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Moon-rape? That's HOT

Prepare for random interchanging of the names DJ-Leorina, darkstalkerlati, and cuntface, because this dumb bitch thought she could escape the wrath of the internet by a simple name-change!

DJ-Leorina (currently darkstalkerlati) is quite easily one of the world's biggest furry attention whores. She is multiskilled, because as well as this, she manages to be in the top 10% at DeviantART, an enormous favwhore (+favs every single thing she sees), and asks anybody she can find to draw her gift art. If somebody won't give her gift art, well, somebody better call the waaaambulance, because she's sure as hell going to bitch about it for at least 100 years. Of course, if you do give her gift art, she'll hardly thank you for it.

She's a Klonoa fangirl who seems to think the world revolves around her, and loves to treat other people on the internets like shit whenever she can get away with it. If you're a popular artist though, she'll try to bear your children.

Dick Jammer-darkstalker-Leorina also has a strange obsession with buying and selling commissions. This is problematic for two reasons. Firstly, Lati is a total fucking retarded cuntface, who does not pay for commissions she swindles out of people. Secondly, Lati is a total fucking retarded cuntface who can't draw worth shit, and thirdly, Lati treats everybody like shit, and so on the off chance somebody asks for a commission, she chases them off with her absurdly rude behaviour. Then of course she relentlessly complains about how nobody buys commissions off her. The irony is delicious.

The Rules of DJ-Leorina (you'd better fucking follow them)

Rules: here are some rules how you should get along with me

  1. Be nice to me; please don't shout at me harshly or treat me like crud. I don't like it when people does things like that on me
  2. When I'm really sad, that means you do me a gift pic, and when I'm really bored/lonely, that means you should ask me to do art trades
  3. If you're really forgiving and you do requests, add me to your friends list. I always wanted requests/art trades from anyone, but some of you do requests/art trades with friends only

that's all. Rememer: follow these three rules.

Important person, or VERY important person?

Yeah, we so wanted to know what you're eating for dinner.
Mind you, this is just bad

When you're a friend of DJ-Leorina, you'd better make damn sure that she's the most important person on your internets, if not in your RL. You'd better be drawing her fucktons of free art, making sure everybody on the internet knows when her birthday is (please don't forget or she'll be sad), and sucking her e-penis in every way imaginable. And always make sure you know what she's digesting for dinner, because everything she inhales is automatically holy.

DJ is so important, that there is no way in hell anybody could do or say anything bad about her. Hate the fact that she +favs every piece of art she sees? You can tell her that you think she's fucking retarded and you hope she dies, and she will love you for it, because it's a picture of herself! She loves herself! How could anything bad be connected to a picture of herself??

A wonderful artist, WHO DOES NOT TRACE OR RECOLOR!!!1

Like any good DeviantARTlet, if you look through DJ's gallery, you can easily find examples of art theft. Of course, when she points it out herself, it just becomes that much more hilarious.

Unlike a lot of her fellow artists, DJ-Leorina is not quite content to go with the tried and true method of straight tracing. No, DJ is an artist of such high caliber that she improves upon them by producing terribly copied images. She is quite a master of this art. No, really.

However, the fact that she posts links to her "inspirations" leads one to believe that DJ thinks art theft is awwwright. What a special child. As if we didn't already love her enough for simply being a giant cunt.

Feel free to report any and all of these images, if they're still in DJ's gallery.

No seriously, Darkstalkerlati DOES NOT COPY OTHER PEOPLE'S ARTWORK


A short time after this and this appeared on the internets, Darkstalkerlati got RRL RRL ANGRY and raced to defend herself against the lies and slander, with an hilarious journal (pictured right).

Darkstalkerfatty sure knows how to shoot arrows right into our hearts! Why, "if [people] keep on telling that [she's] copying some poses or designs from someone else's art, [she's] gonna have to store 'em so that they won't see 'em in public. At all!" Oh noes, you guys!! We are lost! This is the worst thing that could possibly happen!

Oh wait isn't that kinda what we were hoping for?

In any case, the first comment on this journal was made by somebody who provided links to the pictures in the art theft section above. In response, Darkdorkerlati deleted fucking everything, making herself look even more innocent.



