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DarkNek0's fursona
The fat furry fuck IRL.

DarkNekoGami (more like DickNeckGayMe) is one of the more popular gay artists in the furry community. Being a furry is bad enough as it is, but this guy is also a dino fucking scaly, BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE. As if being a gay furry/scaly isn't enough to get you trolled on the internets, he also has a DeviantART account and he lives in the state of Florida (and we all know that Florida is a pile of Fail and wind). In fact, if there were such thing as a Fail and AIDS measuring device, then DarkNekoGami would be the #1 role model in Africa. Like most tartlets, he cannot draw anything that requires hue, saturation and shading all in one. It is either one or two of the above which makes art nothing but an eyesore.


the type of sick shit that he draws

One look at NekoGayme's art may cause permanent blindness to your innocence (If the internet itself hasn't done so already). His art proves that, you too can create fappable pictures by scribbling horrible sketches, failing at coloring in said horrible sketches, and shading it in with a darker color and the dodge tool in photoshop. This is always a failure technique because it makes his characters look like they've been dunked in oil not to mention that it has the ability to destroy entire game series.

One of his favorite things to make is an LGD (living gasm drive, whatever the fuck that means). This usually takes the form of a huge furry herm with a huge snake for a dick, and even more dicks everywhere, even the nipples and tongue. Clearly, his dream girl would have a dong for everything.

He cannot take art critique due to his egotistical ways. Is always butthurt when one makes negative remarks on his art. Nek0gamifailroflcopter.jpg

A Scale God Rises

Long ago, many furries and scalies were fapping to prons. It was a prosperous time for all of their kind. However, being the ugly, hard niggers that the dragon/dino anthros were, the supply of scaly pron ran short. Many bawed and an cried at the shortage of hard textured cocks. Then, one fat scaly decided to crawl out of the basement because it had flooded with his salty tears. He knew something had to be done. For several months he saved up the Jew gold that his grandma sent him and soon collected enough to buy a tablet of his very own. At his own suffering and sacrifice he crawled back into the lowest depths of his basement once again. Ever since he has supplied scalies of all kind with many of the hard slippery cocks of salamanders, dinosaurs, dragons and whatnot. This new God to the scaly world was known as DarkNekoGami, Lord of 34.



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