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Creepy Chan

From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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One of the many 4chan images.
Probably the most famous one pre-America's Next Top Model.

Of all the memes and personalities to be spawned by the mighty weight of 4chan’s Anonymous, you would think that the site owner moot would be the most “internet heavy” of them all. You would be wrong. While moot, the owner and operator of 4chan holds sway over popular internet culture to the point of being elected one of Time Magazine’s most influential people, he cannot hold a candle to the amount of internet work, energy and time that is being spent on a young girl from Texas named Creepy Chan.


Allison Harvard (aka Creepy Chan, Tussin Chan, Cute Chan) was born in Spring, Texas in 1989. Sometime during her teen years, she began to experiment in visual art. This artwork included painting, photography, cutting and vomiting. Because of this infatuation with things that are visual and with things that deal with herself, she began to take digital photographs of herself and posted them on 4chan’s /b/ board in 2005.


4chan adds their two-cents.

This bitch is a loonie.


—First reaction most of the time.

When her first shocking photos appeared on /b/, Creepy Chan was welcomed with the usual chorus of “Tits or GTFO” and “Pee in a plastic bag”, but these requests went unfulfilled and were only answered by pictures that pushed the limits of “creepy” further and further into the dark emo realm that only teenage bulimics can find. 4chan’s interest waned after it became apparent that this young camwhore was not going to post tits, nor was she going to do any of the outlandish things demanded of her. Finally, in 2006, she was no longer the hot camwhore she once was and began to sink into obscurity.


Her first persona is that of "Creepy Chan" which was given to her by the always adroit, if obvious, /b/tards at 4chan. Because of her overt creepy factor, this was an apt title for the young lady who appeared in the posted pictures. She was also named Tussin Chan due to her drugged out and fucked up look. Later, for some odd reason, she began to show her softer side, posing in almost normal clothing and with little or no makeup. For these images, /b/tards came up with the magically descriptive and wildly imaginative title of "Cute Chan."

America’s Next Top Model

Early career in modeling?

Suddenly, in 2008 Creepy Chan exploded back on to the scene when she appeared as a contestant one of the shittiest and shamelessly affirmative action show of the modern age, America’s Next Top Model. Almost at once, she was recognized by /b/tards, who thinking of wreck and ruin, dug up and dusted off all of the old RapidShare files in hopes of somehow tainting this young girl with their malice.

Owing to the popularity of this show amongst young teenage girls, this was not to be and Creepy Chan now has a somewhat large internet following outside of the dominion of 4chan. She is blogged about, commented on, argued over, and photoshopped on more than 200 blogs and websites.

Most of the time, she is worshiped as a young and beautiful model contestant, but often some of these sites can turn to darker conversations involving Creepy Chan’s psychological makeup, body, and artwork.


Creepy Chan has been eliminated from the America's Next Top Model competition despite Tyra licking her asshole for the majority of the season, her final place in the standings was 2nd overall. Nigger? This was most definitely an act of favoritism by Tyra.

Wired Article

The Wired article cites Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Soon after Creepy Chan's America's Next Top Model departure, Wired, an online magazine about things with wires in them, cited both Encyclopedia Dramatica and this article as sources for an article concerning the Creepy Chan phenomenon. Despite the fact that Creepy Chan has nothing really at all to do with tech stuff, they ran the article anyways, causing ubergeeks the world over to rage. The article, while a drama in itself, using such words as "channish" to describe Encyclopedia Dramatica, was not the best part of the page. The best part was the comments section, where many potbellied tech nerds would pontificate about how the internet has been ruined by the likes of 4chan and Encyclopedia Dramatica.

It’s not funny and not entertaining. Ironic, usually I can’t help myself from watching when “stuff happens”. These anonymous goons are cliche cowards that get old. Just my .02


—Ironic and have them confused bornean...the comment's author



—More lulz from the comments section from a Wired user named hypn0tiq.

Wow can you smell the 4chan backpedaling from their member’s antics? Smells like BACON!


—I don't even know what this means, but somebody wrongly thinks they are funny.

When sites like Wired come along and use Encyclopedia Dramatica as their source for history and information on a topic, that pretty well cements a web page's importance in the grand scheme of things. Suck it Uncyclopedia.


Ehh, I sort of get it. In my experience, eating disorders and cutting can be..."trendy".


