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A real pic of her was leaked onto the internets
I see the family resemblance
File:ROFL cheshire faggot.jpg
Her on a normal Saturday night.
CHAOBBG33: ima gothic tomboy!

chthonic 0: SHUT UP
chthonic 0: DAMN



—Courtney being an annoying fag, way back in 2005

Darknessthechao333 (real name Courtney Teal) is very possibly the saddest piece of shit ever to come on the Internets. This thing (not sure if it's a boy or a girl, even though it was 12 at the time. But it doesn't stop there. There's a whole fucking list of lies she's made, even though she denies everything. Luckily some of it has been screenshotted. She even finds it hard to keep track of all the lies she's said. She also likes taking things that other people are paying for. Such as locking people out of their own websites that they are PAYING for and using other people's eBay accounts and their credit cards. There is also some evidence that she might be a hick. She says "y'all" instead of "you all", which is what most people with no education say. She also has a brother named Speccy, though it's uncertain if he is IRL or just online, who she has called hot/hers and doesn't want him to get a girlfriend. It's also pretty hard to be friends with her because when you are friends you are "THE BESTEST ARTST EVERR AND SOO AWSUME!!! ^___________________^" but if you get her mad...she pretty much goes bat shit crazy.

She always talks about how her family dies every 2 minutes. This might actually be true, seeing as how many of her family members have strange resemblances to tv shows. She has an Uncle Brian, as in the dog from Family Guy, a cousin Meg, also from Family Guy and Seth, not sure what relation he is but she could have named him after the creator of Family Guy. Courtney also seems to live in a magical world where her relatives come back to life when need be. It's also amazing how she can be stuck in a tree for 8 hours and have NO family members come to rescue her. However, this could be because they were all dead at the time.

Besides being an ugly piece of crap, she's also a furfag! She enjoys drawing her fox character, Darkness, in very sexual poses and even naked.

She's basically the type of person you'd see lying on the side of the road bleeding to death and you could go up to her, kick her in the ribs, go home laughing and sleep well at night.

List of (almost) all the lies she's made

Hey, L, I hope you're reading this. I just want to let you know, I don't hate you, Misa doesn't hate you, and this whole illusionary world where the world's against you is starting to be a bunch of BS. As stupid as you are, I would've figured you might have 1/10000000000000000000 sense up in that head of yours. As you can probably tell, my time's pretty much up with you being friends with me. It's clear that you're not going to listen to me, nor am I gonna listen to your lies and insults.

You've had enough of me I'm sure. I guess I overstayed my welcome. I hope you have a good life without anger, suicide, or anything around those areas. You were a good friend up until your stupidity got the best of you. I hope your regrets come pretty hard though since I can't slap you.

Life's a bitch, but at least people like me try to change it. If only you could too. Moving isn't gonna be the answer to your problems, but who am I to decide that.

Here's to you being too stupid and stubborn to realize anything and here's to our ended friendship! *glass clink*


