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Sums up the entire game and the gameplay.
This is what every single hardcore Cumbat-Arms player looks like.

Cumbat-Arms is a crappy, low res, FPS game for the PC console. Combat Arms is made by the jews, Nexon, the developers of the awesome game Maplestory. Combat Arms mostly consists of throwing your money into a endless hole for Nexon for completely useless virtual shit like a noob-tube or a minigun. If you don't pay any money, you can be guaranteed to be buttfucked. Other then that, on the technically side of Combat Arms, it is something that would work on the Wii, it's grahpics are nowhere comparable to decent games like Call of Duty or Battlefield. CA is known for it's hackers, as there are over 9000 hacking clients for the game, from nude textures to aimbots.

CA boasts they have the biggest armory in any FPS game when all their guns are rextextured low poly shit.











Elite Moderators

Even worse is the idea of a Elite Moderator, someone who can kick anyone from their room (only for 7 days, then you have to RE-FUCKING-PURCHASE Once you reach a certain rank, you unlock it forever). Most EMs are butthurt 12 year olds who have no skills whatsoever, or are 30 year old virgins that kick anyone who can manage a positive score, to protect their kdrs.

Get used to seeing this.

Here are some reasons for their rage kicks:

  • You are better than them.
  • You're using an over-powered weapon.
  • You've killed them repeatedly and they haven't managed to get even with you.
  • You hack because you have better aim than them.
  • You cham because you listened to the sound of their footsteps and waited for them to come.
  • They needed to make room for a friend.
  • They needed to make room for a clanmate.
  • They want to win.
  • You keep killing them with a knife.
  • You keep killing them with a pistol.
  • You're getting in the way of their noob farm.


Only way to win: Buy more NX. "Play4Free" "Pay4fun"

What you can expect from Combat Arms:

  • Shooting a RPG 60 times at a wall and not even scratching it.
  • Same Sounds for all SMGs, Some sound for all Assault rifles, etc.
  • The game is filled up to the ass with hackers.
  • You get kicked within the first 5 minutes of the game.
  • You get kicked for getting 2 headshots in a row and some fag screams: "AIMBOT".
  • You get kicked by the Elite Moderator (Some White kid who payed for a MOD position in his room for 7 days) because you are better then him.
  • You get killed by some hacker with a knife on the other side of the map.
  • You have to pay to do ANYTHING in the game.
  • A fucking endless hole to throw your money into.
  • You have to buy NX either by begging your mom for her credit card, steal cash out of her purse to - get a NX giftcard at a convience store, or fill dipshit endless surveys for NX.
  • Going to the Gun Emporium to make a water gun (TRUE).
  • Get reported to NEXON for getting ultra kills (4 kills quickly in a row).
  • Dying from falling in water.
  • Getting killed by a guy flying in mid-air.
  • Getting shitted on by Nexon.
  • Getting prefired when you turn corners by chammers.
  • Get accused of hacking.
  • Get accused of Aimbotting.
  • Get accused of Chamming.
  • Marveling at the shitty 16 bit textures.
  • Only 6 FKING player models to chose from (no customizing >:O).
  • ^You can ALWAYS pay for more models of big boob whores.
  • HORRIBLE voice acting, as if it was by some half dead mexian drug dealer.
  • Being able to run at 25 miles per hour because you bought certain items with speed bonuses.
  • Getting killed from running down a flight of stairs too quickly.
  • Dying for no apparent reason and slumping over and floating.
  • People spamming websites with keylogger programs all day and not getting banned for it.
  • Always being on the side with the noobs.
  • Always being forced to play against players that are far superior to you.
  • Surviving an AK-47 round to the chest, but dying from falling 10 feet.

Typical Hacking/Butthurt kicking.

End result of a successful troll.


Most Clans in the top 100 of Combat Arms are made up of hackers and nolifes. During a clan match, a elite moderator will probably kick everyone not on his team for victory. During a clan match, both clans will ALWAYS accuse each other of hacking.


A place where players are supposed to have intelligent, friendly conversations regarding the game. However, this is not usually the case. Most of the time, you will encounter at least one troll per thread, and most threads will end in either being deleted or locked, due to said, trolls.


Notable members:

- Nexon and Volunteers

  • Kalika: Old and ugly Community Manager of the Nexon forums. At her peak, she was one of the most hated and disliked of all CMs; she was so infamous that she even had an ingame item named after her. She quit back in 2012, causing a shit ton of butthurt among the faggot forumers.
    The legendary hambeast.