—4chan's medical expertise.

Creepy Chan’s body and her apparent lack of any need for sustenance are often discussed. Rumors of Bulimia and other eating disorders are often suggested, even to the point where some say that Creepy Chan is “Pro-Anorexia”. However, nothing has ever been substantiated concerning this claim and is only added to the article in the interest of rumor spreading and trolling opportunity.

Suspected Vampirism

Furfaggotry and blood lust!

While undergoing questioning from America’s Next Top Model host, Tyra Banks, Creepy Chan stated that she was “really interested” in blood. While this shocked most of the panel, it seemed to spark some interest in Tyra who went on to tell the young girl that she “used to get nosebleeds all the time.” The obvious look of jealous rage that crossed Creepy Chan’s face at this revelation was so visceral and primal, one might begin to worry about Tyra’s well being, despite that fact that she is a ten foot tall Amazon.

Heroin Chic

that is so fucken weird she looks like my junkie just looks like someone put him in a dress...


—Every girl on the show looks like your male friends.

Descriptions for fashion models almost always carry the words “heroin chic” within them, as most models these days are all addicts of some sort. Creepy Chan is no different, however because she claims that she is an artist, and at times has displayed some small artwork, this heroin chic should probably be given a bit more attention than the usual throwaway description models get day in and day out.

Her Look

They want to stare into your very soul...
Look at that beautiful goddess!

oh hay, she has huge eyes, just like the drawn lolis we all fap too.



Often described as waifish and thin, Creepy Chan embodies what most people consider to be what a heroin addict, in the final fatal throes of addiction, would look like. Most of her 4Chan images bear this theory out, as she is usually shown with her emaciated face pressed into the camera’s lens while her bony substructure is displayed below at odd angles that point to the fact that something is physically wrong with her.

Her Art

Some of her photography.

As with most overly emotional teen girls, Creepy Chan has some artwork available on line. Most of this artwork is trash but because of her popularity is selling, some of the other sketches and paintings are mediocre at best, however one common thread binds all of her artwork to one central theme. Creepy. To best describe her work, one must think of large poster boards and boxes of Crayola watercolor paints. She scribbles a lot on her canvasses that give the impression that she knows how to paint movement within her works, but upon closer inspection, one can see that it is just the hyper chicken scratch of a disturbed young person.

Popularity On The Show

Kicking some model ass online...a 4chan conspiracy?

Because Americans have no sense of style, and because somewhere along the line, were told that odd/cute was attractive, Creepy Chan placed second on the stupidly popular show America’s Next Top Model. This probably tells us more about the quality of the programming available than it does Creepy Chan, but for the purposes of this article, must be mentioned anyways.

The public seemed to respond to her violently shocking eyes and anorexic looks with shocked awe at first, owing to the 4chan images, but because of her time with the television show, she has managed to up her fap factor by at least 100. She had her hair styled, dyed, and lengthened and she has been told to stop gawking so much, which she has happily complied with in an effort to shed her past reputation. These things, while going against her original trend of being creepy, have gained her more wide acceptance within the American viewing public, much in the same way that putting a Starbucks on every corner makes shitty, burnt coffee taste better.

She has become so popular she even received her own dress up game. BALEETED


One cannot swing a zippo cat on Google without landing on a Creepy Chan link. She has become far more than a camwhore and has superseded any other meme to be produced by 4chan. If one should be so inclined, one could go to any number of websites and troll the oblivious and obvious fanboys and fangirls of Creepy Chan. The mere mention of bulimia and cutting on any site will usually cause a BAWWWWW storm, but the best way to troll her is to make a small insinuation that she was a camwhore on 4chan:

Primus: I love Allison!

Secundus:  You know her real name is Creepy Chan right?

Primus: Creepy Chan? GTFO!

Secundus: No really! 

Secundus:  She used to camwhore over at 4chan.

Primus: 4chan?  What is 4chan?


…Several minutes elapse…

Primus: Oh god, what have I clicked on…

Primus: You dirty pedophile fucker…

Secundus:  lol

*Connection has closed*

It's okay Dys, a lot of us are thinking exactly what you are thinking.

«12:49:59» Dys: imagine peering into those eyes

«12:50:04» Dys: as you gently

«12:50:12» Dys: take her from the butt in the front

«12:50:21» Dys: in the butt from the front

«12:50:33» Dys: sorry I'm getting excited

Where is she now?