  • She was in a coma for 10 years and came out of it when she was 12, in the eighth grade and able to talk and type.
  • She got her spine removed and lived to tell the tale.
  • A mad man went around her neighborhood killing ALL the animals and never got arrested!
  • She has a forked tongue and scaly skin that people make fun of her for. Why we can't see it in her pictures is unknown.
  • When she went to Salem, a witch cast a curse on her by touching her palm. And that's why bad stuff always happens to her. Not because she sucks at life or anything.
  • She goes to magic school where she studies potions and dragons. Did I mention she's related to Harry Potter?
  • She was chased into the forest by wolves. Somehow she survived being in a tree for 8 hours. Rugrats Movie anyone?
  • She once went to a carnival and got stuck on a spinning ride for 5 hours which should have killed her but she was lucky! Just like Angelica from the Rugrats. Isn't that such a COINCIDENCE?!
  • Her house is haunted and the ghosts haunt the phone lines from an old Indian burial ground.
  • She went to an anime convention and some total strangers offered to take her home when she was sick, because everyone offers to bring strangers home.
  • She once went to an anime convention dressed as a furry from her old website and everyone instantly recognized her and asked for her autograph. Strangely she went to her FIRST anime convention 3 years later.
  • She once got offered a job as a pop singer but turned it down to be with her friends because that's how Jessica Simpson started out.
  • Her best friend Rosa got shot in the head about two years ago, and the next day Darkness signed on saying "Today at school Rosa and I did this." When asked, "I thought she died?" She said, "I know...don't *remind me -_- but a new girl transferred to our school named Rosa and we became friends." Even though there is someone on DA who knows Rosa in real life and is quoted as saying "She didn't die O.o"
  • One time her family went driving and they got into a car accident. EVERYONE died except for her.
  • She once sent a letter and put 5 stamps on it. The mailman saw it, screamed, and sprinted down to the post office immediately.
  • Near her house there are woods where evil, red-eyed, man-eating weasels live. Apparently her and her friends always go into these woods and one of their friends always gets ripped apart. To keep track of *who's dead, they make a mark on a tree for each person dead.
  • She has a program on her computer that allows her to read other people's Instant Message conversations, without even knowing their screen names, but it also crashed the other person's computer if she does it.
  • She's always somehow getting hurt and must have surgery because she was born with glass bones and paper skin.
  • When she was little she hacked into a government system and had to move to avoid being persecuted. Or whatever.
  • Every weekend she gets a shipment of Nack the Weasel toys from Sega, but before she can ever sell them or give them away her cousin takes them to the dump.
  • Her cousin used to go online a lot and then met up with a man from the internets. He kidnapped her and took her to another country, but it was in the same country at the same time. Courtney's family went looking through dumpsters to find her cousin and magically knew what one it was. Courtney wasn't allowed to go the funeral because she was too young. And she's not allowed to mention her cousin's name...not to think back of the sad memories, but so we can't Google it up and prove her to be a liar.
  • Despite HATING and BEING ALLERGIC to cats, she has a pet cat that she loves and cuddles with.
  • She does NOT have ovaries and nevar has a period.
  • Her uncle has many many jobs. He was Hitler's right hand man, the numa numa guy, a Sega employee and maybe even Wonder Woman?
  • At her family reunions, if you don't bring something Hawaiian you are not allowed to eat! You have to sit there and watch everyone else stuff their faces.
  • She is dying now and weighs under 90 lbs, has to go to the hospital moar and moar, and throws up whenever she eats. But she has time for the internets!
  • She got sick at her house, walked around it, puked on the floor, didn't bother cleaning it up or going to the bathroom, and went straight to the television. Lolwut
[21:38] CHAOBBG33: i just found out somthing today...
[21:38] CHAOBBG33: i was in acoma
[21:38] CHAOBBG3: for 10 years
[21:38] CHAOBBG33: my whole live has ben a lie!!!!!!!
[21:39] CHAOBBG33: everyon made them up so i wouldnt now!!!!!!!!
[21:39] CHAOBBG3: IM LIKE FUCKIN SHADOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
[21:39] CHAOBBG3: i hav too find out the truth

Names she uses ovar and ovar again

Rosa- This one is obvious. She uses it the most and usually relates to school friends with it.

  1. First school friend who died
  2. New school friend who became her new bff after the first Rosa died
  3. Other school friends either called 'Rosa' or 'Kitty'

Speccy- She uses this one for pretty much every story she makes up. Why do none of her friends notice? Because they're dumb shits. Despite contrary belief, Speccy is not a common name and most have nevar heard it before this article.

  1. One of her first online friends
  2. Her stepbrother that she has a crush on
  3. The neighbor lady's cat
  4. A friend at school

Brian- This is a name she just recently started using, so be on the lookout for moar stories with this Brian character in them.

  1. Some guy she met at the Boston Anime Con who lives in Maine
  2. Herself, as she is "called at school"
  3. An uncle Brian, who went to a family reunion once.

Is it a fucking MALE or FEMALE?

