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Courtney Stodden is a 40-year-old whore who is married to a corpse. She weighs about 50 pounds and maintains her athletic figure by making sure she always throws up the cornflake she ate for breakfast. She is a self-proclaimed "Model, Singer, Actress, Reality Star, Animal Activist, Hostess, Dancer and Doug's girl. xxx" In other words, nothing that actually requires a brain. It's evident that she doesn't have one considering that anyone who did would never marry the scuzzbag who's currently her sugar daddy. This guy is none other than Doug Hutchison, a nobody who played Some Guy in The Green Mile and a few TV shows that no one cares about.

There aren't enough punches in the world.

In addition to an annoying fucking face and total absence of personality, she wanted to let the whole world know that she also has an absence of talent, which she proved by uploading this horrific shitpocalypse of noise, which studies have shown to be the #1 cause of sudden death. She doesn't sing so much as she makes noises like an asthmatic duck might.

She appeared on that hack Dr. Drew's show, in which they did an ultrasound to determine whether or not she actually had breast implants, since she either lies or forgets when asked. The ultrasound revealed a suspicious circular mass which was obviously the implant, but the vapid bimbo insisted it didn't exist. To avoid a shitfest erupting, the technician made up a lame excuse about it maybe being a bone (lol) and they called it a day.

If your ears and/or eyes haven't started bleeding yet, please watch the following.

Hello Courtney

Hello Kitty spoof


Courtney - thinking that everyone who sees this will be as stupid as her

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