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Cringe is that awful soul-sickening sensation that burns your innards and mind as you, or someone nearby, just said or did or revealed something so utterly riddled with faggotryfailure that one wishes the universe would rend apart and swallow the offending moment from space-time rather than have it linger in the mind.

Imagine you are reading a pathetically cloying wall of lovey-dovey betafaggotry text written by a fedora sporting, blue-pilled 'nice guy', desperately trying to woo a girl so hot and thoroughly disinterested that she subsequently posts the tragic tract on the internet for other people to point and laugh at. By the time you get to him signing off with 'Mi lady' you should have felt the grip upon your chest, your bottom lip clawing it's way over your teeth as you half turn from the screen and just wish it would never have been.

That feeling right there is a cringe, closely related to embarrassment, except it is secondhand embarrassment.

Cringing often occurs as a response to embarrassment, both when observed and experienced. Cringe-introducing content can be found in abundance on the intarwebz. Last Thursday, the act of cringing in and of itself became a Meme on /b/. Retards often post cringeworthy images in cringe threads, whose quality is constantly being thinned out by newfags who have problems telling cringe apart from Fail and Facepalm. Cringe-introducing media can easily be found on mainstream sites such as YouTube, which has many channels dedicated to the matter, as well as on leddit, however, most of it has obviously been ripped straight from a 4chan thread.

Things That are Cringeworthy

There are things which are inherently cringeworthy, such as a clueless 13 year old boy's RP character application, for cringing to take place, there needs to be someone making an ass of themselves in some way or another, this can be achieved in numerous ways, including:

Cringe and fail are technically the same, all cringe is also fail, but not all fail is cringe.

Typical Sources

Cringe pic1.jpg

For the aspiring 'Cringeologist', there are a multitude of sources that one can choose from. However, many of these sources are overused and outdated. Sources for cringe include:


Epitome of Weeaboo.

Brony comes out to dad as a brony and thinks clopping is normal..

Typical 13-year-old COD/Minecraft player trying to rap.

AVGN rip off.

The world's most obsessed die hard extreme TMNT fan.

Faking a seizure after losing.

Nice guy gets friend zoned on TV.

Puberty hits hard.

Poorly done parody of Gangnam Style.

Unfunny YouTuber trying too hard to be funny


Cringe Exhibit About missing Pics