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D.Gray-Man is a fairly decent Animu in the Dragon Ball Z/Bleach, style genre of fighting just for fighting's sake because it doesn't fall into the trappings of this variety in that it does try to avoid representing strength as a number that can be gotten to through extensive training in Special rooms that make a day into a year or treats a fight like a Pokemon battle with powered up forms, new techniques and evolutions being the sole theme behind the characters being able to win a fight. D.Gray-Man tries to focus on having well rounded characters with realistic expectations, pasts and goals that will have you seeing the humanity in the villians as well as the darkness and evil that exists in the heroes.

The core plot is that both sides are playing out the Uncreation Event of the flood that happened early in the Bible with Noah and his building of the ark when G-D got pissed for some reason or another. One side, The Noah Clan, represents G-D's judgment that man is too wicked and because of all the rampent mating with Angels and producing half-breed Angel/Human Nephilim babies, gambling and an overabundance of tentacle porn man should be destroyed. The other side, The Dark Order, represents G-D's compassion that man should be saved and allowed to begin again at a stone age level so he can reinvent the Internets, along with German Scheizer porn and end up exactly where he was when G-D got pissed off and threw a flood at them.


The first 15 or so episodes serve to to introduce the main characters and explain the plot mechanics in a villian of the week exposition style. Alan Walker is the Pretty boy hero/main character. Lenalee is the hot chick, only girl in the bunch that everyone wants to Fuck. Yu Kanda is the asshole and rival of Alan. Komui Lee is Lenalee's brother and obligatory story pervert that has sister issues that border on wincest.

In the first episode you are introduced to Alan Walker and it is explained that he is an exorcist for the Black Order, which is analogues to the Catholic Church. These exorcists use devine weapons called innocence to destroy demons, Akuma, which are later revealed to be an artifical, mechanical creation designed to mock G-D in HIS creation of man by stealing the soul from someone who recently died, by having someone close to them call them back, and using it to bring life to the akuma.

In later episodes, when Alan is ordered to track down his old mentor, Cross, you are started to be introduced to the Clan Of Noah who are the transmigrated souls of the followers/family of Noah who were trapped with him on the Arc, during the flood, and hold a grudge against G-D for destroying Earth 1.0 and letting them survive. In few words, they serve as an Uber Mensche, perfect humans because when a Noah soul transmigrates to a human, that body becomes whichever Noah took it over and they acquire powers that are more advanced than any human can ever achieve in regards to strength, intelligence and psychic powers.

The plot as a whole borrows heavily from the Jewish myth of the ✡Lamed Vov✡ or the 36 which states that as long as their are 36 rightous men on the Earth G-D will not destroy it again. It also borrows heavily from the Chinese story the Water Margin, Game nerds will know it as Suikoden, and the 108 Stars Of Destiny in that there are 108 innocence pieces but there is a special 109th piece that is the ultima te collectors item and master piece because as long as the 109th piece exists all innocence can be recreated but by destroying it, all 108 innocence are destroyed. By plot necessity, you already know why both sides are looking for it.

The first story Ark of the Anime ends when the Black Order successfully steals Noah's Arc and Alan discovers that he is the transmigration of the 14th Noah, Nea Campbell who is referred to as the Traitor and has some secret plan that only Alan's former mentor, Cross knows about.

D.Gray-Man Hallow

D. Gray-Man Hallow is a 13 episode story arc following the original 100 and some episodes from the original series and it's purpose is to open up and to explain the issues going on inside the Dark Order such as using young boys as bed warmers and to produce their Shota trading card series that remains popular among Young girls and Japanese perverts.

It, for the most part, is the introduce aspects such as the many human experiments that the Dark Order has conducted over the years out of fear that they could be so easily overwhelmed by the Noah Clan, at any time, because the Noah can make unlimited numbers of Akuma who could just walk into all the Dark Order branches simply wearing Suicide belts, where at max, the Dark Order can only ever have 108 exorcists. Some of these experiments included making artificial exorcists that are capable of taking the innocence for itself and using it. Believing that Alan may have the Ultra Rare, Super Collectable 109th piece, he is attacked by one of these "Sinisters" whose goal is to take it from him.