When she was 12 she was an ugly girl
When she was 15 she was an ugly guy
Darkness guy or girl.PNG

Darkness has been lying about her life for a good 3 or 4 years now. The saddest part of about it is that she seems to believe all the lies she spreads.

When she was 12, she was a hyper happy young girl who loved Sonic and Final Fantasy. She made her fursona a female vixen with DDD cup breasts and was very sexually appealing to any normal person. She seemed to like men just fine, but then something changed. She suddenly wanted to date women. No one knows why or how that happened, but it did. Which led to her gender change.

When she turned 14, she suddenly told everyone she was a man. She went under the name Brian or Kohii and dated men, while calling it yaoi. But if she's a girl who is dating guys, then wouldn't that make it straight? In any case this proves the opinion that she's a fuck ugly, flat chested man looking girl, who can only date people of her same gender.

Yes I hate being called a girl, and it really annoys me.


—Darkness on her blog

Okay..Momo is Bisexual girl...and Aubrey is so straight she makes a ruler look crooked, and the whole time, thier making these jokes, and making noises. AND OF COARSE! 14 going to be 15 year old Male mind at work here...And with two girls destroying it and making it want to sit in a corner and cry..Yeah..

Am sitting here like "Uh...bad thoughts, really..can i go now?" Gets worse that they start talking about how soft boobs are...and thier like "Oh Kohii-kun, we should have you get a squish, you know you'd like ittt" ONE! I AM A FRESHMAN! AND THIER LIKE...O.O TALL PEOPLE! AND SCARY!! I DUN TRUST GIRLS NOR WILL I EVER STOOP AS LOW AS TO TOUCH ONE IN THAT SORT OF WAY!


Why does everyone want to molest me?


—Darkness, not being gay

S p e c i a l Says: (Nov 4th 2007, 9:39PM) I love that scarf.
oh and BTW, I was running through your profile real quick,
And I have to say, I've always hoped for my little kid to be a Hermaphrodite.
so they can wear both sex clothes and not get labeled 'Tomboy' or' Girly girl' or 'queer' or something along those lines.
[ o____o; Erm, just so you know, anytime I say that, I get laughed at, but I'm completely fucking serious. ]

DarknessChaotix Says: (Nov 5th 2007, 12:29AM) huhuhu! Argato!

lol..Thanks for sparing your time to look through ^__^
Thats cool you want your kid to be a hermaph..
Its actually fun to wear both clothes [Happy]
But at times i get made in fun of whenever my health teacher has to mention why i cant go to a proper health class... [^^;]
and one day i dress girly...then a guy...so i do get called "Queer" by people who know me as "Brian" or i get called 
a tomboy by the people that know me as "Courtney"
But so-so everything is good. ^__^
its verry nice meeting you ^.^

S p e c i a l Says: (Nov 5th 2007, 3:36AM) welcome. :]

and God, that would be annoying. xD;
I'm not smart enough to respond to two names.

DarknessChaotix Says: (Nov 5th 2007, 4:08AM) huhuhu. You get used to it after a while...Lol...lots of teachers got confused..
so they just go by my nicknames my friends call me hahaha.
Its kind of fun having two names thogh.
Cant get in trouble if a kid only knows one of your first names hahaha.
lets say...i have picked up a quarter that was on the ground..and it was this persons quarter...
and when they wanted it back i said no...so they told on me..without pointing...so they say.. "Brian took my quarter"
Well..thier are pleanty of OTHER Brians hahaha...yes...a crummy example..

Yeah...It can get majorly annoying...
Lol...Dont say your not smart...I bet your highly intellegent and you act intellegent [Happy] 
all i know is you type better then me hahaha.

its horrid on tests and major state quizzes thogh...you have to write BOTH names...and then the teachers get confused..
and alot of crap comes up lol.


S p e c i a l Says: (Nov 6th 2007, 3:11AM) Lawl. Its true, though. I don't even respond to my name, sometimes...

God chose a gender for you when you were born, you fucking retard. Stick to it.

Her theme song.


She's not emo!

