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This article is perfect. Don't fuck with it.

Damn good question.

A people or person article is an unfunny article about something or somebody you've never heard of. There are loads of these fucking things made on ED every five minutes, making diehard EDiots rage. As a result of this, you have probably been redirected to this page while searching for your favorite nobody. Well you should thank us for this, because person articles contain your average daily recommended intake of AIDS and fail injected into you straight through your eyeballs. In all likelihood, you have also made a person article on ED. Fear not; read this page for redemption, and maybe the rest of your terrible edits won't be reverted in the future. It is also a friendly reminder to stop being a cock-mongling, self-centered faggot.

Protip: No one cares who ILoveFuckingHorses69 is.

Countermeasures to running into People Articles

How to make a person article

  1. Get dumped
  2. Go on ED and bawww unnecessarily
  3. ????
  4. PROFIT!

How to start a person article

Follow this simple formula when starting your person article. The rest will write itself.

(name) is a (insult) and (insult) on (website) who thinks (their beliefs) and (something stupid they did).

Notable person articles

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