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{{quote|1=the most prominent Jew of antifa|2=[[weev]]|3=after Sieradski {{ds|kikes-tried-to-frame-me-for-synagogue-threats-a-second-time/|tried to frame him}} for the Jewish bomb threats}}
{{quote|1=the most prominent Jew of antifa|2=[[weev]]|3=after Sieradski [https://web.archive.org/web/20210116015557/https://www.dailystormer.su/kikes-tried-to-frame-me-for-synagogue-threats-a-second-time/ tried to frame him] for the [[wikipedia:2017 Jewish Community Center bomb threats|Jewish bomb threats]] {{archive|zpWUq}}}}
[[File:Daniel Sieradski fatass.jpg|thumb|250px|Sieradski, pregnant with his first child]]
[[File:Daniel Sieradski fatass.jpg|thumb|250px|Sieradski, pregnant with his first child]]
'''Daniel Sieradski'''{{Jew}}, aka '''mobius1ski''' and '''selfagency''' is a champagne socialist, member of the White Left, and butthurt Democrat who claims to be a <s>{{archive|UfHP0|libertarian}}</s> <s>[http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://orthodoxanarchist.com anarchist]</s> socialist, despite owning a house on land stolen from Native Americans, and {{archive|qPep6|owning and trading stocks}} despite his prominence in the [[Occupy Wall Street]] protests of 2011. Sieradski advocates for the violent overthrow of the US government, especially his archenemy [[Donald Trump]], and of course he is a member of the <s>American</s> German-spawned terrorist group [[Antifa]]. Sieradski has used numerous sockpuppets to evade a Twitter ban issued while he was still a [[verified]] e-celebrity.
'''Daniel Sieradski'''{{Jew}}, aka '''mobius1ski''' and '''selfagency''' is a champagne socialist, member of the White Left, and butthurt Democrat who claims to be a <s>{{archive|UfHP0|libertarian}}</s> <s>[http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://orthodoxanarchist.com anarchist]</s> socialist, despite owning a house on land stolen from Native Americans, and {{archive|qPep6|owning and trading stocks}} despite his prominence in the [[Occupy Wall Street]] protests of 2011. Sieradski advocates for the violent overthrow of the US government, especially his archenemy [[Donald Trump]], and of course he is a member of the <s>American</s> German-spawned terrorist group [[Antifa]]. Sieradski has used numerous sockpuppets to evade a Twitter ban issued while he was still a [[verified]] e-celebrity.
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===List of Banned Twitter Accounts===
===List of Banned Twitter Accounts===
:*[https://archive.is/https://twitter.com/jewish_worker* @jewish_worker}}
:*[https://archive.is/https://twitter.com/jewish_worker* @jewish_worker] at Archive.is
:*[https://archive.is/https://twitter.com/JewishWorker* @JewishWorker] at Archive.is
:*[https://archive.is/https://twitter.com/JewishWorker* @JewishWorker] at Archive.is

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the most prominent Jew of antifa


weev, after Sieradski tried to frame him for the Jewish bomb threats ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive)

Sieradski, pregnant with his first child

Daniel Sieradski, aka mobius1ski and selfagency is a champagne socialist, member of the White Left, and butthurt Democrat who claims to be a ArchiveToday-favicon.pnglibertarian anarchist socialist, despite owning a house on land stolen from Native Americans, and ArchiveToday-favicon.pngowning and trading stocks despite his prominence in the Occupy Wall Street protests of 2011. Sieradski advocates for the violent overthrow of the US government, especially his archenemy Donald Trump, and of course he is a member of the American German-spawned terrorist group Antifa. Sieradski has used numerous sockpuppets to evade a Twitter ban issued while he was still a verified e-celebrity.

Sieradski and Judaism

Just another fatass in a cape

Sieradski has been trolling the Zionist Occupational Government of Israel for years, with his self-written Wikipedia biography describing him as a "thorn in the side" of the Jewish establishment. On Twitter, Sieradski was an unhinged and deranged person, prone to childish tantrums such as referring to El Al Airlines as "kikes" before issuing a hollow apology, and ArchiveToday-favicon.pngtweeting his support for "a white ethnostate" in Wyoming, followed by the obligatory apology for his Jewish overlords who prefer an ethnostate in Israel instead.

