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FurCon '07
Must... kill... furries...

Where ugly fanbois meet up, get drunk, and then try to have sex with that one puffed out, broken off chick who looks like someone poured a bag of cement into a Star Trek uniform (see: Blob). Often shortened to "con" in the vernacular of nerds in the know. Some cons are for a particular fandom, fetish or political party. Large cons, which usually smell a whole lot worse, are inclusive to all nerds, regardless of whether they're able to answer the question, "Have you ever 'done it'?"

A typical Sailor Moon fan at the average Anime Convention.

At a large con it would not be strange to see a gay vegan furry having sex with a Linux-using hippie poly dressed in SCA garb after playing a role-playing game, or trying to hang out with the guys from Gwar.

Epic Fail Conventions

  • AlCon is an animu convention in England which is run by idiots. Nobody wants to go to it, yet it does not stop them stealing money from other idiots. Still being held in Leicester [1] even though very few people actually show up.
  • Dashcon was conceived as a convention FOR tumblr users BY tumblr users... yeah, it went as well as you would expect. They scammed some kids out of $17,000 though, and it actually made national news.
  • We can't discuss this without bringing up lulzcon, a total disaster because the Girlvinyl-era EDiots only had one, in 2007.
  • Plus ROFLCon, which was held 3 times, in 2008, 2010 and 2012. Totally disorganized gigantic money sinks. Idiots.
  • And TanaCon didn't even last the full weekend

Conventions that "succeeded"

  • Comic-Con is now a "Comic-Con brings in $163 million per year for the city of San Diego!" kind of business, with subsidiary cons being held in every major American city and around the world. Widely copied. Supposedly they will have to move out of the San Diego Convention Center in 2021 because too many unwashed nerds show up.
  • DEFCON For the nerds who smell soooo bad, no other con will have them.

LJ Drama Conventions

  • Quasidan tried to organize an LJDramaCon in 2003 but nobody wanted to come to DC and he was too lazy to go anywhere else.
  • fagmageddon is another LJ convention. (Now that Livejournal is basically a Russian language site, all this LJ crap on ED is outdated anyway.)

People You'll See At Conventions

Types Of Conventions

Furry Conventions

Convention Types Furry.jpg

Furry conventions are generally considered the "lowest of the low" and worst of the worst when it comes to conventions. They are not intended to educate, to market or even to entertain really. Rather they serve solely as a means of spreading deviant behaviors and couching bestiality in the guise of a poorly sanitized Disney cartoon so that sick fucks can feel better about themselves while the general public gets a good side show to laugh at.

Recently a furry convention was the target of a domestic terrorist attack that attempted to ethnically cleanse a large segment of the furry population from civilized society. Subsequent televised reports on the matter caused one news anchor to start laughing uncontrollably to the point of having to run off the set in a fit of giggles. Because let's face it, there's arguably nothing more hilarious than a group of fat, middle aged, balding, pimple-ridden virgins stuffed into poorly made fursuits being righteously gassed from the gene pool.

Gaming Conventions

Convention Types Gamer.jpg

Originally gaming conventions were largely marketing based, used as a means of showing off new games, new hardware and selling other game related plastic crap to fine, young, upstanding virgin boys. But then one day everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.

Social Justice Retards are generally parasitic in nature, they seek out hosts that they can latch onto and then infect with their vitriolic venom. Once they've infected a particular interest or media form they'll immediately start spreading and attempt to take over the whole thing like a viral infestation, twisting and deforming them to suit the needs of their caustic self-serving rhetoric.

The gaming community is one such recent victim and in turn the damage has already become widespread, even to the point of infecting their conventions, turning them into zombie-like puppets to parrot their politically correct crazy causes.

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