Even though she claims to not be emo, she sure draws a lot of emo pictures, mostly crying about whoever called her a bitch or whoever said her art is fail. She's even moved on to taking emo pictures of herself, but she's not emo. She's said that she hates emos and if they "haet thier dam life so bad then tey can go cut temself with thier emo cdz becuse realy NOONE GIVES A SHIT!" but if she cuts herself, especially over Chaos-the-fox's sad hick life, then we're all supposed to bow down and suck her cock.

Father's Day Drama

Every year for father's day she complains about how her dad never calls or visits her. Could it be because she's a lying little bitch that even her own father doesn't like? Could it be because she lied about his death and resurrection? Could it be because she grew a penis? Very possible, but that doesn't stop her from crying about it. Be warned that if you ever point out the obvious about it that she will go bat shit crazy.

A Totally True Story

Sadly she deleted the journal entry that she made, but the text was saved! Try to read it all because it is very lulzy. And yes, you do have to take her seriously because of her wonderful spelling and grammar.

"Anime Boston. 2007

This is my first time ever going, and the best time i ever had.

I cosplayed as L, from Death Note, My friends say i look just like him o.o;

Well heres how my whole day was, down to every quote and face i can remember.

Me and Wacka walk through the doors with her sister and mom, And go through the area with other cosplayers. well we looked at our map, a random lady with glasses walks up. Looka at wacka and goes "CAN I TAKE YOU'RE PICTURE" After she was done, she looks at me croutching on the floor and goes"YOU LOOK JUST LIKE L" and asked to take a picture of me, me being so shy, screams and hides behind wacka, wich pushes me infront of the camera, and fources me to take the pic.

We walked up to the are where you get you're tags, so you can buy the objects...well waiting in line...random people would go "IT'S L!" And wave, or take pics of me with thier cellphones...Im not used to things like that o.o;

I saw other L's thier... we counted them...About lets see...13 of them...only 3 had black hair...and one was a kitty L. Kawaii! <3 When i whent to get my Tag, i looked over and saw a scary L....Well he scared me...He was kinda soutchy...a girl haircut..And had a Pudgy-ish body...I just hoped he woulden't bump into me.

When i got my tag and walked out...Another girl with pink hair asked me for a picture..So i did.

Verry Kawaii, and overwhelmingly shy, we whent to the area where you can get you're items...we got confused and cut the line onaxident o.o...I think another L flipped me off...I dunno, and i don't care...After a while..A couple more people that was sitting on the sides dressed as, Misa or just a Death Note fan, took pics of me...Hugged me...Or just plainly just started a HUGE Conversation, I FELT LIKE I WAS HOME!

Walking through the huge croud..Wackas sister started being annoying...either she was saying "CAN WE GOOO NOOOWWWW?" or "YOU WERE WALKKIINNGGG TTOO FASSSTT L!" Or was just wining, and getting majorly...MAJORLY On my nerves...

Agitated as hell...I looked over at a stand...and saw a Ryuk plushie...and a L...Me...being a huge Death Note fan...Bought them. and Squeed with happyness well everyone staired like i was one of thier hyperactive own.

But still...Wackas sister wined...and blamed us for crap....so...we whent to the food cort.

At the food cort...i coulden't eat anything because i was so overwhelmed with hoe nice the people where, how they'd just hug you...and how many thier was...Hence my Sensory disorder...I just shaked alot...and it actually scared me... So i ran to the bathroom and threw up...Three girls thier...One said "L are you okay?" I didn't know who these girls were but they were kind. one said "If you need anything, just look for the pink hair" and pointed at her friend...Walked me out nicely...and was just so sweet. Noone i never knew was ever that sweet..

When i got back at my tabel. We got ready to head off again, but this time, Wackas sister passed me her digital cam.

