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You may recognize her from Eyes of Old.
Dala Shows Titties For You to Join Guild!
For all internet detectives, before she got fat. When her hair was shorter, and some cheekbones existed. This is the Dara Mize that fucked your dog yo.
Seeing Dalavesta's tits made me want to suck a dick. It made me want to go gay and stay there.


— A Moon Guard Male.

Bump for a friend that I used to talk to a lot before the computer crash. Good luck, honey. <3 Maybe we continue talking via e-mail? Anyway, take care and glad to see that you're well. Love,*signed* "nosceteipsum" on another board


— Nosceteipsum on Moon Guard identifying himself on BEASTFORUM. It's okay faggots. You were wrong. She fucks dogs.

Meet Dalavesta, real name Dara Mize. She is known for her many interests in life, like reading tarot cards, being the GM of a guild on Moon Guard in World of Warcraft, and now fucking dogs. Dalavesta leads a busy life. For someone that can read the future with a bunch of cards did she see that she was going to make it big in the world of animal rape? Only the mystic gods of fur-fuckery know.

She was first seen on Beastforum on the Sirona account looking for a new boyfriend after a breakup with her fiance. We can only presume that he found out that she liked man's best friend more than man and left her. There she found many other sick fucks that told her it was a good idea to post her pictures and that was when we got our first look.

Then it spread into pandemonium when she was caught on the Warcraft forums by trolls that trolled, just to get White Knighted. It is believed that she admitted to her sickfuckery just to turn around and say her account was hacked. All that we have is one screencap to rule them all.

Formerly known as ThePreciousPaw on youtube, she now spends the majority of her time hiding behind her guild on the CultLive Channel where they specialize in making shitty videos and she lies about her name. Current aliases are Dara Mize, Dara Evert-Mize, and Dara Evert. All of which are bullshit, except for Dara Mize, ask her father Frank Mize. He is very proud of his dog fucking daughter. She likes to feel like a special snowflake by saying her videos are part of a company: Dara Evert-Mize and Cult Live Productions, Fairfield, OH 45014. Her Steam account is Shion, there is an avatar of another poor dog waiting for abuse there, her Steam Group is: The Eyes of Old (TEOO). Other characters she may be known as are Shion, Evelis, and Pyrros. She is also AdeloriaAshcroft on Elfwood, IresaVanBrudd on DA, which leads to her lovely boyfriend of the time Daniel Shoultz, the artist of the imagery that is on his GothicPhobia DA account, which then ends up on Dalavesta's CONFIRMED DA account, then ends up as an art thread by Sirona on BeastForum, as pictures where SHE WAS THE MODEL. So, this links Dara, to Dalavesta, to Sirona in no uncertain terms.

Photos of Rex were found on the Astrata photobucket account. Who is Astrata and why should people care? She is Dara Mize. Owner of one emo as fuck Live Journal and the character Dalavesta. Then you find the picture of an "anthro" (which is another word for furfag) that is on the Sirona account on BeastForum. Then the character Pyrros which matches Dalavestas' known alt on Moon Guard and you have the inception of clusterfucks for your lols pursuit. The dots were hard to connect for many online detectives, so we did it for you. Thank the team later.

Since the latest bitchfest on the Moon Guard forums, where they made the front page yet again; everyone has gotten to enjoy seeing that her supporters are members of the furry, dogfucker, and generally mentally unstable community. More cries of shoop de whoop and oh no you didn't were to be had. More attempts to get rid of this page were taken, as information was sent over. After all, Moon Guard can stop this page. Which would be believable if it was in the realm of their ability to stop themselves from getting laid.

The girl does not look like the photo supplied of Dala taken off of their forums. Their facial structure is different, the woman that actively partook in beastiality, Sirona, appears older- which is inconsistent with Dala's (dyed?) and shortly cut hair. Sirona's eyes are closer together and appear to be a different color. Sirona's face is longer. Similar, but not the same, especially when the mind isn't looking for inconsistencies like that. 'Pics', ruled out.

Nowhere does Sirona say she is Dalavesta of World of Warcraft. Nowhere does she say she plays on Moon Guard, or even US. (Think of the europeans playing over -here-, I can name at least 6.) Dalavesta says she was hacked, What evidence do you have against that, considering I've already stated there are other people moderating her forums with the ability to take things down. She didn't do that herself. We don't know how long her account was compromised and honestly it's suspicious as hell that while the 'apology' was up for a short while, it was still able to be found and linked here in a short amount of time. I can safely say 'forum screen shots', Ruled out.

