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Crystal Chappell

From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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There’s nothing like a closeted lesbian with no daytime job and access to Twitter.
Watch out, she'll booty pop you!

Crystal Chappell is a washed up former Daytime actress most famously known for playing a lesbian on the now canceled One Life to Live and newly famous for her drunken rants on her twitter account. In 2009, Crystal Chappell returned to her former stomping grounds where she played that bitch Carly on NBC's Days of Our Lives to be a whore and sleep with married men. Chappell brought her crazy fanbase right along with her, composed of obese housewives who devote more time, care and attention to being Chappell fans then to their own children.

Twittergate 1.0

In May of 2011, Chappell was fired from Days of Our Lives and took to her Twitter account to fire off support to her fanbase for making hateful remarks about her co-star Kristian Alfonso, effectively making an ass of herself, and then tried to deny it to the press. Regardless, it was a well documented event simply for the lulz.

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