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I've come to the conclusion that you're all just jelious of my art skills. That's why you keep stealing from ME. You see me stealing for you all? No because if you even had a shred of talent and "good enough" art work then yea I'd steal from you.


—Chong, thinking that we're all so "jelious" of her shitty 5th-grade art skills.

Picture of Cutechong
Cutechong, IRL
Chong's own censor
She doesn't like how ugly she is, so she has to censor her face with an even more ugly drawing of herself.

Cutechong (powerwords: Chong Lor or Tracy Lor) is a 23-year-old Baptist whale, lolcow, drama whore, and hypocritical fail-troll (with a lot of unwarranted self-importance) from deviantART and YouTube, who lives in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and talks like a child, which goes along with her childish mentality.

This fantard is obsessed with Sailor Moon, can’t spell or sing worth a fuck, doesn't seem to understand the meaning of "Do not feed the trolls," and likes to stalk certain tartlets as revenge for getting the ban hammer on deviantART. As a former tartlet herself that’s ban-evaded about fifteen times now, she seems to take enjoyment in being an attention-whore, ranting and rampaging about the tartlet she obviously has a serious hate-crush on, horribly singing to Britney Spears and other tasteless songs, drawing shitty Sailor Moon fanart and hate-art towards certain tartlets that look like they were drawn by a 10-year-old, buying Sailor Moon shit with her low income instead of spending it on necessities, selling them and ripping off buyers that try to purchase from her, stealing copyrighted material (such as anime-clips, song lyrics, and poems), and harassing haters who tried to put a stop to all of her bitch-fits. She claims to have D.I.D, or “dissociative identity disorder", which she constantly uses as a crutch for her behavior, but she certainly does show a lot of symptoms of schizophrenia and assburgers.

To some tartlets that have dealt with her antics, she’s known as “Uglythong,” “Chingchong,” “Pigchong,” "Cutecunt," and to certain people that have had a horrible experience with her: “an over-weight floosie that’s a few fries short of a happy meal.” She’s had two children and two exes; it is believed she is currently married to a guy that seems to have no fucking clue of all of the shit flying around about her, and has a 6-year-old child. It has been heard that she is also back in school now, studying to be an English teacher, which is just fucking hilarious, considering she can't spell or write worth a fuck.


What a special, precious snowflake she is.

Cutechong grew up from a rather abusive home, so it’s understandable why she acts like an immature brat instead of a 22-year-old parent, who still hasn’t finished growing up yet herself. Her ethnic background is supposedly from southern areas of China, and nearby areas of Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand, and her biological parents, who were never married, moved to the U.S. during the Vietnam war. She claims she's Hmong, but "doesn't look anything like an Asian." Despite being a 23-year-old married mother with a 6-year-old, she acts more like a 6-year-old spoiled brat that won't get her way. It won’t be surprising if her child actually behaves more maturely than she does.

Linkin Park ish so kawaii

According to her MySpace page, her mother beat her with belts, wooden spoons, and other things, and almost sold her to a man in Minnesota for $7,000, so she could pay her bills. She was kicked out of her house by the time she was 18, and ran off with her first ex because her mom threatened to kill her.

The First Ex’s Story

"Someone save me from this horrible cunt!" screamed Baby.

She seemed to get along fine with her first ex, until he had to leave for his grandmother’s funeral at one point, and Cutechong dumped him after he came back. Not too long after that, she tried to hook back up with him and they did, until she found out he was dating someone else. She grew extremely possessive of him, threatening to push the other girlfriend down the stairs, if he didn’t go back to her. He was almost forced to separate from the other and went back to Cutechong. Later on, she got knocked up with her first child. He moved down somewhere south for school, to finish his G.E. and she let him go.

The derp is strong in this relationship.

But as soon as he was gone, she lied to her friends, saying he ran off and left her, telling everyone sob-stories to get sympathy. Later on, her first child was born, but not being able to take care of her, she gave her up for adoption and never paid her ex back for the money she borrowed from him to take care of the child. When he demanded payment, she refused, saying that she “deserved [the money]". He immediately tried to break up with her after that, and she started to harass him through emails, text messages, and phone calls. He ignored her and moved back up north, but she tried to ask him to take her back and that she would leave her current boyfriend for him again. He refused, saying that he only stayed with her for their daughter, but after she gave her up for adoption, he wanted nothing to do with her. The harassment then grew to threats. She started to really act like a bitch at that point, bringing all of these personal issues to the Internet, yet he continued to ignore her.

