Has also decided her his "art-work" isn't worth posting to see unless she he gets TEN comments per new post. Her His screams for attention unfortunately work against her his "fans". Cubehead is actually a sick Dude from Finland who enjoys creating gore and p0rn "art" of his main character, who surprisingly enough is a female alien which is the sex symbol to the many basement dwellers of the Super Snapper FX boards. Seems to think she's he's popular due to overdoses of e-peen. Seems to think coloured fonts make him special. OBVIOUSLY NOT DICKHEAD.

Sycosina: Aka Tyra Denthes. Fat cunt known for her immensely shitty art on the Screenshot board. The first half of her art is about a night elf in a dark room whining about having an STD. Halfway through, however, she takes her hand off of her tiny dick and decides to actually add backgrounds! Beware: Her character is known to cosplay as a pirate, demon, silithid, undead queen, scourge, bitch, furfag, necrophiliac, and Karl Rove. If you would like to 'lend your opinion' regarding her art, you can access her via her AIM, 'Forlorn Tigress' or 'Sycosina', or her character Sycosina on the Sisters of Elune server. As well as Sycosina, the amazonian bitchtress, on Thorium Brotherhood. Update: She has transferred yet again to another server. This time she's terrorizing Moon Guard with her presence under her alter-ego, Mongra (Edit: She spent another $10 of her whoring money to change her name to Syllvia). Declaring that she has changed from her original ways. Also closed her forum because she turned into a depressed bitch who won't shut the hell up about not having enough sex. The depressed bitch's web site is www.fannyanne.org/dribblehoe

Caitie: NSQ's e-girlfriend, whose real name is David. Edit: New studies have shown David to be something akin to an amorphous blob of fat.

Mindmistress: She is currently the main attention whore of Darknest's illustrious story section. There atop her ruby throne she writes erotic stories featuring mindless four breasted amazonian futa bimbos whose cum converts others ,even men, into their kind through a process raep,letting the victim run away, then the victim throwing up said futa cum and allowing it to spread across their body. She has extremely low self-esteem and will leave the internets if anyone she meets doesn't want to suck from one of her six breasts. Probably a fascist.

Sarrs : An Australian male. Often found in random threads making policy corrections. Is rumored to like sucking cock on msn. Has a fetish for stalkers, weeaboos, basement dwellers, wookies and furfags.

Sarah_Darklove : Nice original name. A 15-year old fag who thinks he's female. Claims to have been raped many times and once by his father. Claims to look like (this). Was outed on his realm and disappeared for many weeks. Came back and is still a fag. Changed email after this, successful trolls had by some genius decided to google his email. Came up with pictures of the aforementioned pre-teen fag with a shitty mohawk. Is known for a very short attention span, and is bored fast if he is not entertained with buttrape. Has recently transferred his main character Alexta from Moonglade (EU) to Argent Dawn (EU), haven't been heard from since.

Zulgosh : A fag thought a good way to make money would be selling P0rn bought from E-bay on a paid pron site. Dipshit forgot how easy it is to get free fap material on the interwebs.

Demiossk : A Noob who lurks around darknest, specially The SS board.

Ashen/Alkaiser : A fat 25 year old basement dweller who lives with his mom. His notable Moon Guard (US) characters are Alkaiser and Ashenthal, both Blood Elves found in the guild Conviction. He enjoys playing Blood Elves on the internet as in reality he is a acne-ridden college drop-out and McDonalds employee with a gut that weighs over_9000 lbs. Brags about his awesome DPS. Currently he is looking for ERP on a troll named Sarkur who can be found in Kinsmen. Likes to show females his cock [3] on skype. Rumor has it that his shaved balls smell like the burgers he flips all day on the grill at McDonalds. Changed his AIM after being encouraged to begin a diet of Hooked-on-phonics and frozen Jenny Craig microwave meals.

BlueThirdMKII : Watch him scramble to edit out the mean things about him like Kaylee that one time!

Examples of Darknest 'Artists' Failing Anatomy

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