  • Khali: The cunt and slutty forum Community Manager that replaced Kalika. She was far more talkative and interacted more with the community than Kalika, and was pretty chill on letting trolls do their thing. She quit only months after the trolls drove her insane, to work for THQ, that then went out of business shortly after.
    Kalika's replacement

  • ColonelPanic: Nexon's own miserable forum moderator; he has the power to ban people but chose not to use it. He's not serious business and one should just go on their way even when he's online. At most you will get from him is just some stern talking. KILLED HIMSELF, CREDIT GOES TO JJMAX. GOT REPLACED BY SOME OTHER FAT FUCK FROM NEXON!!!
  • Broozoka: Nexon's new unlucky CM after ColonelPanic killed himself. He currently being troll grilled by a bunch of retarded powerlevelers and trolls for his gullibility in thinking that people actually want answers to their questions and not just out to troll him. You should pity this poor sap who is actually trying to do his job, but is unaware of the death trap that he has signed up for. He is well liked by the easily butthurt squad on the forums because he likes playing Super Smash Brothers Hammer frenzy on the slightest sign of butthurt. Update: He has more or less become ColonelPanic version 1.1. He is now afraid of posting and has gone back to the traditional Nexon "we will be more vocal and active in interacting with our player base". He differs from ColonelPanic; who gave people week long time outs after they that had raped, ravaged, and pillaged half of the forums which was always considered to little to late, by giving out 1 day bans which have no purpose or lasting effects at all. He has been attributed to pulled the trigger in putting down some of the best trolls the Combat Arm's forum has to offer for good such as Cloptastic, thejjmax, jmcwill. Broozoka is the worst of all the CM because he is captain buzzkill.
  • CC_FANG: A volunteer forum moderator who is referred to as, "The Forum MILF." She usually responds to the noobs that spam threads, asking for ban appeals, then gives them a slightly unique copy-pasted message like an annoying automated answering machine kindly telling them to use customer support or fuck off the forum.

