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Dance In The Vampire Bund is a manga and Animu contribution to the niche genre of the Loli Vampire or the Perma-Loli that is the generalized name for any and all stories about young girls that don't age like robots, the undead, gods or other supernatural beings. The Perma-Loli is known for always staying the same age while their male owner/master and everyone around them ages.
Although Dance In The Vampire Bund has decent writing and some very likable characters, it's main mistake was that it missed its mark in Japan with pedophiles in that the protaganist of the series, Mina Tepes, has a sexually mature, adult form that she keeps secret for plot reasons and, obviously, uses it to or can have sex with despite being what is almost always shown as a 13 year old girl through most of the series. More so, unlike most Loli-Vampires, Mina Tepes doesn't need an adult figure to take care of her like she's a child and is more than capable of taking care of herself in all matters whether it be a fight or finding something to eat.
By giving Mina an adult form, the writer Nozumu Tomaki betrayed the majority of fans, pedophiles, of the Loli-Vampire niche that only read this genre to see an under aged, weak incaple girl getting fucked silly by every dick getting thrown at her and is probably why it is more popular in America with Mina being more reminiscent of the Western idea of Vampire lore with some of the Manga collections of Vampire Bund having actually placed on the top 10 of The New York Times best seller list.


Dance In The Vampire Bund centers around the story of Mina Tepes who is an obvious descendant of Vlad Tepes Dracul or rather Dracula who is the ruler of all Vampires.
It also follows Mina Tepes' werewolf protector Akira Kaburagi Regendorf and his place in Mina's furry army of Basement dwelling werewolves that is for some reason named the Beowulf after an Old English heroic poem about monsters, witches, dragons and the subjects of pride as a means of self destruction along with the wise advice of always remembering to reward, well, those who've earned it, but no werewolves or vampires.
Like all Vampires and Werewolves Mina Tepes has been in hiding, letting the world believe that they are a myth or a story told at bedtime to scare children.
Because of the longevity of her race, a sizable fortune has been acquired and Mina Tepes made an offer to the nation of Japan to be allowed to build a Safe Space or Bund for her people to live in for the promise of paying off all of Japan's debt.
Extremist factions of Humans and Vampires start to appear that are opposed to this idea of a sanctuary for vampires and werewolves and readily declare Jihad. Vampires find it offensive because some vampires, The Fangless have removed their teeth so they are not a threat to humanity and hope they can live free of persucution. The extremist vampires see these Fangless as the vegitarian, SJW version of a vampire and obviously have never heard of the Red Cross because they believe that vampires can not survive being unable to hunt humans.
Humans see this bund as ground central for the upcoming apocalypse from where humans will be hunted and fed on. Certain human factions see its destruction as the only way to protect humananity from becoming corralled and slaughtered like cows.
As these two sides try to destroy this bund, the story follows Mina and Akira as they try to protect this Bund from their enemies as Mina tries to build a world for vampires and werewolves that is a legitimate part of and contributes to the Human world.

All you need is a 5 second search on Deviat Art to see which version is prefered by how sexualized young Mina is and how ignored her adult or true form is


This is only the mild stuff, the harder stuff like a werewolf wearing her on its dick has been left out for obvious reasons.



Name Description Picture
Mina Tepes The 400+ year old Loli ruler of all Vampires. Likes to play on the fact that most people only see her as a 13 year old girl as she is a scarily competant leader and fighter. As her Loli role dictates, she likes to play sex-pot with her protector Akira by stripping in front of him, sleeping naked in bed with him or pretty much coming short of fucking him right in front of everyone. She has an adult form, her true form that puts her Loli form to shame in terms of power, speed and all around fighting ability. She keeps her true form hidden because if the Vampire Families became aware that she could carry children it would severely weaken her position to negotiate with them. This is also the reason why she pretends to be a horny stupid girl or your average 13 year old girl or rather any Human girl between the ages of puberty and corpse. Mina Tepes name is a combination of the main female character's name Mina Harker from Bram Stoker's Dracula and the title of Impaler or Tepes that was given to Vlad Dracul by his enemies. Mina Tepes has a soft spot for FanFanction and especially enjoys the Yuri genre when it includes agressive bottoms. As it is more than obvious, Mina Tepes is very popular with the lolicons over at DeviantArt who take requests for what item gets put up her next.

