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Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker was a "game" developed by failed french/jewish game designer Orteil (Julien "Jew-Lion" Thiennot) and his friend Opti (Erwin Trapp) in 2013. It was first posted as a joke on /v/, where it immediately went viral due to its repetitive gameplay which appealed to autists. The goal of the game is to bake as many cookies as possible by repeatedly clicking on a big cookie in the center of the screen. You can also buy lusty elderly women and a variety of buildings to bake more cookies for you.

Orteil is known for being a jew who virals his games
A post from back when Orteil hung out on /agdg/. He planned on creating a game aimed at people too dumb to keep their wallet closed.

Knockoffs and other idle games

The developer of the kittens game has some kinky fetishes.
When you play the kittens game, you're encouraging furries.

Cookie clicker's popularity has spawned several similar games, the most famous of which are wallbreaker and the kittens game. It is worth noting that the developer of the kittens game is a furry and a huge fan of my little pony, as can be seen from her DA

List of other idle games:


Orteil is your typical 4chan user: a 25 year old pedophile who still lives with his parents and spends the majority of his time playing videogames and masturbating. While he used to work on cookie clicker, nowadays he can often be found shitting up /vg/ with banter about his personal life and failures with women. His current girlfriend is Caroline Jackson from Winter Haven, Florida. She is known for not wearing bras, wearing transparent panties and likely being underage.


Annoying Orange
COOKIE CLICKER - Beware The Grandma
Cookie Clicker - Flash Friday


Orteil Related Faggotry About missing Pics

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