- Infamous Resident Trolls

  • Domlin: A troll god, who had caused more lulz than anyone in CA forum history. Known for his beautiful artwork and making people delete system 32 in the hopes that they will somehow acquire nx. He is known to possess many alternate accounts and usually goes all out until he is banned.
  • Foofoo14: A unusually well liked pussy ass wack troll of the CA forums. Unlike other trolls there isn't a massive lynch mob that is after him, and most forumers are rather playful with him. Like thejjmax he has made other users rage, but works in random bursts. He also tries to impress CC_Fang by doing her job for her; but unlike CC_Fang his messages are straight up copypasta with a gif of the Reading Rainbow guy in Star Trek cartwheeling in before a airlocked door closes with a caption that says "In before the lock". He also likes making imitation threads of stupid threads posted by retarded forums mocking them. He also likes to troll Nexon by making threads asking for the player base's opinion of events and new content when official Nexon representatives already made a thread; to make their life harder since they have to look in multiple place for the input they are seeking. He also enjoys making opinion and suggestion threads randomly; which he never shares his own personal opinion, but gives a subject to be discussed and knows that everyone who posts on the thread will tell Nexon how much they suck and tries to incite some kind of fight between forumers against each other or forumers versus Nexon. He has a fetish for necrophilia. He hoards his feelings and fucks to himself because he has Greedy Jew Syndrome. He has been duly noted that he doesn't give a shit about Finestnew's depression or anyone else's problems on the forums because he just doesn't care. He has been recently seen to have said that he is attempting to "patch things up with finest and say he is sorry" because he doesn't want to loose face with other people on the forums even though it well known that he is insincere about any such gestures. He's earned the scorn of MystMooneh and other homosexual faggots alike (mainly from Finest and Friends). He is also known to kick good players when they get in the way of his fun. He enjoys being the buttbuddy of thejjmax. Ever since Broozoka became the new CM, Foofoo14 has pussied out of his trolling habits because he is afraid of getting forum banned, unlike when ColonelPanic was the CM where he knew he wasn't going to be banned. He trolled a bit like a sleeper cell troll on April 26-28, 2014 when the was a troll re-insurgency when thejjmax and jjmcwill launched a trolling spree which drew the attention and aid of linque who had finally been quiet for awhile. He also tried to illicit the help of HavenFort in the trolling spree, but was rejected. Foofoo14's favorite line is " INFECTED WINS!!111!!!! " as seen in his signature.
  • thejjmax: One the forum's most wack BAMF forum trolls to ever grace Nexon's servers. A relatively unpopular troll, he is well known but not well liked like FooFoo14 and Cloptastic. Also known as King Max. He likes to embrace the notion that jjmcwill is his troll grandfather. He is the known arch-enemy of AMD64USER, and sometimes linque. He has been seen sucking on Foofoo14's cock occasionally out admiration for Foofoo14. He just posts random stuff to piss people off, or directly insults them. Permabanned from forums. Has made alt accounts in attempt to ban dodge but they all get banned within 2 days. One of his latest banned accounts is theJJJax which is a reference toward's League of Legend's Jax champion, on this account his trademark was posting gifs of Katie McGrath making facial expressions in her role Morgana from the BBC show Merlin. He has recently made more accounts but all of them banned almost instantly after posting. He is suspected to be running around on a new account named ukyokuonji, though he claims he no long visits the forums anymore. So fucking RIP thejjmax, Broozoka put him down for good.
  • jjmcwill: Some racist white guy that likes to write long elaborate satire stories pretending about how he is an 80+ year old man in mental hospital playing Combat Arms using McDonald's wifi when complaining about laggy Mexicans and Aussies. He gets slammed a lot by other racist who think they are part of the master race that can't be ridiculed. He also embraces the idea that that he is thejjmax's troll grandpa. AMD64USER and KDRKiller for some reason refer to him as a wise old sage and don't believe that he is a troll, even though most of his post are blatant trolls. He gets temporarily banned often. A rather consistent troll but seems to fly under the do not engage common sense radar of most retards on the forums (because they take him seriously), especially his fanboys. jjmcwill has also been permabanned by Broozoka, and has not been seen since... though he is still suspected to be DrPhilMagraw.
  • Cloptastic/Selfie: A little Canadian boy that is known for his bestiality fetish and acts of clopping and yiffing. He is recent addition to the badass troll army, recruited under Foofoo14 and the late jjmax, he has caused widespread and irreparable damage in the forums before being put down by finestnews and her retarded white knights and, after repeated petitions by some of the faggot forumers, ColonelPanic has permanently banned his first account (Cloptastic). He now has a new account (Selfie) which he made to evade the forum ban and trying to be a lame goody two shoes and throws some subtle massive trollage to keep under the radar. He is secretly plotting his revenge against finestnews, hoping to get her banned once and for all for the death of his original account (Cloptastic). Known for telling people to drink bleach. He is a well disliked troll though he has rallied some "supporters" who miss his notorious trolling of those who were deemed extreme retarded forumers by less retarded but still very retard forumers. His recent account Selfie has also been banned after being able to reach 3,227+ post. He does not seem to be coming back, and many of the forumers lament his newest account's death because the rise of retards left unchecked, and the forums is boring as shit without good trolls. So another one bites the dust thanks to Broozoka.
  • Sierra: Another Canadian brony troll. Sierra can be thought of as the female counterpart to Cloptastic. Though her trolling is usually very witty, and though she is pretty aggressive at trolling, her trolling is usually eloquent and never vicious like Cloptastic's.