This ex is still waiting for an honest apology from her, but knowing how she acts, there’s a low chance of that ever happening.

The Second Ex’s Story

The second ex was dating Cutechong through most of 2006 to 2008, while she was still in high school, living with the first ex. It wasn’t long when he found out that she was cheating on him with the first ex and was pregnant with the ex’s child. Despite that, the two exes are now friends.

According to this ex, when the other one moved down south for school, Cutechong lived at a homeless shelter for a month, until a friend found a maternity home for her, which was heavily Lutheran, so she became rather attached to that faith. But blinded by love, the ex promised to stay with her and raise the first ex’s child, encouraging her to keep to the faith. Once the baby was born, the first ex was bullied to signing off his parental rights on the child, and it was then put up for adoption.

Two months later, the second ex received a call from Cutechong, who cried to him that she had sex with a guy that she knew at Walmart. He asked her why, and she had told him that she was lonely. Upset by this, he skipped school and went to see her in hopes of somehow fixing their relationship. Unfortunately, it didn’t work and he broke up with her, cutting off all communication, until November of 2009.

She had emailed him and he tried to turn their dead relationship into a mutual friendship. But he soon realized that she was just trying to wriggle out an apology from him for breaking up with her. He refused to apologize, and she started harassing him, blaming him for everything that had happened to her. It wasn’t until she threatened to kill his friends and family in a shotgun execution-style, that the police got involved, and he cut off all communication from her. She tried to harass him through deviantART after that, but after ignoring her for several months, she finally left him alone.

The dArama Begins

Even though she had threatened to kill her two exes due to being butthurt for being dumped, the major drama and lulz didn’t start until sometime between late October and early November of 2010. A few tartlets called her out for having copyrighted material in her gallery, such as GIFs from Sailor Moon, stolen song-lyrics or poems, and photo-manipulated images with other people’s work, without their permission. When asked politely to remove the stolen work, she retaliated by berating them and then blocking them. More tartlets from various anti-theft groups flocked to her page, trying to get her to remove the stolen material. After growing tired of all the “trolls” nagging the fuck out of her about the stolen crap, she suddenly jumped off the deep end by posting a journal, pretending that she was her alter-ego, “NoName", which is part of her “D.I.D” disorder (which is supposedly bullshit, according to her exes), and acted like Jigsaw, cackling maniacally about “playing a game” with all the trolls on her page. Thus, she turned into a gigantic lolcow and fail-troll.

Gallery of Fail About missing Pics

Journal-Whoring (Under Construction)

Before receiving the ban-hammer on deviantART, Cutechong enjoyed attention-whoring herself through her journals, as well as her LiveJournal entries, ranting about her haters or her exes, bragging about her newest Sailor Moon shit, or pulling stories out of her ass and lying like a rug.

Journals of Fail About missing Pics

While playing the "Jigsaw" game, she then went out and spammed and/or harassed the fuck out of everyone that she had currently blocked, especially the two tartlets that had first contacted her about the stolen material. She even went as far as to spam someone with racial comments, such as “USA marine killer,” just because the tartlet was from Pakistan. Toward one of the tartlets that she seems to hate the most, she spammed “An embarrassment to art theft hunters” several times, along with other lulzy bitch-fits. She ranted about being stalked by a few tartlets, despite that her page was open to the public, and even claimed that she had “made a deal with the admins,” about if they banned her, they would ban other tartlets. This bullshit was met with more laughs, since the admins had told people that they didn’t make deals with whom gets banned.

The first few reports on her didn’t get through to the admins, who brushed it off as “not serious enough” for an admin to step in. Two days after their response on the reports, her rants and harassment-rampage grew worse and expanded to several other tartlets, even dragging innocent bystanders into the brawl by mouthing off at them on someone’s page. The drama-llama grew so out of control by early December and the lazy-ass admins weren’t doing shit about it, several tartlets sent a note to Spyed, deviantART’s CEO. A few days after the notes were sent out, Cutechong was finally banned on December 8th, 2010 for cyber-harassment, bringing an end to the brawl on deviantART.