Yes, i love...i repeat LOVE Taking pictures...we whent back to the shop area, and i took a picture of a girl with these cat eyes and a leater suit, she smiled and said "L you're so adorable" and just randomly hugged me o.o; I took a picture of Cid, from final fantasy, This Box guy, Pictures of Sora and Riku, even Sailor moon and Power ranger charicters. UBER FUN *Squee*

Wackas sister took the cam from me ;_;, So we whent back to the food cort. Thier i threw up again...Yes...And i just sat in the chair...wacka looked over, and the Creepy L from before was walking down the stairs...Me...goes "Oh my god... hope he dosen't come over here.."

I stood up and was just stood thier Bearfoot, and all of a suden wackas face turns to behind me...i turn around and "AHHHH" I almost fall over my own chair by backing up...And i stood back shaking...THAT CREEPY L WAS JUST LOOKING AT ME!

Me, not being rude...said "Haii" He smiled a bit, and said "Hello. Finally thiers another L that looks like him"he introdused himself and shaked my hand...Funny part is...hese short like me..Acts like me..and hese actually really cool...his names Brian. we talked about death note, and cosplay suits...and he saw my L plushie hewhent *GASP* "WHERE DID YOU FIND THAT!? I've been looking everywhere!"

Fun part was, We showed him where it was...sadly sold out...But found another place! w00t! Him, being happy...showed me a Handshake. It has 40 parts in it...X3 First we high five, then miss hit our backs of our hands together, Hit our elbows, then hit our first together, then miss and slide our hand, and do this high five thing, and then chest hit XD SO FUN!

After he introduced me to his friends. A Light, Misa. And some other cosplayers, in one group..We hed so much fun. I got his Cellphone number, he lives in Maine. Verry cool person...When i said my goodbyes, i gave him a hug, and then got sick again...and had to run...whent to the bathroom and threw up...yet again...thier these other girls were thier...one dark girl dressed as L. one as edward elric, and two others...L said "L are you okay?" well edward elric hugged me, and dabbed my forehead with a wet paper towel.

"Do you have a ride home?" edward elric said and i nodded. The other L and the rest walked me back to where i was, and i thank them. Just wish i could have taken a picture of them to remember thier Kindness..

We whent back down to the Food cort, and We bumped into Kitty and Kiba, oh so uber cool. Kitty is a best friend in my neighborhood. and Kiba i don't know that much yet. Kitty bought me a Ryuk pluchie, so i now have two...WHOO!!! When we sat back down, i just thought to myself "Man, i wish i could stay here..And get to know Brian that other L alot more, and get o tlk to thpple that were so kind to me.

When i was walking out the door, i just didn't want to leave...even thogh i was so tighred, and didn't feel well at all. Mom said if i was good, She'd give me 25$ so i could go on sunday and talk with my new friends. only if im good. Hope to see that L again, and The edward elric and the dark L.

This was the best and most caring experience i've had, i just wish it would have never ended at all..The place is just like family. everyone is just friends.

They either take a pic of you, run up and hug you randomly, or just walk up randomly and have a huge conversation with you, and help you out around the place.

I think im gonna go back every time...Maybe as L. or just choose a different costume forever.

FROM ALL OF THE L'S THAT COSPLAYED: TRIBUTE TO THE DEAD! *Holds up Book 7* ~ Courtney A.K.A. Darkness Chaotix"

A Boston anonymous knows this story to be total bullshit, since people in Boston haet each other and would sooner break your kneecaps than offer you a ride.

Rosa's Death



—One of their IRL friends, telling it like it is

On March 17, 2006, Darkness alerted the internets that her BFF Rosa died from a gunshot wound. Rosa did not really die IRL, you fucking idiots. Darkness must have lured her in to being her friend by drawing this fucking awful drawing of a character for her. Little did poor Rosa know that soon she would be part of Darkness's sick fantasy of her getting killed a few weeks later. After a few years of this bullshit, it seems that Rosa understands now what a fucking stupid bitch her friend was.

i just got a call...thst my friend rosa(mew mew) has just passed away in the hospital..i am crying..and im trying to get this off my mind by drawing this picture...i don't think i will post many pics on here for a while..but i will try my best to get al of you're requests done today..hopefully..