2009 Census Bureau states there's 11,542,645 people in Ohio, 376,414 of them are women in the age group 20-25. Are they accused of Bestiality too? Location. Ruled out.


— Kadrick explaining how Ohio is a rapist and more

Why This Page is Here.

EWWWWWW.Dude. Dalvavesta is a dirty, beasty whore. She is like...seriously. Back in Argent Inquistion, she'd pull people into vent and try to ERP with them or tell stories about how she fucked animals.


— The Horde

Anon visits MG's Facebook Group. Rule 14 happens. 356+ comments in 20 minutes. Much QQ, churros, and attention whores to be had.
The undeniable proof that Moon Guard screamed for. Bob_hubb of BeastForum posting Dalavesta's First Time with a DOG! Below she replies to him.
Another fur fucker in disguise? Nosceteipsum got some explaining to do.
This is Moon Guard's "Cornerstone" getting ready for her first time with Bob_hubb. It's okay you ERP fags. I'm sure you think this was shopped too.
"My mastif sure gets the pussy! Another first timer today." That was -really- fun...Sam is the best! I <3 being his personal slut.


— A conversation between Bob_hubb and Sirona (Dalavesta) about her first time with a dog, his Mastiff.

In December 2011, more people found out about Dalavesta's secret. They decided IT IS NOT OKAY TO FUCK ANIMALS and started a group protesting her bullshittery. Naturally, on World of Warcraft and on Moon Guard, nobody liked getting told fucking dogs was wrong. So they went to the forums and defended Dalavesta. They called her a 'cornerstone of the community.' Which cemented them in forever being known as the ERP server. This started a dramacow of epic proportions. Many people weighed in on the issue, many deciding it was alright to fuck animals. Then the apology was posted on the Eyes of Old website by their guild master herself. Then, immediately taken down. Fortunately, we have a screenshot. Dalavesta claims she was hacked and never, ever wrote that post.

People with common sense believe she posted it in the wrong section and proceeded to flip her shit. Every time someone tries to make the community aware of this player, they are shot down with claims of Dalavesta's "internet celebrity" and that proof is needed. But everyone who plays World of Warcraft knows, when the pictures were posted? This sick fuck community screamed that it was a shop job. Even though, she is all over teh internetz and forums with obvious links to her pictures, her movies, and even her victims. Claiming herself to have "shared a lover" in the dog Lex in the movie Cherrie Rebel. This woman and her significant other are known to have abused no less then three dogs, while she runs free in an internet community gaining another an hero each day by showing tits and massive phone sex.

This person has exposed herself to minors. This person has gkicked a person with cancer for getting more attention then her. This person berates the mentally challenged in raids. This person fucks dogs. Then the community defends her when she publically cries about having an addiction? Well Moon Guard, Warcraft, and now WoWinsider? You all promote this kind of person's continued existence.

Here's WoWinsider's article: Feel free to inform them about what they promote.

Update: Upon being informed on Facebook, this page was immediately taken down, the truth was too much for people to handle. Two times, care to go for three?

What Dalavesta/Sirona Looks for in a "Man."

My mastif met this young hot lady today for some k9 fun ! I must say she sure looked good with my mastif on top of her! Pics in the female pics & video section. Good to see a first timer taken on my big boy and talking about coming back for seconds on the drive back home. She gets a big 10 from me.


—Bob_hubb at Beastforum on Dalavesta fucking his dog.

Taken from her Beastforum Personal Ads, here we find what sick shit she likes:

One of her many advertisements on Beastforum!
Dalavesta admits to fucking Lex the Dog and his owner, who made Cherrie Rebel!
More of Dalavesta in the early days seeking dogs.
Taking a break from looking for fucks, she chats about WoW and Fairies.

I feel a little guilty posting here again after the last failure.

But oh, what the hey! Why not get out on a fresh start?

I’m Sirona, 19 (Single) bisexual female from south-western Ohio, about 30 minutes from cinci.

I’m looking for dominant men to serve, dogs or not (However the ambition to GET ONE, is very important.)

Weather you live in Ohio, northern Kentucky, or Eastern Indiana, or even if you want to visit, it doesn’t matter.

I promise to make things worth your while! And am even available for over-night visits.