- thejmcwill Love and Hate Fanboy Club

  • Masuo15: A racist Mexicans that likes to slam on jjmcwill who thinks Mexicans are flawless. A pretty nice guy if you ignore his racist Mexican superiority complex, and is the only person who tries to speak English correctly.
  • AMD64USER: Some 56 year old 300 pound White Wonderbread giant man bear pedophilic gamer that is currently waging war with thejjmax HavenFort. He should definitely be noted as a troll also, except he a professional self victimizing troll. He enjoys troll baiting (encouraging)thejjmax and other trolls in hopes they will start trolling so that he can have something to whine about. This behavior pattern has been noted thus earning him the title "Patron Saint of the Trolls" by HavenFort. He is seen referring to jmcwill as a wise old sage on the forums repeatedly; it is unknown whether AMD64User is really that senile and slow to take what jjmcwill says seriously or not. Whether his behavior is obvious troll bait or not cannot be confirm at the time. He fancies to call himself Rev-AMD; as in Reverend AMD. His reverend title heavily implies that he is someone who will betray your trust and touch underage gamers inappropriately. He has also staged virtual weddings between underage gamers, and currently advertise his "services" on the forums and in game on microphones. Has been proven to have stashes of child pornography. Seriously someone should turn him in to the CPS (Child Protective Service) on him. Is known for posting shitty retro youtube videos, and being shameless hypocrite by spamming his crappy youtube videos that play shitty songs in the background to advertise the giant turd known as his youtube channel.
  • Franc: Leader of -004-, which one of the worst clans in Combat Arms. It is known for having mentally challenged members who hackusate everyone and are sore losers. A testimony to the quality of their clan is that they have both AMD64User and linque. Franc is also known for being a pompous sore loser who believe he is intelligent and mature but is the exact polar opposite of it. Another member that likes to partake in lynching jjmcwill.
  • TheRealElmoo: Some retard that thinks that anything Nexon can't prevent on the startup of the game should be considered legal and unbannable. Argues that Nexon shouldn't have "grey areas" in their ToS and should spell out word for word every bannable scenarios, for obvious but unsaid reasons; which is because he obviously cheats, power levels, harasses other players, and impersonates/uses prohibited names such as "GW-Watching", so that he can continue doing all of these things and try to limbo under the bar with excuses when he is caught. Presumably friends with KDRKiller due to his assistance in lynching jjmcwill and consistent side talking in threads. He is always a Crusader against Nexon, always bitching about how Nexon sucks, and even goes as far as to suggest crazy shit that isn't even true about Nexon. He wonders why Nexon constantly bans his pathetic ass, even though when you get banned they put a giant fucking reason in the middle of your screen when attempting to access the forums after logging in. So watch out for this mentally retarded turd who doesn't even bother reading shit before shit posting.
  • Aussie: As his name suggests, this is racist nationalistic scum sucking asshole fucktard swine wanking dingo pig kangaroo humping drop bear. He is like Mauso15 in believing that Aussies are part of some master race that can't be ridiculed and has no flaws. Except the difference between him and Mauso15 is the fact that this guy is just a pure asshole, and has nothing to say other than some mundane racist insults. He is part of the racist lynch mob along with Mauso15 that likes to slam jjmcwill onto floor and repeatedly penetrate all his holes with his micro penis.

- linque Rainbow Flavored

  • linque: Ugly. A 28 year old white man who has the thinking capacity of a 7 year old. Confirmed to have ADHD, autism, Aspergers, or whatever the fuck causes him to spout fuck all nonsense sentences. He has no comprehension or grammar skills whatsoever, and writes long unintelligible rants about himself in a thread that has nothing to do with him. He randomly tries to pick fights with everyone that has even the slightest sign of a brain because he is envious of them. He tries so hard to join the big kids league by drawing attention to himself but every attempt makes himself more hated and proves how retarded he is. He attempts to self victimize himself by starting arguments by attacking multiple forumers with some stupid nonsense and when the forumers respond back to him he claims that there is some kind of conspiracy to bully him supposedly by the majority of forumers and Nexon. Most of his posts are deleted are hidden because they have absolutely no validity whatsoever. Whenever he gets in argument he always claims that he has never done anything wrong or said because you can't find it on the forums, even though more than half of the forums already saw what he said before it was deleted. Pretty much the resident Chris-chan. He is also obsessed with cute anime girls. Also a known pedophile, due to said girls. He also has a fetish for goats. More recently he's been slammed down by CC_FANG. He gets special treatment from Nexon because they know he is mentally challenged and likes to hemorrhage money into their pockets.
  • Dirty: Some fat white guy that can be consider linque version 1.5. Spouts shit all nonsense, has no comprehension skills and takes everything you say literally. Writes asinine unintelligible nonsense as if he is in a position of ethos (which he has none), when his post are purely pathos based with not a single bit of logos. He will always spout some stupid nonsense, and when proven to be an idiot he will try to steal your position and claim you're an idiot; will literally imitate your position and recycle any insults or points that you used against him right back at you without understanding a single thing. Literally the worst case of monkey see monkey do on the forums. Has slightly better grammar than linque, though that is not saying much. His trade mark is his retard double exclamation mark "!!" at the end of his sentences and a lot of extra spaces in between words. garbage Has an avatar picture of him picking his nose/pushing his nose upwards to reveal his true form as a fat white man pig.
  • MoarPony: Some teenage Korean faggot brony that likes to suck Cloptastic's dick. Is also known for getting easily butthurt, especially when someone talks about bronies and Christianity in a negative way. Denies that he is a clopper. Probably gets butthurt because clopping is something he does all the time and he knows he is going to hell for it. Known to berate Cloptastic for telling people to kill themselves by drinking bleach, while doing it himself. He is like linque version 2.0, because he is actually grammar capable, but still spouts fuck all nonsense. He is an attention whore who posts random unintelligible shit and tries to make everything about himself, particularly about his butthurt. He seems to have abandon his original account and runs around with a new account named R9GTX... R9GTX is presumably probably a reference to AMD and NVIDIA's latest graphic card series. He also recently wrote a slightly erotic fanfiction story about HavenFort and Cloptastic, revealing his true colors as a gay brony yaoi fanboy.
  • LoneBlackGaruga: A possible furry that has a fetish for mammal like reptilians (weird looking cartoon dinosaurs with fur) who randomly butts into conversations that he knows nothing about, and writes long responses about his opinion on something that hardly relates to the conversation. Example given; defends linque and claims that he has never seen linque do anything wrong despite all the blatant harassment, flaming, trolling that linque does. He maybe consider as linque version 3.0; instead of unusual fetish for anime girls and goats, he has it for previous described cartoon dinosaurs with fur. He has better grammar but doesn't comprehend a single thing that is said thus leading him to write his opinion about something that has little to no correlation with said subject as if he has ADHD.