—Darkness, here

Here are convos with a girl who knows Darkness and Rosa IRL.

[16:23] Capricornian: So I heard from Darkness that Rosa died IRL from a gunshot wound to the head?
[16:23] Diamonds: No..
[16:23] Capricornian: So she's still alive?
[16:23] Diamonds: Yeah I went to school with her.
[16:23] Capricornian: So Darkness is a lying little bitch?
[16:24] Diamonds: Correct
[16:25] Diamonds: I don't know how she gets away with all those lies
[16:25] Diamonds: -shakes head-
[16:36] Diamonds: i cant believe she lied about thattt
[16:37] Diamonds: Rosa goes to school with meee
[16:37] Diamonds: I see them walking togetherrrr
[15:51] Capricornian: does she mention anything at school (The article)?
[15:51] Diamonds: no
[15:51] Diamonds: i see her
[15:51] Diamonds: with her like
[15:51] Diamonds: emo friends
[15:51] Capricornian: does they cut?
[15:51] Diamonds: Im not sure
[15:51] Diamonds: but
[15:51] Diamonds: ROSA IS THERE : )

So now we all know that she's a lying little bitch who likes telling sob stories. But what could make this even funnier? She lied about the fucking death date of her BFF who supposedly died. She REALLY can't keep track of all her lies. How sad.

well mom and I went over to Rosa's to talk about the situation...


Courtney, March 30, 2008

Darkness rosa lies.PNG Rosa death WRONG.PNG

UPDATE: Apparently Rosa thinks Darkness is a stupid bitch and wants her dead. No srsly.

Rosa: hates me and i know it cause she put a hit out on me and came over with her father to threaten me for something i didnt even do.



Deleted Everything & Is Totally Butthurt

On January 4, 2008, she deleted everything after Anonymous attacked her.

On January 6, 2008 she was totally butthurt beyong repair but tried to seem kewl by imitating ED.[1] [2]

Darkness is a lesbian? And gay.

She's said before on some of her pictures that she prefers girls and for a while she was actually in a relationship with a girl (Deviantart-favicon.png kuraiyasha). Sadly that came to an end, even though they promised to love each other forever. Was it because her girlfriend sucked at art? Because she was a pedophile? Because she was fat? Who knows? All that is know is that Darkness made a journal entry saying that she wasn't allowed to date her girlfriend or whatever, and Kurai hasn't been seen for at least over nine thousand years. So be warned girls, she's a lesbo and will most likely rape you.

FACT:- Darkness and Chaos-the-fox were a couple until she dumped him for a chick and he cheated on her with 48 ten year olds. Now she haets him with a passion, even though she continues making gifts for him, and if you mention her liking him then she will most likely scream and throw shit at you.

The Icon Stealing Fiasco

My Magic Avvie by Jay21.gif

One bright and sunny day on DeviantArt, Darkness's close friend STOLE HER CHARACTER FOR AN ICON!!!!!!!! Since it was her close friend, instead of talking about it calmly, Darkness set all her cronies to attack the suspect. This is probably what set her off to steal other's art.




—Darkness, being calm about this tiny inconvinience



It are true.

Darkness cappy copy.PNG Darkness stealsartlmao.PNG


She continues to lie!

After being attacked on Deviantart, she did what most butthurt retards do. Run away crying to another website. Here she posted moar of her shitty furry art, even though she claims to not be a furry, and found a new lesbian lover! Nope, no lesbian this time. Just a cross-dressing faggot. And just to make sure no one would evar find her, she made an even newer account.

Yuki Yubari Says: (Mar 21st 2008, 12:03AM)
i'm too hardcore to wear anything but girls outfits.

Hello, My name is none of your buisness.

What i am, Is neither your buisness. My birthday is June 15th. I am 14 years old.

I like candy. And doing alot of artistic things, Like Playing the violin, Sewing, Clay sculpting, But mostly drawing.

DO NOT steal my artwork, Or claim my art as youres. Go make your own art. Do not Troll on my page. No flaiming please. No LULZ to be made here.