—Darkstalkerlati, on how we should just shut up about "it"


You better fucking give her that gift art. What are you, a total asshole? What kind of faggot doesn't give free art to a whiny, unappreciative cuntrag? On a related note, if you do give her art, it will inevitably be ill-received. Draw some sort of furry masterpiece of her crappy characters? If she gives you any more than a quick "thanks", you'd be lucky. It's far more likely she'd whine about how you didn't draw it quite the way she wanted.

Here she is telling people to draw her art. Stupid event coming up? DRAW ME GIFT ART. DJ turned on her computer? DRAW ME GIFT ART.


  • Don't forget to make me a X-mas gift pic this year
  • My birthday is coming really fast. Try to make some gift pics for me. Don't miss out just like last year
  • note for all Pokemon fans: if you're thinking about drawing a pic of a female Hariyama, I want it to be clad in a tunic, and also wearing a hood and kung-fu shoes. And don't forget to make it that it had sweet and gentle eyes.

Kiriban means you give me a picture

If you're on DJ's watchlist and you've got a "kiriban" (faggotty DevianTART shit where you give people free pics for being the 9000th pageview or something equally gay), DJ's going to do the best she can to catch it. If she doesn't catch it, you'd better believe she'll whine about how she should be getting a free picture anyway. Fuck you, people all over the world should be drawing pictures for her because she is fucking wonderful. Fuck.

So of course, in her scraps, she has over 20 screenshots of people's pageviews, trying to get free art out of people because she needs it or something. Maybe she lives on art? No wait, it's because she's a retarded, needy, attention whore.

DJ-Leorina puts all of her heart into her art trades, making them fair and beautiful (guess which is hers)
DJ-Leorina: Too stupid to troll

Art trade means you give me a picture

DJ is also a huge fan of art trades. It's just like gift art, except she pretends she's going to reciprocate! What fun!! On the off chance that she does actually complete her part of the trade, it is of course of the highest quality. After all, a trade should always be fair, exchanging goods of a similar value. And anything she draws is automatically wonderful. No, really.

Anyway, you should just be thankful that DJ took the time to even talk to you, you ungrateful fucks. She is very rich and beautiful.

The melancholy tale of DJ-Leorina's 20K kiriban

For a very long time, DJ-Leorina advertised a free picture to whichever fag caught her 20,000th pageview. You'd think that, as a person who so clearly believes in kiribans (what with her using other artists' kiribans to glom herself as much free art as she can), that she would honor such a thing, at least to the extent that she does her art trades. Well... let's back up a bit and tell the whole story before we get back to the name-calling over this particular debacle.

It was a lovely day, many days ago, back when 7chan's /i/ had yet to be raped by the man, and when all was well and good with the internets. That being said, it was also the middle of 7chan's epic raid against DJ-Leorina, when an intrepid /i/nsurgent noticed that DJ's 20K was coming up. Swiftly, anonymous posted a photoshopped kiriban get, and it was agreed that many people would try to scam DJ out of her wonderful art.

Sadly . . . At least 100 people went for it.

DJ was hit with a deluge of notes pertaining to this free art, and she, being an incredible idiot, did not take the troll. In fact, she was too stupid to understand what was going on altogther. Still, she got in contact with one who she somehow decided had caught the 20,000th pageview (she decided that it was the first person who sent her a note, and did not even think about how the other people would have "screenshots" if they hadn't caught it), and he was anonymous and all was good.

It was decided that DJ would draw a picture for Anonymous. Anonymous winningly asked her for yaoi art of two of her characters. Two of her characters that were brothers. Awwwright. Oddly enough, DJ actually agreed to this, possibly because she is retarded.

A few days after this, it was noticed that DJ had suddenly removed all information on her 20K kiriban from her journals. People questioned, and it turned out that DJ did not want to do the kiriban she had promised. Now we can get back to the name-calling.

DJ-Leorina, the queen of getting other people's kiribans, backed out of doing a kiriban. Why? Because, scientifically speaking, she is a total dicksucking cuntrag whore. Double-standards much?

Anonymous was nice enough to post the note he received from this cumbucket about the matter.

Leorina nokiriban.png

Notice, on her fucking huge footer on every one of her moronicly unnecessary journals, how every one of her art trades is 0% completed, despite being "really busy", then she'll just go ahead and take on yet another art trade.



DJ-Leorina, being of clear artistic merit, has decided to open up commissions, having somehow gotten the idea that people want to pay her for her art. People want to OVERpay for her work. Because it's that damn great!

