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DJ SkeptiK

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Beware his wrath. Lol, he looks like Perez Hilton.
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DJ SkeptiK is a 13 year old boy from the internets with unlimited disposable income.

The story

The drama began on the shitty game WoW when a kid claimed he owned a website who had a partnership with Budweiser.

In search of lulz, eberly stumbled upon the website and researched that DJ SkeptiK was rich and beautiful and decided to commemorate a website in his honor.

The result

The post sparked an uprise of drama and massive amounts of lulz ensued. A friend of DJ SkeptiK, named sweethooves, came to his aid, only to have her picture pwned with a penis in it.

The peoples


Sweethooves is a fatty and a redneck, an internet friend of SkeptiK who sticks up for him throughout the story, to her loss.

Jinx, the internet lawyer

Jinx is the self-proclaimed "CEO of", a site which as of now doesn't exist, but you can probably bet it was a haven for 13 year old boys and Starcraft fags. Jinx, as a qualified e-lawyer, had skilled teams working on the ruining of Eberly's and Jammno's lives. Thanks to the work of Jinx, DJ SkeptiK has successfully taken Jammno and Eberly to internet court, suing Jammno for $10,000 worth of internet money. Both Eberly and Jammno are in internet jail to this day. Seen here


Jammno plays World of Warcraft and gets it all the time.

Tony Eberly

An acclaimed internet detective and investigator; think Geraldo Rivera. The maintainer of the unfunny Jammno blog and the dropper of the PowerWord: IRL Name which took the debate to the next level.


  • June 19, 2006 - Article posted on
  • June 22, 2006 - Legal threats, threats to deface website unless post taken down.
  • October 5, 2006 - DJ SkeptiK article on ED.
  • October 7, 2006 - SkeptiK finds his article on ED and an edit war begins. Skeptik posts, trying to pretend he is an ED sysop. He deletes his MySpace music page only for his name to be replaced by a /btard here. SkeptiK logs onto ED IRC where his E-trial begins, Honorary Ed Lolington and Andrew Weevlos, esq. presiding. He was sentenced with the banhammer to have his article up for life.
  • October 12, 2006 - SkeptiK, overstressed from the e-trial, quits his job with Budweiser, blackmails his boss for a full year's salary, buys a Pontiac Firebird, and starts smoking weed. He later gets shot by his closeted gay neighbor, Lt. Col. Fitts, after refusing his advances.


Did you know that DJ SkeptiK:

  • Is 14
  • Works for the fire department
  • Makes shitty techno
  • Has a website called Shadowrealmz
  • Has been on ED IRC for an Arbchat once. (Moar)

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