My charicter is not a FURRY, I am NOT a FURRY, nor will i ever be a freaky Fur. I made the charicter when i was 6 so go get a Life, and leave me alone.

You dont know me. Nor will you ever know me. Even if you hack me a Billion times, You STILL wont know me, unless you ever hung out with me in real life.

I dislike Rude people, Haters, People who harm animals, and people who decide to harm other people by flaiming, or spamming for lulz. Now leave me be. For i am a Fellow artist who just wants to show my art and gain some small online friendships with other fellow artists.

TITS OR GTFO! I dont wanna hear what mean things you want to say about my art.



Isn't she just a friendly ball of fluff? Who DOESN'T want to be friends with her??

Her Followers

This is what happened when they all met IRL

Most people can't be called friends of hers, because it's painfully obvious that she pays them to pretend to like her. But these losers actually believe that she's a wonderful goddess who needs to be eaten out every five minutes.

  • Deviantart-favicon.png Jefron - An 18 year old fat nigger loser who thinks he's a lizard because "ALL HUMANS ARE EVIL AND SHOULD DIE!" He hates humans so much that he only draws furries and lizards. He could be fond of being a lizard so much because he's ugly as fuck, but that's only a theory. He also has horrible spelling and it might take lightyears before you figure out what the fuck he's talking about. He thinks that everything Darkness does is right and anyone who opposes her shall face his claws of fury!

  • Deviantart-favicon.png Justa - Jeffron's twin brother and equally a loser. There's not much difference with him, except his art sucks more than his brother's.
He is just so sexy, all the women want him
  • Deviantart-favicon.png Zork - Some stupid fag who no one really cares about, but decides to get involved with Darkness drama anyway. He thinks it makes him look cool, but in reality no one cares about him and it makes him look even moar stupid. He has crappy art and crappy spelling, which makes it hard to take him seriously. He's 18 and dating a 14 year old, which creates drama every fucking second of every fucking day. And it's hilarious. His gf, Deviantart-favicon.png Jinxy, is an emo bitch who got pissed because he didn't cyber kiss on MSN. And she drew a self-suicide picture because they...I don't even fucking know. She takes anything she can get for an excuse to be an emo whore. Oh, did I mention she's lesbo for Darkness? BALEETED! It can now be found in this page's gallery!

You know something, people that call you a lieing bitch are just really sad people with no life, and people that read your page on that Wikipedia ripoff and believe anything on it are nOObs just looking for a fight, and when they come around posting stuff on your DA/SA pages, me, Jeff, etc will be there to stick up for ya and give them a good ass kickin ok



  • Deviantart-favicon.png MagnaShade - Another furry, who's OC is a Sonic recolor because he's too fucking retarded to come up with anything new. Not unlike his other friends, he thinks it makes him seem tough to threaten people over the internet. Obviously all of them are too stupid to realize that a simple *punches you in the face* does not affect anyone.

piss off dirt bag or ill kick your fucking ass



AdorablyCute rendezvous in the woods. Sexy, amirite?
How Courtney views Samantha, even while being friends
Fat cow
  • Deviantart-favicon.png Adorablecutekid - As you can tell by her username she is very full of herself. Even though she has an okay face she likes taking pictures of herself looking like a troll. She's a camera whore and if anyone calls her that she tries to act like she's smarter than them by telling them to GTFO. She always posts pictures of words that say things such as "I'm flippin' awesome!" and other self promotion phrases.

wtf? Who the fuck asked you really?


If you haven't noticed I haven't added anything in quite a bit and I really am NOT concerned with whatever the hell your "higher than thou" opinion is. KAYTHANKS! :DDD



She highly supports Darkness and does a lot of ass kissing. Even though she seems to be very attached to Darkness, I think she's just waiting for something to happen to her so she can become their next Hitler. DISREGARD, IT'S BEEN PROVEN! Samantha fucking haets Courtney and hopes she drops dead. Or gets hit by an oncoming truck when she goes to her next Furrycon.