The Drama on YouTube

The drama didn’t stop there after her banning in December. Extremely butthurt with being banned from deviantART, she continued to rant and harass tartlets on YouTube, spamming their channels and threatening to call the police on one particular anti-theft group on deviantART, for “attacking her friends.” Some of them tried to make it up to her by leaving friendly comments on her channel, but she never approved their comments and blocked them, before spamming them with more hate-filled comments. Some of her lulzy quotes from YouTube were “I don’t hate! I get revenge!” which is a contradiction in itself, seeing as revenge is fueled by hatred, and “INSULTING IS ILLEGLE!” which made her look like a huge hypocrite, since she insulted practically anyone she hates. She then started to ban-evade multiple times on deviantART, trying to seek revenge on certain tartlets for banning her, only to be banned over and over again, until they had to IP-ban her twice.

At one point, she went as far as to publicly plot out to kill a certain tartlet on YouTube, threatening to buy a gun and switchblade to hunt them down sometime in late summer of 2011, once they got their IP-address, and video-tape their death for their friends and family to view. At the time, the tartlet she was threatening wasn’t even doing anything to her, so this was a threat that came out of nowhere for no reason. But since they knew she had some serious mental issues, they couldn’t take any chances of her being serious about killing them, even if she was bluffing, so the FBI and police got involved again. From then on, they were told to keep an eye on her channel for any more threats or harassment.

But even with the police and the FBI watching her fat ass and being fired from Walmart for cyber-harassment and the death threats, Cutechong still doesn’t seem to get the hint to stop harassing people. She once made fun of someone for having a skin disease, which, unbeknown to her, made her look like a giant hypocrite:

At least I don't have some sick skin desease creeping people out. At least I can HIDE the fact that I have D.I.D. That fuck ass who has that sick skin desease should just shove his face in dirt/sand cuz no one wants to see his peeling skin, nor his peeling face.


And she calls everyone else bullies...?

Two particular targets of her harassment are tartlets, World-Hero21 and "Melodycass," both whom were one of the first to come in contact with Cutechong on deviantART in late October about the copyrighted material. Many believe that Cutechong has a very strong hate-crush on "WorldHero21," because she is constantly stalking that tartlet around the Web, from deviantART and YouTube, to LiveJournal and even Twitter. As part-time theft-hunters ("WorldHero21" being in charge of one of the biggest anti-theft groups on deviantART), they had tried to tell Cutechong several times that if she had just removed the stolen material in the first place, none of this drama would have happened, and that Cutechong should drop the whole issue and move on with her life, and try to be a responsible parent and role-model for her six-year-old kid. But Cutechong, being the attention-whoring drama-queen and narcissistic fail-troll, who always claims to be the little innocent victim in any situation she’s in, never listened. She continues to rant about them, threaten them, scream vulgar names at them, such as “slut,” “whore,” and “bitch” (variants of the tartlets' names with “whore” or “slut” at the end seem to be her favorite insults), and stalk the fuck out of the tartlets all across the Web, and has even threatened to steal their work. Cutechong had even joined up with three fully-grown men who are supposedly brothers that are still probably living with their mother, seeing as their supposed “mother” decided to white-knight for them on YouTube. These three “brothers” all have the generic symptoms of a troll, and are possibly just one person on three different accounts; they post really stupid comments, all with similar speech-patterns, and seem to get very offended if someone disagrees with them, because they all have the tendency to immediately go into CAPSLOCK-raeg on the opposition, their little vocabulary consisting of nothing but swearwords.

But because one of the tartlets befriended one person that they were ganging up on, they started calling out the tartlet with insults in a shitfest, when the tartlet wasn’t in it to begin with. The tartlet, being informed by the friend about the “brothers” calling out insults, had tried to get them to stop and to leave her alone, only to be met with more insults, while they denied they insulted her. Deciding that it was best to ignore their immature behavior, both tartlets has taken all precautions against Cutechong (and the 3 fail-trolls) by blocking her from any site that they’re on, to keep her from spamming the fuck out of them with more of her bitch-fits. In retaliation of not being able to harass the tartlets, Cutechong always seems to go into another bitch-fit about them on her page, showing off extreme amounts of butthurt.

The Drama-Whore Stirs Up Shit Again

As long as you pick on other users I'm not going to leave you alone. I told you once that if you mess with me I'll make sure you don't just walk away and being "annoying" is the least of your problems, now that I have hold of your personal information.


—What a fucking cunt. Even after she tried to apologize to her, the poor tartlet still can't shake this crazy psychopath off her back.

Almost 4 months later, after the ban on deviantART and being starved of attention for so long by her "haters," Cutechong decided to stir up shit, yet again, with World-Hero21, even though the tartlet had been ignoring her rants and fits for past few months, in hopes that Cutechong would finally move the fuck on with her life. Unfortunately, the fail-whale is starting to show that she really doesn't have a life besides bitching about her and obvious trolls on YouTube. She decided to post more provocative bulletins on her channel, using her favorite pathetic names she uses for insults at the tartlet. And yet again, her desperate pleas for attention fail.