Because of his anti-Palestinian views, and violent and radical rhetoric, he was accepted by the Jewish mainstream for his SEO abilities, which he utilized in 2004 to replace Stormfront as the top Google result for "Jews", with Wikipedia's article about Jews, by utilizing the tactics of a classic Googlebomb.

If your newspaper burned down & you all got cancer it would be too good for you.


—@selfagency, telling his old colleagues to die in a fire

After a falling out with the Jewish mainstream, he found himself on the wrong end of a Twitter ban. Sieradski ArchiveToday-favicon.pngwhined to his friends in the media about his ban, begging them to write about it, and it worked. Sieradski gloated about it on Facebook and promised more coverage, completely disproving the "Jewish Media" stereotype.

Occupy Wall Street

After making a fool of himself at Occupy Wall Street, Sieradski found himself on the wrong side of the capitalists who really occupy Wall Street. Humiliated, Sieradski had to move from Brooklyn to Syracuse after being priced out of New York City by the Zionists and Saudis who own the city's real estate.

Times have been tough lately for Sieradski, with his enormous weight gain and his expulsion from the Jewish Telegraph Agency for his racist and radical rhetoric. His resume revealed he had stooped to writing Wikipedia crapstubs for pay, in violation of Wikipedia's acceptable use policy, and now he has resorted to writing attention grabbing plugins for Google Chrome in a desperate attempt to remain relevant.

Nazi Detector

Sieradski's "fash basher"

Sieradski has called on years of ArchiveToday-favicon.pngintergenerational butthurt and a thorough knowledge of copy and paste to devise the now removed "Nazi Detector", basically a ripoff of the Coincidence Detector, but instead of surrounding the names of Jews and mainstream media writers with "echos", his ripoff surrounds the names of people he doesn't like with swastikas. Criteria for inclusion on Sieradski's hit list includes being The Donald and ArchiveToday-favicon.pngwearing a MAGA hat. Sieradski further defames those on his list by falsely claiming that "This is really about folks who are harassing other folks online", and admits that "The ‘real’ Nazis are dead".

There are those who argue that Sieradski's tactic of composing a list of enemies is also ripped off of the Nazis themselves, who were well known for keeping lists of Jews for more effective roundups. Sieradski has repeatedly called for violence against the people on his hit list, while remaining very slippery on what exactly qualifies as a Nazi. Sieradski's misuse of the term "Nazi" is nothing new because calling people Nazis is the latest craze in the social justice crowd, but Sieradski has taken it a step further by advocating violence against those on his hit-list of fake "Nazis".

BS Detector

Sieradski then turned his sights on the media, and wrote another plugin called "BS Detector" that censors fake news sites. Similar to the Nazi Detector, several sites have been accidentally placed on the list and only after a threat of a lawsuit did he issue ArchiveToday-favicon.pnga half-assed apology, though considering the size of his ass, this is significant. Even Facebook banned it for being "unsafe".

Life as a Crappy Poet

Turns out that when not sperging out online, Sieradski's gentle side comes out in the form of crap poetry:

In addition to the garden variety beat poetry shown above, Sieradski the great respecter of women, has penned this paean to women:

i checked her curves at the door down on all fours i was howlin like a dog or set to play leap frog or maybe hog tie that slut so i could hit it in the butt


—Well, we can probably guess that Sieradski fucks his wife in the butt


Sieradski is also an advocate for violence against children

Sieradski's exacerbated butthurt has manifested itself in several ways. Despite now having two children, his weight has ballooned to several hundred pounds due to sitting all day on Twitter and arguing with people. His Wikipedia userpage is quite telling:

(cur | prev) 00:20, 26 May 2016‎ Mobius1ski (talk | contribs)‎ . . (22 bytes) (-391)‎ . . (←Replaced content with 'I used to be somebody.') (undo)


In addition to whatever prompted the above, Sieradski's butthurt has extended to vandalizing Wikipedia with fake news about Pissgate then bragging about it on Twitter.ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive)

EDiots predict Sieradski's worsening mental health will manifest itself in suicide or further weight gain followed by a divorce, now that Sieradski has taken to ArchiveToday-favicon.pngneglecting ArchiveToday-favicon.pngand dissing his ArchiveToday-favicon.pngchildren and ArchiveToday-favicon.pngneglecting his wife. Sieradski also has a filthy habit of using a cheese grater on his feet, which are black from poor hygiene.