- Finest and Friend's Anime Weeaboo Squad

  * The forum's resident alpha bitch and whore. Willing to suck anyone's cock and giving buttsex for NX.
  * Known to cause the most, if not all IRL drama in the forum.
  * Has literally a cunt for a face.
  * Full blown Schizophrenia and bipolarism. 
  * Extremely ignorant and bigoted. 
  * Proven to be a dope addict and also heavily uses crack cocaine.
  * Have a legion of white knights to defend her cause.
  * Willing to sell herself (including her body) to Nexon's cause.

She got tired of milking KevinSun242's tiny micro penis because he turned 18 and finally hit puberty. She attempted to commit suicide after her shotacat cougar advances on Cloptastic were spurned because she wanted his little white dick. He told her off by telling her that he wanted to maintain his virgin purity by only indulging in sexual pleasure via clopping and yiffing, and that he didn't want to upset his inflatable MLP sex doll by giving his life milk to a horny Asian lady, and that she should go drink bleach and die. Cloptastic was pissed that she didn't succeed in killing herself so that he could go back to creampieing his inflatable MLP sex doll. Has also recently joined CA's shittiest clan known as -004-.

  • MystMooneh: The typical melancholy basic bitch confused bisexual perverted tumblr girl emofag. Always complains about how hard life is, dealing with depression, and how the community sucks, yet continues to participate in the community. Unfortunately she has yet to an hero, leading her to continue to fail at everything. Lastly known to brag about her boyfriend and how much sex she's getting from him. Her name is Jen and apparently her boyfriend is actually her dad, named Alex. She is linque's latest target of pedophile advances and wet dreams. She apparently wastes more money on in game name changes, than Zimbabwe's annual GDP. She changes her forum avatar, and signatures more often than she changes her soiled panties. Apparently she gets wet and goes into heat like a bitch every time she plays Combat Arms because she gets a homosexual lady boner from fantasizing about Viper. She has also become the new cum dumpster for -004-'s whiteknights after joining. She has earned the nickname "Queen of Quarantine Regen", probably because all the STDs shes infected with.
  • xJVIayhem: Some fuckface that keeps riding and sucking Nexon's gold-plated cock and balls by pretending to care about others in the hopes that he may one day, become a forum moderator. He is also one of Finest's most vocal white knights.
  • KevinSun242: Some faggot brony that likes to clop to Rainbow Dash. HORY SHET HE'S AZN!!! Also is one of finestnew's chief white knights. Proceed with caution when dealing with this faggotry. He is also a victim of AMD64USER's "Priesthood" (child molestation) and underage marriage to the cougar shotacat finestnews; which of whom has divorced him as soon he turned 18 and could no longer meet her desires to be shota boy toy.
  • Mikukitty01: Some 26 old homosexual forumer who admitted to having cried over the death of scarbird, having attended the funeral personally and even claimed to have sex with him with video proof. He is relatively inactive and usually prowls the off-topic section on the forum. Also one of the biggest, faggotest, fattest fuckin' weeaboo to ever exist. Be sure to mention Scarbird and how much of an faggot he is to induce rage. He also enjoys pretending to be a woman online to lure unsuspecting victims.

