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TOW takes their vandalism srsly seriously.

Wikipedia's fun, fantastic game

It is a well known fact that the wikipedo circle jerk ph33rs vandalism in any way, shape or form. I mean, it's safe to assume that your average Wikipedian beats off to screenshots of the newest version of VandalProof in the heat of the battle, crushing anonymous editors indiscriminately and laying down the law with their shitty, ineffective warning templates. However, that cum-guzzling faggot Essjay decided to take this fantasy, played out many a time, to the next level by creating a whole fucking wiki devoted to eliminating vandalism from Wikikepedia. However, they don't actually do anything to stop vandalism. It's like an internet version of the kids game, Cowboys and Indians.

In reality, the whole thing is just another wikipedia circle jerk, much like Esperanza but with 100% more bureaucratic fuckery, and is aligned with the cabal. The whole wiki is off-limits, due to closed registration - I'm sure vandalising a counter-vandalism wiki would be pretty fucking lol, though.

Essjay is a powerwhore

Essjay rules his shitty little wiki like an e-Saddam. He doesn't let anyone in, anyone out, and you have to report any change you make to the privs on the wiki, or their irc channels - if you fail to do so, Jew and set kittens on fire.
He's also terribly paranoid. For example, on, he's introduced a system involving trusted users, an utterly useless privilege level he gives to users who display enough of that Wikipedia Hivemind MentalityTM to satisfy him. He also hands out this priv rather erratically - some of Wikipedia's sysops, who are also #wikipedia chanops, are yet to attain the trusted level. Clickies.

Someone is really going to mirror this shit

4 realz

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