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Cool3 is a disgraced former Wikipedia sysop who had his account "compromised" by Gregory Kohs. Because the two were the same person but of course they claim they are not.

What Happened

In January, the vandal-administrator MZMcBride gave a list of unguarded BLPs to his fuck buddy Greg Kohs of shitty MyWikiBiz, Wikipedia critic and long-term abuser of Jimbo Wales, to vandalize on the Wikipedia Review, not knowing that the Arbcommies were watching. As such, the Arbcommie Roger Davis forced MZMcBride to fork over the list he supplied. A checkuser was run on the sockpuppet accounts Kohs used to vandalize, and it was found that one of his sockpuppets was a sysop account. The account was immediately desysopped. MZMcBride was also sued in arbcom and had his admin rights revoked.


In an attempt to improve its BLP situation, Wikipedia only manages to delete two of its own sysops. Well done!

Eventually, the original Cool3 user returned under User:Cool three to request his sysop rights back. The angsty fags, however argued that he sold his own account. As a result, he stormed off in a butthurt rage.


Cool3 reveals the truth about Wikipedia (from his user page):

power-hungry teenagers without the social skills to survive in the real world spend their days posting on ANI in activity that reasonable men would consider either trolling or insanity. These socially-deficient people are the ones who rise up through the wiki-hierarchy to enjoy the trust and confidence of the Wikipedia community.



Reads like the typical screed I've seen since my BBS days: "You didn't make me a moderatorgive me an admin bit! That means you're all power-hungry bastards! You'll be sorry I left!" As long as he's not making personal attacks, I'd say leave it so people can see they were right to vote no in his RfA.


HandThatFeeds [1] Yeah! Way to show him!


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