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Daniel Jonathon Lawren Benfield, more commonly known as Daniel Benfield or Wario Barker, is a 21 year old wapanese filthy unv& pedophile christfag who lusts after the characters in Azumanga Daioh. He's a hardcore anti-troll, too, getting users banned "with in two hours of reporting them." He uses DA, so he's obviously a horrid artist and writer as well, as you will soon learn.


Daniel Benfield lives with his parents and brother in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Keep in mind, that he is 21 years old.

Early Drama on DA

The first known instance of Benfield's baawwing was in January of 2009. When he posted a journal on dA claiming he was done writing. We all know how this ended.

Azumanga WHO

Azumanga WHO is/was a brilliant crossover of Azumanga Daioh and the British Science Fiction show, Dr. WHO. It is noted for being exceptionally terrible and disliked by fans of both series. This didn't stop Daniel, though.

On March 9th of 2009, Azumanga WHO was removed from FanFiction.Net for "Not allowed: interactive, chat/script, real person, mst, and etc." Being an immature faggot, Benfield chose not to learn from his mistake, but rage about it on dA. After, this Daniel went on his "Great Hiatus" as the fandom and himself termed it. I think it's safe to say we wish he didn't come back.

On the subject of his OC, Hannah. It's kind of like how Chris-chan thinks he's Sonichu's father. On top of that, he makes himself a recurring character in almost all of his stories He really takes his writing too far. As in having a dream with his daughter.....and Jesus.

The Great Hiatus

Sometime last Thursday, Daniel Benfield announced he was quitting again. He dubbed it the "Great Hiatus II". Of course, not being able to stay away from lolicon for an extended period of time, he returned in 5 days.


People who lust after lolis are sinners.


—Daniel Benfield, condemning not only himself, but his fellow pedophiles

Azumanga WHO has some strong elements of pedophilia, mainly centered around his "daughter". He is believed by some to be a pedophile for his love of an anime show starring teenage girls and his obsession over his OC (original character) "daughter", Hannah. Other dA users, have called him "the daughter complex guy".

The sickening backstory of Azumanga JEW


A group called the "Al-Aqsa Trolling Crew" had already been contributing to Chasethehedgehog and DestinyMew related drama on dA. In September, after a raid on a forum site called "Grim Azubastion", they discovered Daniel and his dA account. He really brought it on himself, considering the fact that he commented on one of the troll's YouTube pages telling him how he was going to go to hell for the raid. After reading his writings and journals of bawww, they knew what had to be done.

There are things I don't like in this world - one of the big ones is hypocrites. And guess what? YOU'RE A HYPOCRITE. You plaster anti-(insert here) messages all over and relentlessly mock people in vulgar ways.

You're the very definition of satanic, and you'll burn in Hell for eternity. It's not a party, it's punishment for the things you've done during your life - and it'll never stop, no matter how much you want it to. But knowing you, you're probably a sadist and enjoy pain.


—Daniel Benfield, a nice guy who doesn't feed the trolls.

Grim Azubastion

On 9/15, 2009, IRC trolls forced a user named ArcaneRain to shut down the Grim Azubastion forums or face a dox drop. Many fags reacted with butthurt and rage. Daniel was no exception.


Nobody can be a Christian and a pedophile at the same time.


Daniel Benfield, being wrong

Being a typical Deviantard, his answer to most of life's problems is to write a journal about it.

Cool Story, Bro

At some point, the trolls convinced one of the forum members to join their side. Daniel was outraged and even went to the point of writing a story about it. This story is lulzy in the fact that it portrayed the trolls as evil murderers and Daniel as a helpless victim, rather than the sick pedophile he is. The original story can be read here, but one internet wizard also took the liberty of creating a dramatic narration.

IRC Drama

Soon, Benfield was lured into an IRC channel set up specifically to troll him, under the guise of "negotiation".. Once there, his dox were presented to him and he was given an ultimatum: "quit DA or we post your dox". He made a journal announcing his surrender, but he included a part telling everyone that the trolls were forcing him to write it. This killed the lulz of the situation. When he was threatened with having his "original" stories sold on Ebay and Craigslist, He agreed to remove it and keep the rest of the journal, we shit you not. He claimed to be quitting DA for a long time, but he returned 11 days later for more faggotry. Before he left he moved the hacked website known as the Azusanity Wiki to Wikia. Slanderous edits were made and quickly reverted.

Wikia Drama

Another reasonable person who was ignored by a deranged pedophile.

At the same time as the IRC trolling, Daniel was actively making plans to take control of the wiki (which actually belonged to oppdis) and move it to wikia. However, instead of merely asking for assistance in the move, he cried to a Wikia sysop about being trolled, at one point requesting "cyber police" to be sent to the IRC channel were the trolling was occurring. Keep in mind, this happened BEFORE the Jessi Slaughter incident.