Still feeling guilty about the whole fiasco from October 2010, WorldHero21 tried to fix things up with her in late August 2011, by posting a sincere apology video trying to compromise with her; either "start off on a clean slate or go their separate ways." Once posted, the tartlet didn't get any response from her, until a month later in early October 2011, when Cutecunt went off in a rant at her one night, trashing most of her page with half a dozen comments on it, most of them incoherent rambles and rants about the tartlet and how she had their personal information. She didn't even seem to want to compromise at all and only wanted to continue the drama, like the attention-whore she usually is, even after the tartlet hadn't done or said anything for a month since posting the apology-video.

Then in the late afternoon on October 14, Cutecunt managed to find her way onto this page, under the a false username. She then proceeded to try to edit her page here, then stupidly tried to edit WorldHero21's userpage with bullshit, which immediately blew her cover. More screencaps of this lulz are coming.

Cutecunt, acting like a total drama-whore after the tartlet tried her best to apologize and reason with her.

The Final Straw

Annoyed by the Cutecunt's immaturity toward her apology, WorldHero21 responded with a very harsh update on her LJ. It seems like the tartlet has given up on all hopes of compromising with the bitch now, since Cutecunt won't get the hint to fucking grow up and act like the mature 23-year-old married mother as she should and keeps wanting to pull the tartlet through the mud, despite her attempts to stop the psychotic drama-whore from causing more shitfests.

Hopefully, this is truly the end of the psychotic drama whore, and the poor woman can now go get herself some therapy help.

The tartlet's response to Cutecunt's immaturity.

The Whale's Bitch-Fits, Rants, and Threats (Under Construction)



Hello little bastard of hatred I'm NoName! I've come to mess you up!! BEWARE!! MUHAHAHAHA!!! LETS SEE IF YOU LIKE BEING TREATED LIKE A TROLL YOU TRASH!!




—Chong, behaving like any 22-year-old mature parent should in any petty online argument.

Threats are SERIOUS BUSINESS About missing Pics

Cutechong, the Scamming Whale

Being a fail-troll just wasn’t good enough for this lolcow either. Cutechong was almost evicted from her current place of residence because she spent most of her paychecks on Sailor Moon shit, instead of using it to buy the necessaries to keep living or paying her rent. It wasn’t long before she sent out the desperate plea for money by selling some of her collections. By then, many YouTubers recently started to report in Cutechong for fraud, flagging her videos as scam and sending out alerts to other buyers to warn them.

Chong's Scamming Video
What a great way to gather potential customers. Treat them like shit, and call them faggots and scumbags, and they'll flock to you! Why didn't other advertising companies think of this?

As a huge Sailor Moon fantard and collector, Cutechong is frequently selling many of her Sailor Moon or other collections on YouTube and eBay, since she apparently didn’t make enough money at Walmart before she was fired from there. But instead of shipping the stuff her buyers paid for in full, she would lie about losing the tracking number of the shipment, then refuse to refund them and persistently harass them. She has done this to several buyers now, giving them the exact same story about “losing the tracking number.” At one point, she posted a video on YouTube, trying to sell some more stuff. But in the video’s description (before she deleted it), she treated her future customers like shit, calling them faggots and scumbags. Such a brilliant way to advertise and attract more potential customers, no?

The Scam Victims

Let us first hear about the first of Cutechong’s victims of fraud, that have called her out on it. There are possibly several other victims, but only two have spoken up so far. Around early March 2011, a 15-year-old girl bought a DVD boxset from Cutechong, via her LiveJournal. Cutechong told her that she had received her payment and would ship out the boxset to her on Monday. The girl waited for a few days, then noticed that she wasn’t getting a confirmation about the purchase. Three days later, she noticed that Cutechong had posted another journal, listing the same items as up for sale, including the DVD boxset. Concerned, she contacted Cutechong’s YouTube. Cutechong told her that she had forgotten the tracking number of the girl’s purchase, mentioning how she doesn’t get on LiveJournal that much, lying how it was “under attack by the same harassers on here and dA.” She then told her that she had shipped out the purchase on Tuesday and the girl should receive them in the next two days. Those two days came and nothing. The girl contacted her again after two days. Cutechong told her that she still couldn’t find the tracking number and that her bank didn’t receive any receipts of payment from the girl, even though the girl’s payments were cleared. The girl responded, saying that it was cleared through Paypal and it took out the money from her bank account.