It is also revealed that Kanda is a product of these experiments as well. 30 years before the beginning of the story he was killed in battle and his body was taken to a Dark Order branch in Asia that had been experimenting in cloning and gene manipulation that started as in the hopes of an income source as tgey tried to create Cat Girls to sell in pet stores. Kanda's brain was harvested and placed in a new body, and thanks to protesting from the European branch in Rome, he was given a human body. This story arc is mostly done to explain Kanda's constantly Sour Mood as he was always being injured and nearly killed by his innocence as the order tried to get his new body to re-sync with it. It is heavily implied that accommodaters, people able to use innocence, have no special ability other than a desire to do so. For instance, you can be born with every ability in the world to wield it but if you don't want to, it will never happen.

The Arc ends with Alan breaking company with Lenalee and the Dark Order so that he can come to terms with who he is, a Noah or an Exorcist or both and becoming an enemy of the Dark Order and refuses to go back because of issues he has with the frosting a priest put on his communion waffer. It is hinted at that the Noah Clan is responsable for the start of World War I. To shut fans up about the Lenalee/Alan and Kanda/Alan Shippers, it is said outright that Road is the one who Alan should and will be fucking.

The Dark Order

Name Description picture
Allenn Walker The white haired Twink that all the girls love to schlick to and Ship with all sort of characters that make no sense. Was a throw away kid, tossed out in the cold to die because he was born with a parasitic innocence attached to his left arm, giving it a blood red colour. He was adopted by Mana Walker, who was mourning his dead dog, when Allen approached Mana and said that he'd be his dog and lick Peanut butter off his balls. When Mana was conveniently run over by a horse drawn carriage, Allen was cursed by Mana with an eye that is always looking for and can sense Akuma and see the perverted forms of their souls when he tried to turn Mana into an Akuma to bring him back after having a day long session of humping Mana's broken corpse. After seeing him use his arm, and later in story you find out it was Mana's plan to dump Allen on Cross Marian, all along, because priests are so much better at abusing young boys because of in house training programs. Because Cross made Allen earn his keep, by his keep we mean Cross', Allen found out it was easier to make large sums of money dishonestly by cheating at card games, like poker, than holding down an honest job. Like a Pervert drawn to child porn, Allen loves cheating at card games and gets a rush from it. Allen's original innocence was named Cross for the cross shaped jewel on his right hand or because Cross Marian made him use his arm, making gay porn with homsexual deviants that wanted the thrill of being streched out from the inside. In it's simplest form his right hand becomes claw shaped and he can manipulate its size along with his left arm, making him very popular with the girls and him a living legend when it comes to executing the shocker. At high levels, his innocence acts as a gun and can shoot projectiles. After his innocence breaks and he repairs it, Allen's innocence becones known as Crown Clown because if you thought his innocence made him looked like a freak before, now he looks like a Juggalo and can pull his left arm off and turn it into a sword when he isn't charging Eminem to use is for Masturbatory purposes so Eminem can pretend that someone would really want to touch his shriveled up dick.
Lenalee Lee You know an Anime or a manga has over-obsessed fans on its hand when the writer has to insert some panels into a comic to answer the big question of what Lenalee wears under her skirts: panties, thongs or does she just go bare-assed commando. According to the creator, she wears gym shorts because she does a lot of jumping because of her innocence and she doesn't want to end up on any upskirt websites. Lenalee is the girl in every Animu that everyone wants to fuck, beyond that, she real has no real purpose except as being the only person that can shut Kanda up and get him to behave when his Asshole meter is pushing far into the red because she is tge only one who has a past with him as the grew up in the Order together and first met when they were 11 and the Pope thought that the two of them would look good going at it in a porn. Her main purpose, after sexpot is to serve as a comedic break when her brother decides to chase her around the Order looking to impregnate her because she came home safe from a mission. Lenalee's innocence is the Darkboots which were forcibly bonded to her. They give her the boring power of getting to be Chun Lee from Street Fighter 2 and kill people by landing on their heads after jumping really high


