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Condom Snorting

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Atomic.gif Warning!
There is a potential danger involved with this challange. If you do it and die, we will post your pic on this page so everyone can point and laugh at your dumb ass

Fresh from the generation of idiots that gave us the Tide Pods Challange, the bannanna peel challange and the challange of holding a handful of salt in your closed hand until you get chemical burns comes a brand new stupidity for the internets that is designed so that girls can feel valued and loved based on the number of views they get and fat kids can do something that doesn't involve eating or requires getting up and out of a chair so that they can feel loved and accepted before they lose a foot to diabetes.

The Condom Snorting Challange

How To Do The Condom Snorting Challange

  • 2: Get a hold of something that most of you will never have a need for. If you're a girl, you can always use the one your Dad put on for you last night.
  • 3: All but the girl will have to open the condom wrapper and uncoil it. BTW, if you're the girl, don't dissapoint your Dad. Remember to eat the Creamy Center first.
  • 4: Stuff the tip of the Peter Armour up one of your nostrils. Just pretend that you're digging for Gold.
  • 5: Push down on the other nostril with a finger and inhale hard enough until the Scum Bag slides into your throat.
  • 6: Open your mouth, reach in and pull the Jimmy Hat out.
  • 7: ???
  • 8: Profit.

It's Mostly Sensationalized Media

File:Girl condom 5180.jpg
the REAL condom challange has reported that most YouTube videos showing condom snorting date way back to the archaic, Obama cursed age of 2013. Condom Snorting is only a thing right now because it happened to be a slow News day and parents, with nothing better to do, were bitching because they became convinced that kids were trying to kill themselves after watching a handful of videos. Like Oprah Winfrey - all they accomplished was making a big thing out of something only a handful of people were doing like the infamous Rainbow Parties.

There is nothing to worry about. Because so many news sources made an event out of nothing, Attention hungry retards will be doing it like they were Lemmings walking off a cliff.

Gallery Of Idiots

External Links

  • USA Today Condom snorting is every parents nightmare
  • CBS News Experts warn condom snorting can be dangerous

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This might be the only time you see a black man using a condom

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