Use scrollbar to see the full image

The Line Art Scandal

At some point last Thursday, Daniel asked a retarded furfag for lineart of his fictional 13-year old daughter. Upon receipt of said lineart (which is shit), he roleplayed as his fictional daughter. This led many users to accuse him of being a sickfuck pedophile. Even furniggers were spamming his page after this shitstorm. He wrote a journal "debunking" his pedophilia, but he still needs to be trolled with full fury.

The offending image.
He's gonna burn...

Use scrollbar to see the full image


In early December 2009, Daniel and his butt-buddy happyhardcorejoyjoy decided to take it upon themselves to vandalize Legi0npedia, a chan/troll wiki in a fit of butthurt. Lulz were ultimately had and nothing of value was lost.

Daniel's thought on being trolled

The following was posted here.

On September 27, 2009 Daniel ran into some trouble with trolls. The chief blow-away moment was when Oppdis announced that he was renouncing Azu (although later developments showed that he was in fact always a troll...just not Azu until 9/27/09). After a troublesome battle that involved –

  • A YouTube user named WarloBarker88 (given name "Daniel Benfeld") spreading lies about Daniel
  • Nasty edits to the second-generation AzuSanity Wiki
  • A DeviantART user posting pictures stealing both the original and Great Battle "Azu-WHO" logos (plus several others, all mocking Daniel)
  • A chatroom ambush/backstabbing/beatdown on October 1
  • Repeated abuse of Hannah Benfield throughout (essentially claiming that she was both a transsexual and giving "BJs")

...Daniel, for his own safety, posted a goodbye on DeviantART on October 2, 2009. With this, he changed his signature to the last line spoken by the Fourth Doctor ("It's the end, but the moment has been prepared for.") and posted a goodbye that ended with the First Doctor's famous speech to his granddaughter Susan ("One day, I shall come back...")

On October 8, 2009, following a formal complaint to the DeviantART Help Desk by Daniel, Anon1Guardian was banned permanently from the site. Since then, Daniel expressed an interest in returning to DeviantART.

On October 13, Daniel returned to DeviantART with a new oneshot entitled "Mind's Vortex". In addition, he changed his signature.

Son, I am Disappoint

Hey, folks...this is going to be hard for me, and perhaps even you.


—Daniel, assuming anyone gives a fuck

On the 21st and 22nd of Febuary 2010 respectively, Daniel posted a pair of blogs in which he whined about his dad, Phillip Benfield Sr. In his first blog, Benfield goes on about how he found his bony old father lying on the floor after hitting his head on a dresser. As a result of this unfortunate accident, Daniel's father was put on life support. Poor Phillip couldn't even get a liver transplant due to his having been a drunken bum for so many years. Further showing what a selfish and self-centered prick he is, Daniel goes on further to state that he refused to see his own father in the hospital.

I refused to go to the hospital, as I did not wish to see my father with even more tubes sticking out of him.


—Daniel not giving a shit

In his second bawwwlog, Daniel updates all zero people who give a shit on his father's health by stating that Phillip has kicked the bucket. Instead of hoping for the best for Phillip in the next life, Daniel (in true christfag style) decides to be dick to his dead father by implying that Phillip could very well have gone to hell. Probably because daddy was hitting the sauce a little to often.

The Blogs

The Trolls Respond

If Daniel is Concerned over where his dad's going, he should watch his actions.




Being the good internet citizens they are, the trolls called Daniel out on his insensitive attitude toward his father.

Is there a dictionary entry... for giant asshole prick? If so, it should say Deviantart-favicon.png Daniel Benfield and nothing more. Why? Because of this: link

K. Your dad died. BAWWW, etc. But this is what pisses me off: "And I don't know where he's going." WHAT? You really are questioning whether or not your own father is damned to hell for all eternity? Not to sound raging here, but you're a fucking tool, bro. Words can't describe how big of a dick move this is. He should be made a saint for having to put up with an asshole failure of a son like yourself. The only one who should be concerned for their fate is YOU, pedophile. Have a nice day.

ALSO: I lol'd at your tears. :D



Present day

Benfield currently hangs out at several game show related forums, long a haven of aspies and old people:

  • Game Show Forum, where he joines the aspies in bitching about modern episodes of shows and pining for older shows from his childhood.
  • Buy a Vowel, a Wheel of Fortune forum. He's known for fapping to the few remaining episodes hosted by Chuck Woolery, bitching about how the current staff doesn't care, whining about the puzzle writing, and complaining that the show won't acknowledge Woolery even though Pat Sajak has only been hosting for 30 fucking years.
  • TV Tropes, where he goes by WarioBarker and edits mainly pages related to, you guessed it, game shows
  • Wikipedia — again, mostly game shows
  • Wheel of Fortune History Wiki, a wiki full of shit nobody cares about involving Wheel of Fortune. Coincidentally, this wiki was founded by another aspie fanboy of both game shows and Azumanga Daioh, who also spends way too much time on TV Tropes and Wikipedia.

He also used to hang out at Golden Road.net, but hasn't been seen there since 2009. That site is forever grateful, especially after the time he insulted Drew Carey on Drew's blog, causing Drew to disable comments and make a notorious post about "telephone pole screamers".

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