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Cowman109 is a Wikipedo Bureaucratic Fuck who couldn't go more than ten minutes without sticking his spic nose into other people's business. (That is, until he gave up in 2008.) Like most of the people occupying higher positions in Wikipedia he is either a 13 year old boy or a full grown man pretending to be a 13 year old boy.

About Cowman109

Like a happy fat piggy rooting for delicious truffles in the forest he digs up any traces of interference, vandalism or just editing that he doesn't like and baleets it, before leaving an overly wordy explanation on his victims talk page.

Awarded For Bureaucratic Fuckery

Though there is little information to be gained from his front page, through lengthy examination of his tl;dr posts and some use of Google, ED has learned the following:

Oh Noes, not THE CABAL...

Cowman109 wasn't content with merely adding and editing content, oh no. Cowman109 was the Coordinator of the Mediation Cabal. Scary, amirite? This used to be a two person job until Cowman109 sucked a whole lot of e-penis and crawled and begged for them to open up another slot so he could wheedle into it. It is worth noting that he was helped into this position by the Lord High Asshole of Bureaucratic Fucks:MONGO. It is widely believed the two were bought together initially by their love of rampant tree sex.

Cowman109 may or may not have been involved in doing WTC with Mongo, but he has notably and very rapidly (because he has nothing better to do than watch the revision page all day long like a good basement dweller) removed some awkward questions that were asked of Mongo and then applied his cabalistic Banhammer to the guilty party, without trial or fair hearing,for such is the mighty power he wields.

The stated purpose of the Mediation Cabal is to mediate in arguments: this gives them the right to interfere in anything that may be disputed on Wikipedia (which is pretty much everything), quote dull policy at people and then masturbate frantically at their God like power to erase other peoples words from a computer screen. And accomplish NOTHING, because Wikipedia's "Mediation" system is shit.

Ironically one of the things that some of the people are complaining about are Cowman109's edits and reversions. It is a tribute to the majestic inability of the cockmonglers at Wikipedia to ignore hypocrisy from their favoured few, that they are totally and utterly unable to acknowledge any conflict of interest in giving someone Admin powers and control over arbitration for people who feel they have been unfairly edited.

If you are a Wikipedo then Cowman109 is your Judge, Jury and Executioner. He is the head of the Wiki Gestapo. Baleet yourself now, there is no more hope.

Lol, whut?

Cowman109 knows no mercy

This little bitch has been grantedthe position of Arbitration Clerk. This means he documents all the episodes of Wiki-Banhammer wielding for posterity.

So soon this teenager is able to edit and revert at will, refuse his victims any mercy in their arbitration, and then doctor the records so it looks like he has been completely fair.

Wikipedia is democratic, fair and balanced. Just like Fox News.


Cowman109 has made over 9000 edits to the page discussing the phrase KIA as part of one of the longest running disputes since the Great Hotdog Debate of 2001. If you would like to troll him this may be a good place to start. You could start by asking how it is that a 13 year old boy knows so much about military terms.


Seriously, how young do you need to be to have this level of knowledge about kids' films?

THE PIANO - Play it Again, Sam

As mentioned previously, Cowman109 plays the piano. I think this pretty much ends any speculation that may exist about his sexual orientation. Like all pretentious teenage boys with a sensitive side he wants to be famous so has the obligatory YouTube channel.

Also in keeping with his Wapanese pretensions he has learned to play music from Zelda.

Troll him on YouTube here (BALEETED). Personally my sock puppets and I like to ask him to give us some Chocolate Rain. Actually as he is part beaner he could maybe give us a burst of La Cuccaracha like the Taco eatin' motherfucker he undoubtedly is.

He daid, missah Kurtz

He basically gave up on the Wikipedia MMORPG in mid-2008, and has done the bare minimum number of edits every year since then to avoid being desysopped for inactivity. The little pussy. With any luck he got a girlfriend, or at least bought himself a vibrator or a dildo.


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