Yu Kanda Yu Kanda is your scarily competent, zero personality, total badass that always seems to be on the rag that the Emo kids flock to because they think he defines the very essence of the pain that's buried deep in their souls. Kanda has an instant dislike for Allen Walker, equal to what anyone has when they have to go to a mall and suffer through the Hot Topic kids talking about Vampires, because he sees him as cursed being because Allen has a Parasitic Innocence attached to his left arm and because of the curse Mana Walker attached to his eye. Becomes very suspicious of Allen when he discovers that Allen is a transmigration of the 14th Noah. Kanda is also a favorite of Internet Tough Guys because Kanda is characterised as the Hardcore soldier type that believes that people should be able to always pull their weight and when they can't fight anymore, they should just be left behind because they are useless. Kanda's innocence Mugen makes him a favorite of Japper fags because it looks like a Shirasaya and they get to jerk it to sword porn and the ever popular Magical Sword Porn when Kanda begins using higher levels of his innocence that summons monsters from his sword. For being a Pretty Boy, kanda is rarely Shipped with girls and serves as homosexual fodder for fans who like shipping him with Allen.
Komui Lee He is played off as an all around idiot that's lazy, a slob and having a weird fetish for his sister Lenalee but despite all his negative personality traits he is the obscenely competant Head of the European branch of the Dark Order and most of his eccentricities come from the fact that he suffers guilt from having to order the exorcists to go into dangerous situations and so he tries to slow down or avoid giving the order by playing the role of the absent minded scientist.
Miranda Lotto The winner of biggest loser character poll in the Dark Order but the champion when it comes to who possesses one of the best all around support powers. Her Innocence, Time Record can roll back the clock on injured people and return them and keep them at full health so long as her power is active. She also had the pleasure of being one of the first exorcists to meet Road Kamelot when Road nailed Miranda's hands to her clock's face. The writer of the series, Katsura Hoshino has admitted that Miranda is her Mary Sue character.

Arystar Krory III He's a vampire that's named after Aleister Crowley who is best known for his contributions to Scientology. Only in the story to keep the Hot Topic kids happy and to sell Clamatto juice in Japan.

The Clan Of Noah

Name Description picture
The Millenium Earl The always jovial leader of the Noah Clan and the first Disciple of The Noah that looks a lot like the Mayor Of Halloween Town from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Some have said that the Millenium Earl tricks people into calling back their loved ones from The Big Banhammer to serve as his Akuma but as he gets his rocks off in the whole bargening process of arguing G-D's lack of compassion in letting people die so that the survivors can suffer, The Millenium Earl probably prefers it when a rational choice is made. Despite what fan's might think, it is never stated in story if the Earl's desire to "Bring about the uncreation and cast G-D out," is motivated by evil or if it being done as a sort of psychological growth, much like "Piaget's Stages of Cognitive Growth" in the human's as a species where we no longer need a parental figure watching us from a cloud in the sky or he's just an Emo asshole that can't get over spending 40 days on a ship with all the rapent Incest that created Earth population 2.0 and either wants to recreate the world in his own image or destroy it completely. The Millenium Earl serves as the primary antagonist of the story and is the creator of all Akumas, even having mechanized the process and mentioning that it was so done to serve as a dark metaphor for man and the industrial revolution.
Road Kamelot The Loli, Fantard, Rule 34 favorite from the Animu that has been drawn fucking everyone in the series including her Uncle Tyki Mikk, Mana's dog Allen and the overly annoying, sentient umbrella Lero that has to repeat his name at the end of every sentence like Snarf from "The Thundercats". Road, in so few words, is that rich Goth girl you knew in highschool but instead of whining about how bad her life is she is actually happy and enjoys the position she has over people. Out of all the Noah, Road has the most useful power in that she can materialize doors that allow her, and others, to travel instantly to locations. As Road represents the Dreams of the Noah, she is a powerful telepath and can draw people into a dreamlike world of her making where she chooses to do battle. Like most Women, she is a psychotic fuck whose affections can border, or rather can be best described best as her being a possesive Stalker type that will hide out in someone's rose bushes just so they can see them off to work every morning then, afterwards, break into their house to cut up their dog so they can then come over 2 days later with a puppy thinking that will win them the love of their object of affection, Like most insane stalker types, she will attack anyone who she believes might be trying to harm those she has feelings for. She has a rather obvious crush on Allen Walker, shown when she takes a button from his coat to keep as an artifact from her meeting with Allen. Road always puts her family first and has actually attempted to harm Allen when he hurt Tyki in a fight. When she isn't being an all around evil, pstchotic bitch, Road is probably the most personable and likable of the Noah.
File:Tumblr m1s1nq3SB71qbat2f.jpg
Roads? Where we're going we don't need no Roads.
Lulu Bell Not used anywhere near as other Noah such as Road or The Millenium Earl, her in show purpose is to be the obligatiry sexpot so that Road can be played as being more childish, more like an average teen-aged girl instead of being like every other 13-year-old girl in Anime and will have fucked the first third of the boys at her school before winter break. As Lulu Bell represents the Lust of the Noahs, she is characterized as a perfect woman should be: thin, good looking and quiet. Since she can turn herself into a cat, Lulu Bell is shown as having the same personality traits in that she is calculating, waits for the right minute to attack or pounce and is fond of playing with her prey.
Tyki Mikk The last Noah of any interest only because he has a strong relationship with Road. He represents the Pleasures of the Noah so when he gets Rule 34ed with Road it must make the two of them a Wet dream. Unlike other Noah who when they transmigrated, let their Noah selves overwrite their human selves, Tyki chooses to live as two halves and unlike other Noah, he doesn't see himself above humans and actually enjoys his human life where he has close friends. Shown to be a lot like Allen in that he likes to gamble and may be why Road likes Allen so much.