Living it up as a mom

  • Deviantart-favicon.png Miserably-Yours (MY.gif juvenile2993) - Darkness's fat cousin (calls herself 'Misery' because anyone who talks to her gets miserable) who's a gangster-wannabe and is pretty much a bitch. If anyone says anything bad about Darkness, she jumps to her cousin's defense and threatens to beat the shit out of them. I'd be careful, because we all know how violent moo cows can be, but you can just punch her in the cunt because that bitch is knocked-up LOL, DISREGARD. That whore has given birth to her son, Alexavier. She's probably dropped out of high school and will be lying in a ditch at the edge of town in a few weeks. MY.gif juvenile2993
Abby's art is too good for museums
  • Deviantart-favicon.png Abbythecat - Abigail Gross (her name fits her because she's a fat piece of shit) has always been one of Courtney's loyal cock strokers. It first began when she saw one of Courtney's drawings and wished she could be fucked in the ass by her. After that, they became BFF even though Abby wanted all of Courtney's boyfriends for herself, but they had threesomes anyway. Abby wished she could have Courtney's "awesome" drawing skills, so she copied her drawing style but failed miserably. She has no idea what proportional bodies are and thinks G cup boobs look awesome on every furry alive. She eventually got banned from DA for being a retarded 11 year old girl. Now she just moons after Courtney from afar and faps to her pictures everynight.

I think I'm becoming more and more emo...


—Abby, failing at life


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Troll Artwork Gallery

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IRL Pictures of Darkness

Oh Exploitable


Darkness decided to grace JewTube with her amazing clay-making abilities. The results are KAWAii DESU DESu DESuESU!1!1!!1!!!11!!1!. (Note the Pudgy Man hands.)

Leave her comments about her spelling and tell her how talented she is.


From a journal entry she deleted out of butthurt 5 minutes later.

Now before you go and critise someones art, GO LOOK AT YOU'RS BITCH!

Because 2th grader art really dosent cut it.


If you wanna critisize into my grammar, or into anyones grammar, Do some fucking research! Noone is a fuckin English teacher at this typing shit



I don't type tese fucking journal entries for comments, I just type them to show im still here, and just whats been going on TRUTHFULLY!



Because other than me. I have people on here that CARE For me, and arent stuck up fakers.



And you saying shit about a coma, I never did. And never will. And you being a stupid bitch and spreading a story that i made when i was 10 because mum told me too...Just Get a life!



Why dont you stop making in fun of people that you dont know, or are 10 TIMES BETTER THAN YOU! and get a life.



This is the Story of a Crow

This is the story of a crow, 

Who lied a river and drowned the whole world! 

And while she looked so gay in photographs, 

I absolutely hate her, 

When she lies... 

How many days in a year? 

She woke up with stories but she only found lies. 

And she can be so insincere, 

Making her stories never for real! 

As long as she stands there lying, 

Wearing the holes in the soles of her shoes! 

How many friends disappear? 

When you look in the mirror so how do you choose? 

Your lies never wear as well the next day,

And your hair never looks emo quite the same way- 

But you never seem to run out of things to say... 






How many lovers would stay? 

Just to put up with this shit day after day! 

How did she wind up this way? 

Not watching her beak for the words that she says. 

As long as we stand here waiting, 

Listening to the daily lies that she chooses! 

How did she get there today? 

When she's walking too far for new lie material! 

Your lies never wear as well the next day,

And your hair never looks emo quite the same way- 

But you never seem to run out of things to say!... 






Your lies never wear as well the next day,

And your hair never looks emo quite the same way- 

But you never seem to run out of things to say... 

This is the story of a crow,

Who said her best friend Rosa died! 

And while she looks so sad in photographs, 

We already knew that-

This is the story of a crow; 

Her ugly face she hid from the nets! 

And while she is so sad and lonely there, 

I absolutely hate her, 

When she lies...

This is the story of a - CROW! 

Who lied a river and drowned the whole internet! 

And while she looks so fucking ugly 

I absolutely hate her, 

When she lies... 

When she lies. 

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