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Danny Wool

From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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Danny, former Wikipedo and Jimbo's executive assistant

Danny Wool lives with his gay lover Ryulong in Miami, Florida -- they used to live together in New York. Danny is an ex-administrator on TOW and one heckuva guy, just like Essjay. After slaving away for years, pushing pencils, shining Jimbo's wiener, and denying Daniel Brandt satisfaction, he recently decided he'd had enough and resigned all his steward access, checkuser, bureaucrat, administrator, etc. on Wikimedia, and Wikipedia.

Then, while snorting a few lines between breakfast and brunch, he got nominated for administratorship once again, after leaving his position with the Wikimedia Foundation just days ago under shady, unknown circumstances, by Wikipedia's resident fatty, Cyde. The nom was accepted, and thinking it'd be a cakewalk, Danny took the steps to shit on exactly every single opposer (at this stage, around 50), dismissing all the opposers as "fatty fat fat fat lusaz" and ". When you've got the whole cabal behind you, one has nothing to fear.

Despite reaching WP:100 faster than a nigger on the hunt for a bucket of KFC, rather stubborn and infinitely better opposition arguments were presented:

'Oppose per nom.


—Bunchofgrapes, On Danny's RfA

Yet, despite the absence of motherfuckin' consensus, Danny was promoted by Raul654 and his basement dwelling cronies - not really a surprise, but MOTHERFUCKING SURPRISE! Hilarity ensued[1][2] as the many butthurt wikipedos bitched and whined about how the bureaucratic fucks totally disregarded all opposing arguments and passed the RfA. A reform of the administrator promotion process was even suggested, lolz! But in the end, the only person who cared was Grace Note.


On October 2007, Danny announced Wales' new slimy tentacle in the expansion of Wikimedia Foundation: Veropedia. This project, like Wikipedia, is for-profit, but the site at least says it publicly. Wool will act as a puppet.

Veropedia is supported by advertising. In the words of some blogger, "It’s an interesting way to try to monetize all of the information contributed by Wikipedia’s huge group of volunteers... And I’d be surprised if anyone who thinks that Wikipedia is not reliable enough is likely to put any more faith in the editors of Veropedia."

Jimbo’s Piggy Bank

In March 2008, Danny revealed what everyone else had known for a long time; that Jimbo was using public donated funds to finance his lifestyle [3]. However like a vengeful ex who shouts about all the illegal stuff they did while they were together, Danny doesn’t seem to realise that he has dropped himself into the shit by publicly acknowledging that he knew about these “financial irregularities” at the time.

I wonder if the students who gave up their lunch money to donate to Wikipedia would have approved of that expense.


—Danny, on Jimbo's use of WMF funds on fine wine and Russian massage parlors


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