Other Characters Of Interest

Name Description picture
Cross Marian A drunk, womanizing "Bon Vivant" that hasn't exactly broken ties with the Dark Order but tries to keep them as loose as possible. Was Allen's mentor before dumping him with all his debt and sending him off to the Dark Order. A man among men. If you piss this guy off he would rather kill you than look at you. Obviously an Americunt because his innocence is a gun and he's known for his love of drinking, fighting and fucking.
Mimi Lulu Bell's Flat Chested Akuma servant, yes - they remind the viewer through obvious jokes and comments just how flat chested she is. According to the show, were talking the flast chest of a boy but with girl nipples. Blindly loyal to Lulu Bell and when Mimi isn't being used as a tit joke she is being played off for the Irony of being Lulu Bell's servant because before Mimi became an Akuma she was a princess.
Lero Lero is a specialized Golem, like Allen's Timcampy, that belongs to the Millennium Earl and gets stolen a lot by Road just for Shits and Giggles when she has nothing better to do and wants to play. Lero can be used to summon Akuma and as transportation. Road mostly uses Lero like a floating skateboard while the Millenium Earl uses Lero to float off like Mary Poppins.
Sachiko A Japanese Akuma that Cross Marian was able to turn to his side through sorcery. Her conversion to Cross is incomplete as the Millenium Earl can make Akuma suffer if they choose to not obey him and the closer the Akuma gets to The Earl, the more pain they feel. A Tranny Akuma in that it has a female form when human and a male Akuma form. Nicknamed Chomesuke by Lavi.

Fou A literal Soulless Ginger that was created from technology and magic to serve as the Guardian Spirit of the Asian Branch of the Dark Order by the Ching Chong Chang family and can be summoned by Bak Chang to give out massages and Happy Endings to well deserving exorcists or to escort out others that have over stayed their welcome.

Leo A one shot character from a filler episode that becomes an Akuma because his doofus friend Jean has a father who is a Scientist for the Dark Order and, wanting to look cool, decided it would be a good idea to share his Father's info and data on Akumas with Leo. Leo uses this information that Jean taught him hoping to bring back his dead mother by calling the Millennium Earl. Leo is tragically made an Akuma in the process.

The Fantards

File:Lero 1.jpg
Lero Lero

D.Gray-Man is popular among Shippers in that it has a billion and a half characters that Fantards like to put together for no other reason than Just Because. Believe it or not, these are the least annoying of the fan-fags that come with this Anime.

Like so many anime like Neon Genesis Evangelion or games like Xenogears that have an apparent and overly obvious religious theme, the enemy are the Bible bashing assholes that think that there is some unwritten law that says that religion can not be used for creative purposes despite people doing just that for the past Ten-thousand or so years.

If you feel the need to shut them up, remind them that the Flood Myth represented in Gilgamesh pre-dates the Old Testament and Noah by almost 1,500 years.

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