Twitter Bans

i have like 30 accounts

they’re all for different projects i’ve managed at one time or another— some blogs, some online campaigns, some software i developed, protests i’ve organized, etc.

i never know when i’m going to need to tap the past audiences so i keep them all around. i did a purge once— it was a mistake.


—Sieradski, ArchiveToday-favicon.pngon Mastodon

Sieradski ArchiveToday-favicon.pnghas confessed that he is addicted to Twitter, and Sieradski's Twitter ban could have been been the best gift to Sieradski's wife and children, but instead it only led to Sieradski taking to his numerous sockpuppets to help spread the news that he had been suspended and had no idea why, going on to blame a Twitter argument with Courtney Love and not his deranged behavior. A fine example of such behavior is displayed below, where Sieradski settles a Twitter spat by printing out a tweet and punching the printout:

Behold, Sieradski shows that tweet who's pwned. The replies mock his backfat and poor fighting form.

After troll accounts surrounded his reincarnation at Twitter-favicon.png OccupyJudaism, Sieradski tweeted to the owners of Archive.is to help stop the meddlesome trolls from using his own words against him:

Sieradski, unaware that this is one of the best uses for Archive.is

After his humiliating ban from Twitter, Sieradski took up residence at Mastodon (a Twitter knockoff for lefties), where Sieradski's invective is tolerated, and ever-savvy EDiots accurately predicted this would end in disaster. Shortly after arriving at Mastodon, Sieradski ArchiveToday-favicon.pngsuggested a "pile-on" on Chelsea Manning for which he was rapidly rebuked. It didn't take long for Sieradski to put his fat foot back into his mouth when he ArchiveToday-favicon.pngsuggested people join Mastodon for the "gorgeous communist women". Naturally he was excoriated ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive) by the users at Mastodon. True to form, Sieradski ArchiveToday-favicon.pngattempted to apologize to the Mastodon userbase. After embarrassing himself further, Sieradski made the following remark then deleted his known Twitter accounts:

the entire internet can fucking rot


ArchiveToday-favicon.pngSieradski, minutes before deleting everything

Last Thursday, Sieradski's excessive Twitter use caught up with him when he was ArchiveToday-favicon.pngfired from his position at Nylon Magazine. He continues to fire off numerous tweets every day, to the delight of the lefties who follow him, and the amusement of the "Nazis" who stalk him on Twitter and archive his deranged tweets.

Sieradski vs. Celebrities

Always willing to point the finger of blame anywhere except at himself, Sieradski has a special hatred for verified celebrities, and laments the injustice of not being able to call them Nazis on Twitter. After blaming Courtney Love and Fake Alasshole for the loss of his own verified account, Sieradski made his first triumphant return to Twitter as Twitter-favicon.png _selfagency, when his attempted pimping at Mastodon was poorly received by the lefties there. Within a few months, Sieradski started a Twitter spat with Ricky Gervais over kosher meat practices, with Sieradski taking the side of small government and letting the Jews do whatever they want to the animals before slaughtering them, and Gervais standing on the side of the animal activists. Mostly it was a laugh and Ricky Gervais has since moved on, but Sieradski continues to rage at the incredible injustice done to him and has taken to calling Christians "trash", and other typical Sieradski behavior to the point where he was actually trending for a brief, shining moment of e-fame.

Within hours of engaging with a rational human, Sieradski was banned yet again, and he quickly created a new account, Twitter-favicon.png danielsieradski. Yet another enraged Facebook post blamed Ricky Gervais and Twitter instead of his own retarded behavior just like before. Twitter likely banned him for his own good, and for liability reasons.

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List of Banned Twitter Accounts

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