Allison Harvard attended the University of North Texas in Denton in the Fall Semester of 2009. I should know, she was in my French Class. I will post a picture when I figure out how.

Internet Quotes

Whenever females get to talking about other females, there is going to be a lot of drama involved. The Creepy Chan discussions posted below show compassion, enchantment, jealousy, rage, and every other human emotional response that can be generated by the raving lunatics that follow this girl’s internet/television notoriety.

I'm thinking a pay per view special Boxxy vs. Creepy-chan vs. Magibon for best Shoe on head.


—Dream match.

Creepy-chan is the nickname given to her by 4chan's /b/. She posted a lot of creepy pictures of herself (as well as just looking creepy in general), and that's what we called her. The "chan" suffix is given to all well-known cam girls on 4chan. That's pretty much how you know that she got it from there.


—Try to explain it to your friends.

Of all the chan's, she stood out a lot, having very distinct facial features. Also, none of her images were pornographic. If you want a quick re-cap of some of her collection of 4chan photos, there's a little slide show at You can also probably find a collection of her on RapidShare, though I cba to provide a link.


—Thanks for the help brah.

Anyway, back to my original point. A girl dubbed Creepy Chan is now a contestant on Top Model. In her first introduction she revealed that her hobby, aside from being a 4chan goddess, is nose bleeds. She looks like she's the love child of a possessed porcelain doll and a soul sucking alien but nevertheless, Heidi and I are totally rooting for the queen of the nerds. Besides, she is truly providing a public service announcement to the nerd population on the merits of highlights and hygiene.


—Some dingbat on her blog.

Well, she hasn't shown tits exactly, but there are plenty of xrays around.



if no tits or vagoo have been posted then she isn't a chan. gtfo


—She GTFO all the way to ANTM.

looks like Sarah Conner crossed with Fiona Apple


—Pretty close description.

I know I've been on 4Chan too long, because I find her strangely alluring


—Some guy on his blog named Mike Nayyar

Fucking so interesting. I like Creepy-chan better than model-chan.........


—Who the fuck is model-chan?

Her face is a little rodent-like and creepy


—I wonder why they call her Creepy Chan?

Throw some holy water on this one!


—That stuff only works on television...oh wait...

jealous cumdumspter detected



There's always a handful of little goth kids running around claiming to be fans of blood drinking and the like. This girl just made it to prime time!


—There are always a handful of experts running around too.

Thankfully she doesn't have Nicole's beaver teeth. She's got a little alien baby doll thing going on. She might need to watch what she does with her mouth though.


—Obviously gay

I'm thinking the Pekinese eyes might be her biggest problem, but comparing that to all the other girls' problems, she really has nothing to worry about.


—You mean to tell me she is one of the normal contestants???

Anyway, not a fan, unless she's a major bitch then I'll love her, but not a bitch-Kim definition way. Wow, there are so many bitch-types in ANTM I'm losing track.



My opinion: she doesn't bring nearly enough "pretty" into the "ugly-pretty" equation. Those eyes are flat-out disturbing. And not in an appealing commercial or editorial way.


—Echoing what a lot of people thing...

Aesthetically the eyes are too close together and their shape is akin to that of a caricature. Rather like Tweety Bird. On acid.


—And she's fat too, right?

I knew her face looked familiar. I remember there being a thread about her over at Something Awful a couple years ago. Anyway, Allison might just be my favorite.


—SSSSSH!!! You are supposed to blame eBaum's!

All this meme and anorexia talk is making me think this girl is some attention whore. I have a feeling shes going to be pretty controversial and a tad bit on the annoying side




Creepy Chan Gallery About missing Pics

Creepy Chan Template Post Gallery 1

Creepy Chan Template Post Gallery 2

Creepy Chan Template Post Gallery 2 About missing Pics

Animated Gallery

For the full effect of this young girl's creepy-factor, she must be viewed in full motion.

Post America's Next Top Model

she told them she would think about it for a while...but ultimately decided to go with them. Nous that is.


—Comment from her Facebook.

Creepy Chan has signed with international model agency "Nous Model Management." Here are some images of her newer work:


America's Next Top Model interview


What. The. Fuck.
Update: Creepy Chan playing with ice cream and fake blood post-America's Next Top Model

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