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This faggot waits for the child to make the first move in a sexual situation.
You can help by contacting Federal Authorities and alerting Chris Hansen.

D-Malice (aka Jacob Ray Axe, SWFTWLF, Shard-Life, and of course former Portal Czar and EDitor ShardDax) was yet another EDF1 meme/lulzcow, and everyone's gimp. With D-Malice, we have an ugly fat ass in denial with his urges to make everything pink and belief in ghost stories. He's an unemployed Graphic Artist, failed college twice (and bound to fail this third time. Update: copped out and ended up getting an Associates Degree from a Community College), has a very shitty life and makes terrible music, yet he still believes he's hot shit. He takes Internet insults VERY SERIOUSLY and has a habit of being the source of hate thread after hate thread on EDF. Fun fact, he has never passed up an opportunity to get ANGRY and HURT about what people say about him on the Internet.

He spent several years being the forum's punching bag until Sherrod DeHippo nuked old ED and he briefly migrated to Ohi with the other faggots, before that too was shut down, and he never returned.

Recently he was sent to jail for trying to diddle a 13 year old boy

About D-Malice

Seen hanging out with a weeaboo g-milf

Crimes of Faggotry

So true
D-Malice - Self-important ex-Cyber Goth


—his entry into the ED Forums article

I don't think you have the ability to fuck even females, tough-guy. I'll give you my full address and even help buy you a plane ticket, if you so enjoy eating a meal consisting of a .45 bullet and my Size 13 American boot in your testicles.


—D-Malice, To ChrisPerron and all challengers, definitely not compensating for something.

  • B& for 3 days a week a month for edit warring faggotry
A month, for deleting spam on a page and removing something from my talk page? What the hell? I have projects, articles in wait, A PORTAL...



Typical Reaction to one of his music videos

Anitude: WTF is he singing?
Merf: He's rocking like an austitic 
Cunt: I think he's singing "Don't cry for me Argentina"
Marekatt: Cry for D-Malice instead
Cunt: hahahahaha autism

List of Posts

On Himself

I haven't done any bi-shit since I was, like, 15, and even then I only kissed a guy. Believe it, I would have to be convinced of the world ending before I ever really did that again, much less fuck a guy.



—D-Malice on his sexuality.(Oh the irony.)

it was more from spending the last 4-6 years holding full-time jobs and going to full-time school, somewhere in between there doing side-work and playing music. Doesn't leave much time for sleep much less working out sometimes when you have a life IRL.


—He actually flunked out of college and is on unemployment -- read next.

flunked college, working on getting a job as to pay for my GFX/Web Design site, etc., etc.



How did it work for you? It must take ages to make shit music, jobless, flunk school (TWICE) & fail at life

I'm overweight by maybe 20lbs (I weigh 214 since last week) for my height (6'0") and build.



—D-Malice, on his height and weight

I'm done with this fight, now back to the fight of getting Lulzy to do something worthwhile for ED besides ruin articles.



—D-Malice actually right about Lulzy - Until he made a D-Malice article

This morning...? I jogged about 1/2 a mile, stopped and did push-ups and crunches, and jogged back.



Why So Jellyous?

On the Ladies

But anyway, yeah, I had tried to kinda drop most of those feelings about her a long time ago. Besides it being her wishes, I didn't want to fall in love with another girl online (long-distance in general), especially right now as I get closer to getting out of high school, and into the non-sheltered real world.



Ancient History

Then, to make a long story short, we talked more often, my idiot friend started to half-stalk her online, some things happened between my conviction and my true feelings, and here I am again, still in love with her, maybe even more-so now. I don't know how to handle that part, but right now, things are going fine. I'm actually really happy with the way things are going between me and her, just maybe a little sad I don't see her as much online (I think my "friend" had something to do with that...)


—So it's not only D-Malice that surrounds himself in layers and players of gay

Couple days ago, I decided to talk to an ex I'd stopped talking to months ago. Yes, the same one I told to slash her wrists.



Oh hell...

Anyway, I'm debating making this into one of those "Culture" things, but we basically had it out tonight, again. Highlights include calling her an immature 13-year-old in an 18-year-old's body, her saying I was never good enough for her (she's now dating some 16-year-old that's totally "better" than me lol), and a lot of references to the fact she's a gold-digger.



—Deciding to talk to an ex because he's such a great guy.

Two ex-girlfriends basically became Scenewhores or "Emo" "kids" (termed loosely 'cause we're in our 20's)



—D-Malice. being a hippocrite about his old ways


After realizing everyone's laughing at him, he came up with this genius "open letter".

[[HA!][Dearest EDF]]

But srsly, thanks for the h8. No really, I've said it before a few places, it's obv. the best way to get rid of something is to keep calling it out or baiting it with words like "butthurt" and "fat," 'cause that's totally what some of you Internets Superheroes seem to flame me for to GTFO or something. Here's the real kicker, deliberately being a USI jackoff who's knowingly pissed you off for pages upon pages of lame wankery, eventually having to attempt to end it myself to save yourselves the trouble (which it never seems to get through your LOL IMMA FLAME THE FUCK OUTTA FATTY drives), is what makes me LOL the hardest. Notice how I've never done anything to directly piss off the people that matter on both the forums and ED? Probably because they're not retards hellbent on being right or being "perfect" to a point of ruin and anti-lulz some of your have brought about.