How overpriced, you may ask? Well, let us take her commission info, and add pictures for comparison!

As if that price difference wasn't fabulous enough, DJ-Leorina has some IMPORTANT rules about her commissions, including several rather spectacular ones. See that enormous, unsightly watermark in the corner of her pictures? Even if you pay $50, you are not allowed to remove it. At all. Ever. Not even get rid of the hideousness. Furthermore, she'll only send you the screen version of the images - most other artists will send you a print version of 300dpi or similar.

Also, as mentioned above, DJ-Leorina is extremely busy, so she will likely take at least 100 years to finish your commission (then she'll just go ahead and take on yet another art trade). Yay!

Now, if you're willing to pay these most excellent prices (it's a bargain!!1), and wait until you are over 9000, you'll get to deal with DJ's wonderful attitude! While it is true that nobody has been stupid enough to pay for one of DJ's shitstorms, there have been people who have (for some reason) participated in art trades with this tartlet. Beholden, the thread of art-trading! As you can clearly see, the trader was very butthurt over it and removed her half, and hey, DJ got raided by 7chan, defender of furfags, which made her remove her half. Useless without pics, amirite? Good thing the trade in question was the one mentioned way back up in the art trade section, pics included.

Okay that last bit was of dubious relevance, but still, DJ is a dick, so just imagine how awesome it would be to conduct business with her!

"y u no commission me? :("

Delusions of mediocrity, perhaps?

Despite DJ Leorina's attempts at getting people to trip all over themselves begging and bribing her with money and shiny new subscriptions, no one outside of a few loyal fans who were always broke due to being poor showed any interest in spending $30 or more for her MSPaint masterpieces.

Get a job you fucking furry!

This as a result has dashed all her hopes of ever attaining a PSP and games to go with it, because really... you can't expect her to actually go out and WORK for a living! She's too busy not fulfilling her art trades, begging people for shit, and whining when people point out how stupid she is. After all, everyone else has money, they should feel OBLIGATED to give it to her in exchange for nothing rather than pay rent, pay school tuitions, buy food, or spend it on themselves for shit they'll actually want and appreciate because they earned it.

But that means I'll have less time to beg for free stuff on the internet!

Also, after reading this ED article, she lowered the prices dramatically and started to whine about the prices and commissions once more.

The cunt!


That's right folks, and you heard it here first! Somebody (troll?) actually offered Lati money for her fantastic artwork! Does this mean Lati will stop whining about how nobody ever buys her art?? Does that mean somebody actually likes Lati's art??

Alas, like a Greek tragedy, it was not to be. And not through lack of trying on the commissioner's end! My, Lati must really badly want to get commissions if she lets them slip through her fingers like this! But, we're getting ahead of ourselves. Let us tell the sorry tale from start to end.

Luckily for everybody, we here at ED have a full log of the emails sent between Lati and her unfortunate commissioner! And you can view them here! But, to paraphrase them for lulz, essentially a rather articulate moron asks Lati for a commission, much to-and-fro-ing is done before Lati even knows what the fuck is going on, and finally Lati has enough of reading full sentences and ceases communication with

well, never mind


—DJ-Leorina, brushing off a commissioner

Really, it's amazing that the commissioner didn't give up first. Reading those logs, one is overcome with a profound understanding of just how incredibly stupid Lati is. It would be worrisome if it wasn't quite so hilarious. The logs are full of instances in which the commissioner sets down a very plain question, with all relevant information, and Lati replies with the most off-the-wall, confusing and unrelated things.

Gee, it sure is a good thing Lati is still so desperate to get those commissions!

Now this couldn't be talking about DJ-Leorina, could it?

Now, short of this mysterious commissioner being a sekrit ED spie, you might wonder how we came across this information. It was a great feat of Internet-Detectivery, let me tell you. Or perhaps it was more stalking, but what the hell. It turns out that the commissioner was even stupider than first thought, because she had friends with more talent than Lati who would likely've drawn her that picture for free. And since Lati dropped the ball, one of them did indeed draw it for free. And with a most interesting description...

Rhapsody forwarded me some of the emails sent between her and this artist, and it was pretty crazy. Rhap asked this girl what she meant by something, and she replied with complete gibberish. Rhap told her she had no idea what she meant, and so the artist replied "never mind" (that was the entirety of her email!) and won't reply to any of Rhap's emails!