I’m not looking for flings, one night stands are un-predictable and rather bland, but a pressured relationship is no good either.

A consistent and WELL VERSED DOM. Preferably someone who knows what they are doing would be great.

So just keep these in mind.

No Dogs with cocks over nine inches. No married/taken doms. Please know what your doing. I shouldn’t be doming you. Must be able to travel. ~ A lot of you asks for pictures of me. So here some are! ~ Send me a message over BF.

Please be expected to speak on the phone about setting up any and all potential meetings. If your not interested in this add or just want to chat, feel free to respond, but I probably wont say anything back!


18 female here in Cincinati looking to be braught, or have dogs taken to her for some good long fuck session.

Toys optional, couples are loved, horses even if you can take me out to the range.

Male dogs only.

Male or female human partners.

Many <3's.

Petplay is always a -big- bonus. For more details send me a PM, or IM and tell me where your from!!!

No traveling out of state, no, I will not come even if you offer to buy me a plane ticket.(I am however flattered people asked!!!)

Hoping to speak with you soon.

And the real crowning jewel:

My Master and I are looking for exactly what the title implies. A nice big dog to come and fill my cunt to the brim if you enjoy me being quite blunt about it!

We are looking for a female owner, and a male dog intrested in both participating and having fun.

Dog Restrictions: No Greyhounds, no Great Danes (I have a deep fear of these and will sadly not be allowed as applicants.)

A date will be shedualed that works for all three, and we'll work on having some fun and watching this cute little 'pet' get filled with dog cum.

Send me a PM, we'll speak more over the phone, or skype, or even just IM's with my Master and I and I will get back to you asap.

Thanks for reading


These can all be found in original print at Beastforum where she roams as Sirona with her ex-fiance. There they abuse a dog named Lex that also starred in Cherrie Rebel. More ads can be found here and on various other websites.

A Visual Guide to What Dalavesta/Dara/Sirona Does on The Weekend

  1. Wakes up
  2. Bawwwwwwws at furfags
  3. Goes on Moon Guard to become "Queen of the Server"
  4. Rapes a dog
  5. Enjoys a light brunch

Maybe I Can One Day Learn To Stop Fucking Fido then putting the art everywhere.. About missing Pics
The Face behind the Broken Doll and everyone in this Saw ripoff.

The Broken Doll 2: Electric Boogaloo and the Cogshanks Redemption

The Broken Doll =/= Saw. Right. My left nut.
How Dara or Dalavesta sees herself as a person and character. Drawn by her boyfriend, on her known DA, her known Photobucket and then on Sirona's "My Modeled Art" thread on BeastForum: "An anthro version of me, appropriate for the board." ... but FUCK NO THAT IS NOT DALAVESTA.

Seriously? I watched the trailer and it answered very little. I read the WoW insider thing, and it seemed to tell me that... Some woman was tortured for being a warlock. She happened to be on the heavy side and was made fun of for it by her "tormentors," and now she's out for revenge? I seriously have no idea.


-Auramis of Moon Guard trying to decipher bullshit

After enough time had passed from the creation of this page, Dalavesta left her kennel of love and decided to start up another shitty role play. The first one was declared a success by faggots, furfag, and all fat girls everywhere. In the words of Dalavesta herself, in a thread to end all threads...she indirectly admits to ripping off Saw just to backpedal. The sad full explanation can be found here where you realize it is just some attention whore mailing letters to people, all of which are forever alone and it is because she was a fat, bullied loser. Somewhere, there's going to be an hero and possibly pointless torture. Overall, Saw without the plot. So overall? Just Saw. People will jump on this band-wagon because it has words like "psychological" and "horror" in it. But really? It's neither.

We're going to go one step further into the spotlight stealing of the dog fucker and not even give her the credit of the Saw series, because at least they had gore. This team has decided she's on par with one woman's choice between dog fucking and vampire fucking. That's right. This is Twilight for World of Warcraft. It's Mary-Sue to the tenth degree. Dalavesta is Bella Swan. Vague, confused, blank stares that pretend to be deep. She's an outsider. She is a self-fulfillment fantasy. The Broken Doll is a fat, emo warlock that was bullied and wants revenge on all those mean kids that fucked her shit up for fucking dogs. So is Dalavesta. So is her player. Nicely done, now where is the part where she gets arrested on charges of animal abuse? Life, art, imitation.

I'll give a brief overview. Feel free to bug me in-game if you have anymore questions.