But that's okay, I'm sure you'll understand someday, when you're still crying in a corner because your IRL turned out shittier than your OTI one.

Much love, forever and always



D-Malice had off-handedly mentioned if gencdo did a Lulu cosplay for Halloween, he'd do a Wakka one. Deciding it was something mostly irrelevent, he'd forgotten about it:

Not rly, I kind of do look like Wakka, if I tanned.



Turns out someone did remember, and made this comparison of one fat-ass to another animated one shown on the right.

In forgetting it all, he wrote:


I don't recall comparing myself literally to weeb characters, but if I did, I was probably referring to the fact I haven't had a natural hair-color since the beginning of the millennium, or drunk. Whatever. I've never denied being fat, just not as fat, and it was never a baw thread; I told the bitch she was a child and once told her to kill herself with razorblades I sent to her house, how is that crying over a failed relationship? Gay, haha, so many seem to be hoping for it, but it never happens. Would make more sense considering my taste in music and style, but I digress.

I'm glad you've read all my posts, I'm sure they were mighty fine reads considering I usually post on graveyard hours waxing poetic about how I must have killed one of your wives or a goat, but again digressing. Point here is, if you did write an article about me, I'd fact-check it for accuracy.

<3 <3 <3


Asking for it again

I'm Kind Of A Big Deal

A wild LardDax appears!

ShardDax was very upset over EDS1's fall from grace. He believed that he personally had a hand in getting Lmte and Habermann b&. Therefore, he took it as a personal affront to his huge ego when people began posting "free lmte" images in various places. Enraged, he went on a mission to delete each and every occurrence of this posting. Unfortunately for him, ShardDax never got the memo that deletion rampages are bad, and a form of vandalism. When he was caught edit warring with two other users over THAT VERY OFFENSIVE IMAGE, he was b& for 3 whole days.

Then he thought it would be a good idea to come talk shit about his ban on IRC:
<%ShardDax> I was still gonna go deleting all I found
<%ShardDax> Userpages, articles, etc.
<Pory-tan> lol
<%ShardDax> Meh alright then, have fun supporting bad trolls and trying to get Lmte his job back.

So his 3 day ban turned into a one week ban. Then he talked some more shit.Which earned him a one month ban. Still clueless that 'talking shit = moar ban', he continued his bitchfest because banning him is the same as supporting the terrorists:
<ShardDax> A month, for deleting spam on a page and removing something from my talk page? What the hell? I have projects, articles in wait, A PORTAL...
<ShardDax> Nah, Subseven's mad I'm deleting spam, therefore I'm "edit warring" or something. He needs to just fuck Icky and stop crying.

This was strike three but onoes how will ED survive without him? Well it did and by the end of it he had talked himself into a year. Goodnight sweet prince. Even still he tweets away his angst, convinced that ED cannot get along without him and his Music Portal edits.

ShardDax: Subseven, still reading my Twitter? Count how many Music EDitors ED has now? Was it still wise you banned me for reverting a spammer?
(ShardDax learning absolutely nothing from EDS1)

Eventually his ban was lessened to a week, but not before he issued this hilarious ultimatum:
[01:54:49] <ShardDax> If sherrod doesn't work this out
[01:55:02] <ShardDax> I'm not coming back
[01:55:12] <ShardDax> And ED is completely cut from my record

D-malice goes to jail for touching little kids

File:D-Malice Pedophile.png
D-Mal, convicted pedophile

In January of 2018 Jacob was sent to jail for being a pedo to the indifference of everyone and the surprise of no one.
People cared so little about this that, despite EDiots usually loving to gather around and laugh at the failures, deaths and arrests of former and current site members, no one from ED or from the people who abandoned ED for Ohi and stayed friends with Malice, even noticed what happened and Lolgo.png the forum thread about his arrest

was responded to with a resounding "meh".

There were no news articles about this. No one talked about it online. And the first time anyone realized what happened was 3 weeks later after they saw someone posted a link to a court case listing on the talk page of this abandoned article using a throwaway account. In fact, it is so unimportant, that we don't even know what Jacob actually did, since the only two places online that talk about this accuse him of sexually chatting with a 13 year old boy online on one site, and actually trying to molest him IRL in another.

Everyone who might have cared had to be personally notified this happened, since no one paid attention to Jacob, and they still didn't care. According sources, Malice told people "farewell for now" in private on social media without going into the embarrassing details, and no one even bothered to ask. When people were told he was sent to jail for being a kiddie diddler, their reactions were less than shocked.

if you asked me what he would be thrown in jail for if he was thrown in jail for something I probably would have guessed that.


Zaiger is not surprised

He's lucky lolicon isn't a crime or I assume he'd be doing life.


—Acquittance of Jackson from old ED reacting to the news

Jackson's failure is so immense that he's not even the most noteworthy criminal to come out of ED in recent memory, losing out to William Atchison (KAK SatanicGruggie/Algore), who shot up a school just one month prior and was noted as one of the most widely ignored killing sprees to have ever occurred.

The only good thing to ever come out of Jackson was his arrests being a minor contribution to ED lore, which is the first time anyone on this site (or anywhere else for that matter) remembered he ever exists in nearly a decade (or ever).

D-Malice wishes he wasn't made of snow


Fan Art


People on EDF1 memeing on Malice 24/7

External Links

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: D-Malice chat logs.

Mods changed his avatar to this



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