Well, any kind of stalker would know that there was somebody named Rhapsody on DJ's commission list. Coincidence? Could've been. But when a comment was left on her journal asking about the commission, Lati hid the comment. Not enough? That was just the start. Then Lati blocked the commentor. Seems fine. But it goes further. To hide the shame completely, Lati even completely deleted the journal. Naturally, it was easy enough to dig the email logs out of the commissioner through her friend on SheezyArt. Because that's what a good stalker would do.

Lati is still looking for commissions badly though, so feel free to commission her! She's such a good person.

DJ-Leorina takes a commission


Once, a long time ago, DJ-Leorina got it into her head that commissions = free art. Where exactly she got this idea from, no-one knows, because this was at the same time that she was trying to sell commissions.

Yep, that's right. DJ's an even bigger shameless cunt than we'd previously thought!

Now, about this time, there was a well-known furry artist on DeviantART being pimped out in every other Sonicfag's journal, because she was selling commissions to allegedly help pay for healthcare. Her name was Carrie-Phox, and she may or may not be crazy, but that's another matter altogether. In any case, Lati contacted Carrie and asked for a 10bux piece. They went back and forth for a while, and Carrie produced a sketch for Lati, and asked for the monies. DJ swiftly pulled the retard card.

i didn't knew i had to pay for these


—DJ-Leorina, acting the retard.... or maybe not acting at all

Carrie was understandingly enraged about this. DJ moved fast, telling Carrie that she'd definitely put the cheque in the mail and the money was definitely coming.

It wasn't.

Carrie posted comments on DJ's frontpage, as well as any journal she posted, asking when she was going to get her money. DJ dutifully ignored her, and quickly came up with a cover story.

I might learned a lesson: I should never use my mom's check book when paying people for commissions anymore. Which means... NO MORE GOOD ART FOR ME!


—DJ-Leorina, trying to turn herself into the victim

Further in the journal in which she posted this attention-grab, DJ also mentions how nobody ever asks her for art trades. Maybe there is a reason for that. And commissions? Well, maybe there is a reason for that, too. Excellent work, Lati! Saying your mother stopped you from buying commissions, and once again playing the victim!

Pretty fucking depressingly retarded, right? Well how'd you like to see it, FIRST HAND?!!1 Well, thanks to the power of butthurt ex-commissionees, you can view the very notes sent between Carrie-Phox and DJ-Leorina!



DJ-Leorina takes a kiriban

It started when DJ-Leorina hounded two popular artists yumedust and arnistotle for this kiriban thing they have at DA (nobody knows why this kiriban thing means so much for some people). Yumedust caught her cheating to get her kiriban, and DJ wrote one of those IM LEAVING DA 4EVERZ FOR REALZ THIS TIME journal, about how people never let her have nice things.

Apparently inspired by the cheating anonymous had attempted to get her kiriban, DJ edited screenshots for both of these artists to pretend like she'd caught their kiribans and was worthy of free art. However, DJ forgot one important factor - that she is a gigantic idiot. GG.

Yumedust gloated that she'd caught DJ by craftily altering her journal before her kiriban, and as it was obvious that DJ was in the wrong, she pretended it never happened.

Arnistotle however, didn't have any such conclusive proof, just a very strong inkling. As such, DJ was quick to leap to his journal, screaming and crying that she'd NEVAR EVAR cheat on a kiriban and... well, it's something you have to see for yourself.


I was hoping for a pic of Lati!!!!



—DJ-Leorina, on some serious business [2]

When asked if she was the person who just tried to cheat Yumedust out of his 500K kiriban, DJ reluctantly said yes, and wondered why everybody was suddenly so loathe to believe her this time.

The tale of Stardroidjean's 150k kiriban

DJ-Leorina tried once again to get some free arts from another, far more talented (but still fucking retarded) DeviantARTlet, because hey, DJ deserves free arts. What she'd forgotten was that the artist she approached for asslicking was an artist she had pissed off earlier. DJ was shot down in flames, much to the lulz of all.

Didn't I make it clear? And no, I don't want to draw for you. I've already made that clear too.


—Stardroidjean, telling it like it is

DJ, never one to take a hint, retreated to her hugbox, where she posted several journals about how OMG MEAN STD had been to her. One, on DA, was removed several days after it was posted, possibly because DJ realised how fucktarded it made her look. Actually, disregard that, DJ probably only removed it because not even her stupidest of fans posted comments that supported her faggotry. Luckily, entrepid dramaticians snagged screenshots of the fail before baleetion.