A statue of Mina Tepes' true form. It can be yours for $400 on Ebay

Think Twilight but with a plot and having entertainment value

She'll kick your ass and make you call her Mama when she's done

Akira Kuburagi Regendorf The cliche character the enters the story as an amnesiac idiot that has to discover his role and choose if he will accept it. Serves as Mina Tepes's personal protecter and love interest. In the Animu Mina is played off as having a school girl crush on Akira and more interested in cockteasing him where in the Manga it is played off as something more serious, more romantic and you know that he'll be hitting it the second Mina's true form is revealed, or as the freaks on DeviantArt like to think - only when she's in kid form. Has been in the service of Mina Tepes since he was 9 or 10 when he promised to always take care of and protect Mina when Akira felt sorry for her when he thought she was crying because of a stomach ache. Has the Twilight power of being able to turn into a Hollywood style, human like werewolf. In later episodes, Mina will bite him and he'll be able to become a werewolf/vampire hybrid. At least he doesn't fucking sparkle and knows how to put a shirt on. Alira is basicly that strong, supportive character that is loyal to a fault and protects his family and friends. In other words, perfect personality traits for a person who can turn into a dog.
Cue screaming fangirls and retarded shippers

Girls like werewolves with abs
Yuki Saegusa The obligatory teeneage girl that has unrequited love for the main male character and also serves as a bridge for the main male and female characters. As she is the person Akira has the longest memories of, Yuki serves as an anchor to his humanity and can at times keep Akira from going, predicrably, berserker. Can we say Jean Grey and Wolverine? Most of her role is comic relief, especially when Mina Tepes reads Yuki's fanfiction's and starts asking question about ideas that confuse her like an agressive bottom. Yuki's second role is to introduce characters as she usually is introduced to new characters in her classes at school and she serves as a thermometer to rate the new character because as she is such a kindly, airheadish girl, for her to dislike someone they must really be an ass. Her most important role, Yuki plays the parent figure that is required for the Loli Vampire niche where her kind and gentle nature is always displayed by her bringing lunches and ensuring everyone has eaten. Best know for creeping Akira out by making him the bottom in her yaoi fanfictions that she writes and lets Mina read. Mina Tepes has remarked the Yuki has a spectacular skill at writing and should follow it to the fear and regret of Akira. In the Anime she and Akira go to a Jonas Brothers concert and Exchange promise rings. This doesn't happen in the Manga and in the Anime, lasts up to the point that Akira refuses Yuki's advances.

Yuki's main role is to be the girl with the tits since so many characters lack them
Veratos Mina Tepe's go-to bitch and trusted advisor. Act's as a bodyguard to Mina and is loyal to a fault. Akira has commented on her sexiness and feminine wiles. Was made a vampire because of her dedication to Mina's mother Lucretia. Veratos also became Hysterica's master during the late end of World War I during the Spanish Flu when Veratos made her a vampire out of sympathy when Hysterica lost her entire family to the epidemic. The best way to look at her is a very sane and competant Renfield from Bram Stoker's Dracula. Veratos is a sophisticat so there is no running around laughing and eating bugs for this version of Renfeld. Much like Renfield, Veratos suffers guilt when a fake Mina Tepes is placed on the throne as the Ruler Of All Vampires and she chooses to believe her loyalties and service belong to the real Mina and not the throne. In the end, Veratos chooses to seal herself in amber as penance for her betrayel.
Nananmi Shinonome Her character starts as the virginal, good little girl that puts grades and school before everything else. At this time she is best described as a racist that sees vampires like that first black man moving into an all white neighborhood. Once she is made a vampire by Hysterica, she completly sluts out and uses her body to lure in dirty old men to feed on. Sometime during all of this Nanami gets hit with an urge that she suddenly wants to fuck her 13 year old neighbor Yuzuru. For story reasons, Nanami later becomes loyal to Mina and becomes her maid after which, Nanami makes Yuzuru into a Vampire and they play cougar and the boy forever.
Hysterica All around crazy bitch that belongs to The Third Kind that wants to assassinate Mina Tepes and place a new ruler in her place. Likes to make vampire bombs by finding dumbasses to make into vampires and then innoculates them with chemicals that will lead to a firey explosion after a code is input into her phone. Got her ass killed when she saw Mina's True Form and was trying to figure out how to take a pic with her phone and send it to her masters. Being way too busy trying to figure out her phone's email function, Hysterica didn't care or notice that Nanami conviently switched sides and she is burnt like a Witch on All Saints Day.
Mei Rin A virgin furry Werecat that likes to chew hard candy and brag about her 32-22-32 measurements. Wants Akira to fuck her in half, dizzy, into another dimension, straight into the ground and amnesiac but for some reason or another they fight and Akira gives her life's big banhammer. Mostly in the story to serve as the tough, sexy and approachable girl that doesn't scare off nerds because the reader or viewer is always reminded she is a virgin.
Mei ren.jpg
File:3ed717ab50b7352c486e67ba6c0f3e7a67fbf735 hq.jpg
More masturbation fodder for furries

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