BrokenDoll is a psychological horror and puzzle based storyline that's run like a D&D campaign.

The story in short:

Girl comes to Stormwind as a priestess. She applies to become involved in the military. During basic training she begins to exhibit strange habbits (Typical things you'd expect from most psychological disorders of these kind), Doctor says he can help her out. They agree. Psychological findings aren't exactly 'up to date' in the time period WoW is almost based in. They used to do a lot more harm than good. What could have been considered a small personality disorder is cracked open until it becomes a full blown case of DiD, more commonly known as multiple personalities. (This is how the Doll came about.)

Eventually she escapes treatment and for quite some time her other personalities don't make any sort of appearance. Eventually after occuring more psychological trauma a personality called the 'Doll' takes over. Reasons behind why she does it are still pretty much unknown. The Doll has been a mixed bag, helping heroes by pulling people together but forcing them to face her realities but placing them in moral catch 22s, tormenting their friends, family and loved one.

The storyline was created with a focus on the heroes and their development as they search for various things. In the first campaign how the Doll came to be and who she was. In this one it seems most likely so far they are searching for a cure to the Doll's plague despite the small differences that have come about in her usual M.O.


- Dalavesta on not knowing what the fuck she's doing

But on January 19th, 2012... A far more interesting story was going to unfold. One that would blow the shitty Broken Doll into the final pieces and then give it one more arrow to the knee. Lito, the biggest e-detective and creator of Cogshanks decided that it was time to halt the searches. For many, they thought their alts were safe to troll again in the community. Those that hid their accounts and likely participated in sad, sad erp for it? Were about to get a wake-up call. Everyone else? Not a fuck was given that day.

The team has gotten it's information from many sources since the beginning of this page. Many contributors offered anon links on their level one alts in WOW and we always wondered, who were these heroes? Last night, we found out that we had to go deeper. We found out that the information came from members of the guild Dalavesta/Dara/Sirona herself runs, we which suspected but never knew that it went as high as her officer pool. Thank you Eyes of Old for providing us the first pictures to get your guild master up here. Then we went deeper. Her supporters on the forums. The Moonblade. Most members had alts in the Eyes of Old. Defending her on one side, but coughing up names on the other. Sneaky. Then. The First Regiment. Thank you for tying in the links as to where the support and the information fell cogshanks. Without you, they would have been nameless. Now, we can thank their own friends for turning her over. If only we found House Devin anywhere in there and this might have been the trolling of the century. But no, they really are just probably telling everyone to fuck off. Especially with each member having a notice by their name.

So this might be the biggest twist of all, that Dara/Dalavesta/Sirona is in fact as bad as she seemed. That her guildmates wrote the post against her using the information she gave them and now, she is considering going to another server to hide says an inside source. Don't worry gaiz. We won't tell your names. You're too helpful to us anyways.

Dalavesta's Top Victim Pool

A close up of Lex at Dala's house
Lex from Cherrie Rebel... on Dala's Astrata photobucket
This is her victim. Bet the bitch thought it was cute.
She says she's afraid of Great Danes, but is this puppy REALLY SAFE WITH DALAVESTA?
Save adorable puppies like this from Dalavesta. God damn it this dog is cute. ~ A Message From Some Woman.
  1. Australian Shepard Collie
  2. Australian Coolie
  3. Norwegian Elkhound
  4. The idiots on Moon Guard

And of course, the German Shepard.

How to get ripped off IRL by the Meddling Mystic and Broken Doll Jewelry

PLEDGE $100 OR MORE A free custom set, including one necklace, bracelet, and pair of earrings.


, A quote from the dog fucker herself reminding you to not invest in quality when you can fill her tank for her next trip to the pound

When not fucking dogs, Dalavesta is portraying herself as a psychic on the Meddling Mystic. Apparently "psychics" also have facebook which makes them legit. This is of course another method used to commit fraud and rip people off by charging five to forty dollars to fund her dog raping services, so be sure to contact her various addresses:

Update! Since we last saw this dog fucker, she's been busy ripping off you and your friends. If you want jewelry that you could make better and cheaper yourself? Well look no further then Broken Doll Jewelry a "business" that is probably not endorsed by the BBB or anyone outside of Dalavesta. Be sure to check her on Deviantart because con artists don't learn new tricks. Or do they? Beware. She found Tumblr recently. Only a matter of time before you too can wear shit.

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