There was no response from Cutechong after that for 5 days. The girl contacted her every day for 5 days, asking about the shipment, which still hadn’t come in. Getting tired of seeing no proof of the shipment sent out and being ignored by Cutechong, she threatened to file a claim with Paypal and put her on every blacklist on LiveJournal. Cutechong finally responded after that, claiming that her bank had completely refunded someone and nagged her to not threaten her again, saying that she’s already being threatened and cyber-bullied by others on YouTube. Thus, she’s played the innocent victim again.

The girl answered back, telling her she didn’t receive any refund on her end and that Cutechong should keep better contact with her customers, and that a “Mod” was involved now (Not sure if she meant a YouTube mod or not). Then, the girl received a message from the “Mod” about what Cutechong had posted in a journal:

Due to the fact that I didn't get the money in time to get rent into my landlords or to shipt things I can't stay here anymore. I got evicted. Boo hoo right? Wrong! Hahaha I didn't get my rent money to my landlords but whatever. I am still here bitches and they agreed to take my rent out of my next paycheck.! [...] I have't sent anything to anyone I owed thus far, yea someone caught me red handed on that. Whatever! Thus the bank took all the money I was to refund people right out of my bank account with or without my permission. [...] It just means I don't have to bother shipping jack shit to anyone! [...] If, by saturday or monday, you don't get your full refund then don't come running to me. It's not longer my business! xD


—So if you're unsatisfied with your purchase, then it's no longer her business.

The 15-year-old, now irritated, demanded for her MSN, saying that she was never refunded and the “Mods” were close to banning her for fraud, and she had screencaps to prove everything, to take legal action against her. Cutechong gave her MSN, but then said the girl’s claim was closed on Paypal, and that she was “too hard to deal with as a customer” and she had refunded her, but she had “no more grounds for threats of any sort and no more reasons to complain about anything” and that she would start ignoring the girl’s messages until she had “something worth reading.”

The girl was finally completely refunded not too later after that. In her LiveJournal, she states that Cutechong is “not a trustworthy salesperson” and that she was the “worst customer service [she has] ever encountered.”

The second victim or Cutechong’s scam was a buyer by the name of “Enrique” who purchased a Sailor Moon doll from her. Cutechong never sent it and they never received a refund, so they opened up a claim on Paypal. She still didn’t refund them, so Paypal automatically refunded them. They then found a video on Cutechong, warning them to not contact her or she would start harassing you. The buyer commented about their experience with Cutechong, but soon after that, Cutechong started harassing them through an alternate account, going off on them with several bitch-fits, giving them the same drama she gave on deviantART. This victim has finally cut off communication with her and seems to have ignored her. Cutechong has also stopped throwing fits toward them, but continues to lie to her new customers about losing the tracking number of their purchases.

Memorable Quotes

Cutechong is back bitches! Can't touch me! Guarded by the police!!


—Chong, the whale, under the impression that the police are on her side, when they actually aren't.

Seriouly, I used that shit picture just to see them whine like little brats! It's hilarious to watch em react to the 32 fucking seconds of ONE stupid picture!


—Apparently, Chong can see people's reactions through her computer screen.

You may act like you’re innocent, but as long as you run that shit bully-group, you’ll never be a person!


—No one can be a person no moar.

Shit-art is like a whore spreading around her virginity. Instead of the prostitute doing the ‘stand on the street-corner shit,’ I spread her virginity around for her, via her ‘hard worked-on art.'


—The whale, possibly comparing herself to a prostitute.

Is sueing you the thing that will make you leave me alone? If so then I suggest you can add stalking ontop of verbal abuse and mental abuse to your list of offenses kid. I told you, leave me alone or I will sue you. I suggest you either change your IP address or shut your internet down because I'm calling my lawyer and you're getting sued kid. I've left you alone. The least you could do is respect that. It's not enough that i asked kindly. Then I got mad. Now you're just asking to be sent to court.


—Trying to sue someone for giving a friendly “Hi”? U MAD. U REALLY MAD.

She's a living breathing demon put on this Earth the show US CHRISTIANS how to NOT act. That way we know what demons look like. Yea wanna know what a demon looks like? Melodycass is a demon. I proved it too.


Holy shit, she has solid proof of someone being a demon!

