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Obviously British
'Sup 4chan.
Frustrated Cracky-Chan fanboy posting on 4chan.
Many imitators, only one cracky
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Cracky-chan is the name given by 4chan to pictures of an English schoolgirl named Olivia Fields posted by legendary Stalker Warchief Rend Niggerhand. Primarily taken from her Live Journal account ScareCrowMaiden, the pictures displayed an unusual depth of aesthetics for a teenager, and were promptly declared both cute and sweet by Anonymous.

As Anonymous collectively felt the blossoming of his first love he proceeded to enact a rite that would later come to define every relationship he would have: he obsessively wrote graphic accounts of her rape while actively stalking (GOOGLE LULZ) her.

Fearing for her life Cracky QUIT THE INTERNET and went into deep hiding as a dedicated cadre of neckbeards and pedophiles entitled the circlejerk girded their loins, cracked their Mountain Dews, and began to fap furiously to the thought of actually finding her. Cracky-chan is very important in the history of Trolltalk (often known as 20721), although Trolltalk is not important in the history of anything.

Very very old copypasta


Her fake cries of "leave me alone": Truefacts Edition

Attention whoring in 2005

Back in 2005, Shii went around tracking the IP that originally posted as Cracky.

Despite revealing the whole /b/ drama as fake, it didn't deter the real Cracky from posting more pictures of herself on 420chan.

After falling for this shit five or six times, Cracky finally took drastic measures.

Just to make sure she wasn't misunderstood, two full years later, Cracky camwhored on a failsite for her two remaining stalkers.

Shii cracky.png



Also Don't See

Also Don't Become a Crackyfag The Last Crackyfag

Lolichan demonstrating advanced symptoms of crackyfaggotry before the cure was administered repeatedly
...and in a few minutes the last crackyfag will reply to himself...

Crackyfaggotry is a disease once thought eradicated by modern science, but breeds in small corners of the internet there is one turd that refuses to flush.

The Last Crackyfag symptoms include:

Crackyfags and YouTube

In common with many of the other children they stalked online, former Crackyfags made fucking awesome YouTubes, often attacking the white knights of other camwhores, before they finally did the decent thing:

Know cures for the disease:

So you didn't instantly smash the monitor when Cracky-chan's ugly manface grimaced at you? Quickly apply one of the following:

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