Bonus though, DJ somehow thought it was a good idea to cross-post her idiocy to LiveJournal, and seeing as she has no LJ friends and thus, nobody ever comments on her whinings, she hasn't deleted it yet. This LJ journal (now baleeted, but screenshotted below) is a fair bit more lolful than her DevianTART journal, as she calls STD a "bully" for not giving her free art. Really, it's surprising she didn't go all out and compare her to Hitler.

I'm Leaving FOREVER! Just like Werechu!

Unable to handle the reality that she's not going to get everything she wants by leeching off of the generosity of others, DJ Leorina has left DA forever and we will never hear from her . . .again? . . . For a long time? . . .For a week? . . . day?

Nah, make that two hours - tops.

Leaving DA forever brb

News flash! As predicted, DJ-Leorina's leaving forever did not last a day. Heck, it didn't even last half a day.

Back guys! Didja miss me??

She did whine for ages about her ED article, saying they were lies and INTERNET HARRASSMENT, OH-EM-EFF-GEE. The thing is, the bitch didn't receive half as many ED-bashing comments as she would have liked. Stopinternetharrasment.png

Darkstalkerlati outsmarts us all BY HIDING HER ART!

The image in question
Aaaand the hateful comments

In a shocking turn of events, Darkstalkerfaggy has finally noticed that people do not actually like her artwork! Shock! Horror! So she did the unthinkable. SHE ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING SHE'D THREATENED TO DO. We lol'd at her when she said she'd do it, but who's lol'ing now?!

Us. We're lol'ing hard.

You see, in order to get us back for providing proof that some of Lati's images are copies, she threatened to put her artwork into storage, which on DA makes it so that nobody can see it. Well, she might've done it for a different reason than that (though it all boils back to butthurt in the end), but she's finally come good.

In her own words:

recently, people had criticized my Donovan & Anita fan art for "not being cute at all"
I have to put it in storage just in case anymore people give out anymore negative comments on it



—Darkstalkerfatty, feeding the hate machine

Perhaps more hilariously, nobody cares. Poor ol' Lati - back on her old DJ-Leorina account she'd have at least two asspats to cheer her up, what with her favwhoring stats of watching 1,673 people and having 32,640 favourites. Yep. Her current account has nowhere near those levels of asslicking, so it's only expected that nobody circle jerks with her.

The hateful comments in question? Perhaps three hilarious but short comments, and none too offensive. Her artwork was titled "Cute, no?", and most comments directly (and truthfully!) replied to that question.

Omg wtf u guise weres my pix

One time, some of darkstalkerlesbi's arts, like, went away! The reasons behind this shocking development were very, very, unclear and totally not obvious. Also extremely clear is her sterling grammar and spelling.


did any of you notice that some of my art were missing from my gallery? DA didn't sent a note to me about them being removed even though they're not stolen art. And they're not even in my storage or scraps gallery the same thing happened to someone else when the Lati commission that I paid him was gone

that's very unusual because I never stolen anything



Hmm. This is indeed a very strange problem. You'd think DA would totally sent her a note about it, even though they're not stolen art. Because, some argue, she never stolen anything, ever. Those pix were going to be sold for probably $300 each, at least. Anyway, pretty coincidental that the same thing happened to that payment she owed that other guy, huh? But don't worry, it all worked out in the end:

wait, my art is back. Maybe this issue happened only when I'm on my mom's computer.



I'm not sure when this issue happened either, leti.


An hero for great justice

So apparently her brother offed himself [3]. He must have been very close because it seems her first reaction was to tell everyone in the deviant art community. That's completely normal right? The message of tragedy is dampened by the fact that it takes about 3 lines and is followed by a GIGANTIC FUCKING FOOTER.

Further proving she is a giant cuntrag, she has now given the sad details of her brother's funeral. and included an interesting link to a video game clip on YouTube. LOL WUT

Then we went to the crematory to cremate him and got his ashes, but we didn't scattered them. Instead, my mom wanted to keep his ashes in a special urn and some special necklaces to keep the ashes in so that we can "keep him close to us"

enough with the sad stuff!

I've found this cute Brawl clip on Youtube [link]


—DJ-Leorina, showing how much she loves her brother with video game clips...

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