You're no threat to me little devil child. No threat to anyone. I shot that dream down fast. You're not scary little girl filled with hate. But you keep tellin' yourself that. Keep on living in your world of hate and revenge.

Talk talk talk that's all you are wh21 All you do is bitch and moan like a pms bitch and then you go on a radom rampage hurting your next target. You're not the image of decency. You're the image of hate at it's peak. What should we expect from an outcasted peice of shit anyways?! You can't do anything but troll and bully people around and now that I'm standing up to you you're just too scared to face me. Com'on little coward! Prove me wrong you lowlife pre-teen skant! Bring it you snob faced freak! Show me you're no coward who just sends your friends to defend you and do your dirty work for you! Show me what you're made of you reject! I'm waiting your stupid tramp! You wanted in on my business so damn much well now you have it you slob! SHOW ME WHAT YOU'RE MADE OF YOU PRE-TEEN FREAK!


Some of the whale's rants on a tartlet's page, one of the many tartlets she blocked and spammed the fuck out of, like a coward.

I can't believe a "theft hunter" like you would abuse DA to this extent. You're an embarassment and now you know why DA has such a bad reputation. People like you run artists and everyone else who don't think like you out of the site. You've turned into a harasser and when you tell your groupies to leave you can continue calling yourself a hunter. Once you started spamming me and your friends took that gig for you you're no better than me. You're so immature. Worst than me. At least I'm trying to end this. You're just encouraging it. Now you're just a cowardly harasser, no better than me. It's a shame that you still call yourself a hunter when you're really just a coward hiding behind that "hunter" name and behind your computer screen. I'm sure if I ever meet you in person you'd be as much of a coward outside DA as you are here, using your friends to harass people on your behalf.

I know now that you're just using ME to get attention like abusing me wasn't enough so you moved to abusing DA's features too. I'm sure it's only because you trashed me that you're getting anything at all, and it's ashame that DA doesn't do anything against cyber bullies like you because you branded yourself as a theft hunter. Now you're abusing DA to spam and harass me? NOTHING YOU GET IS BECAUSE OF YOUR ART. If it was that way then you would have been getting pageviews without using me in the process. Once this is all over, I'm sure your act to use me to get attetion dies too. It's only because of ME that you're getting anything at all. What an embarassment you are to DA and theft hunters. As long as you trash me you're no better than me. So pathetic. And you call yourself older and more mature. Reality check. As long as you encourage bad behavior on me or anyone else you've no better than me. So this would be the 500th time I've landed on your page. So how many pageveiws are really NOT MINE. Don't you wonder? At least 500 TODAY are mine the rest are just radom people who listen to your garbage. As long as you encourage bad behavior on me or anyone else you're no better than me. So much for being mature and older.


—More of the whale's incomprehensible babbles.

Fail-Troll Through and Through

Throughout the Internet, on Facebook, LiveJournal, and YouTube (and occasionally deviantART, if she ban-evades for the umpteenth time, even when the entire dA-community knows about her), she still continues to troll and harass others by talking trash about them and lying about them. She especially loves to pull obvious, bullshit stories out of her fat-ass about the ones she hates without any solid proof of the stories actually being true, mainly about the certain tartlet she has a hate-crush on, and talks about her as if she knows the tartlet’s entire history. She also often gets her lowly minions to white-knight her and stick their nose in other people’s conversations so she can throw more salt onto their wounds, despite she still being closely monitored by the police.

If you come across this fail-whale of a troll, proceed with caution. Do not aggravate it in any way by disagreeing with it or even giving a simple constructive critique of its horrible work. If you do, it will become extremely butthurt, throw a gigantic bitch-fit about how you’re a whore, bitch, slut, fuckface, etc., stalk the fuck out of you across the Internet, threaten to kill you and your loved ones, steal your work or your money and then lie to your face about it.

It’s only a matter of time before shit really hits the fan and someone actually has the time to sue her fat-ass for harassment and fraud, or even better; puts her in a straight-jacket and sends her to a mental hospital.

External Links


Some of the shit she calls "art," which looks like it was drawn by a 10-year-old:



  • Cutelao It's been dead for a few months now.


You can view most of their faggotry, butthurt, and CAPS-raeg in the comments here: YouTube Shitfest



She did have a Photobucket account filled with hate art, but as soon as it was found by her haters, she immediately deleted it. However, a hater managed to screencap the shitty art in it before the account disappeared.


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Cutechong is part of a series on Aspies.

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