- Unclassified Retards

  • (Died like a retard for attention) Scarbird: Some loser cuntface that was a bastard child of a vietcong and is well liked by the community. Drowns himself like a faggot and made local headline news because he likes the attention it will cause (which it did for a few days). Bringing him up is sure to cause massive butthurt among the already mentioned forumers.
  • Throwyourself: Some Aussie peasant wanker that has a fetish for Sonic the Hedgehog and likes calling other people peasants. Is known for bragging about killing people with his tracker and Autumn Law while idolizing his Assault Vest.
  • GenerolHavoc: Some pompous troll ass wanker Kiwi who thinks anyone who kills him in game is a hacker and proceeds to stalk them and harass them. He is similar to xJVIayhem, and likes to suck on Nexon's dick in hopes that he will one day become a GM in game. He is well known for hackusating people, and trying to bait people into getting upset at him so that he can record them and report them for harassment/hacking/powerleveling despite the fact that he does all of those himself.
  • iExtra/l-PoTaToEs-l: Some wanker that has no life who has 30 alternate accounts that are Major 1+ at any given point in game and on the forums that is known for powerleveling, hacking, and harassing other players. He is also well known for trying to sell his alt accounts in attempts to scam people before they are banned. He doesn't get permanent IP banned because he suck's Nexon cock from time to time and constantly spends money on his alt accounts that get banned.
  • Olauf: Some retard that doesn't understand CA is a game and demands that every gun and all game mechanics has to be made 100% realistically accurate. Constantly ask for Iron Sites on guns, and asking for a shit ton of cosmetics and cameos. Also pretty oftenly demand stupid unrealistic bullshit which is ironic since he demands everything be in his personal flavor of realism.
  • Lemonjuice89: A retarded Nexon apologist who believes that there is never any lag or hackers on Combat Arms, and tells people that they need to get a better computer when they point out that there is server lag. He also believes that his computer is the top notched shit, even though 90% of the forumers have a better computer than he does. He is also technologically retarded and doesn't understand that Oceanic players lag simply because of the distance they live from the NA Servers.
  • gkuo88: Some retard that has self-entitlement issues in believing that Nx users should have humongous ass advantages over GP users, and think that Nexon should be sucking his dick cause he spent money on their game. He was one of the losers who defended shifting after it was removed.
  • aVoid: Someone grumpy dipshit that spammed threads to Nexon, hoping that they would patch "shifting." Shifting is a known glitch that enables one to delay an attack by pressing the fire button and quickly sprinting. He also becomes incredibly butthurt and will fly into batshit insane rage when someone discovers his real IGN: *cough azns007! He changed it because he can't handle people knowing it. He also has a self victimizing complex where he trolls and derails threads, and when people call him out on it he acts like he did nothing wrong. He has recently instigated fights with HavenFort because he is jealous of HavenFort's trolling abilities and his abilities to write and comprehend things on the forums. He has also recently adopted the troll lifestyle since Cloptastic has been banned. He is a pretty shitty troll cause he doesn't do anything original or all that aggressive. Just copies a lot of the softcore stuff other trolls did. Has recently been banned also, his short reign of exclusive trolling rights after Havenfort was banned ended quicker than expected.
  • TheQuarNub: Another retard who keeps complaining about shifting. He also took offense when someone suggested that only retards use the word "Nub" because it shows that user is too stupid too spell noob properly, too lazy, or just ironically stupid.
  • Glasband/BrotherGlasband: Not much is known about this beaner named glasband, other than the fact that he was supposedly a prominent forum troll for a while. A while ago however, he claims to have reformed and has become a buddhist monk. Too fucking nice to everyone.
  • HavenFort: Stay away from this faggot... he is a dangerous forum troll. His kind of troll faggotry is unseen to the CA forums because he is a multidimensional troll. He can be trolling one minute, then make a post that is the epiphany of the most intelligence you will ever likely to see on the forums; that you will not see from anyone else. Then write a 10,000 word, 20 page essay saying the stupidest shit as if he is in a half dead stupor. He is also confusing as fuck, because his stances overly confusing for the illiterate peasants on the forums. He has a burning hatred for Bronies and stupid people who like to suck his dick, and has been seen idolizing Cloptastic as forum Jesus. He gets along with all other trolls and is targeted by brain dead retards named MoarPony, linque, and Dirty. He has also earned the scorn of Finestnews and xJVIayhem for defending the trolls. He has also coined some popular phrases among the regular forumers. He has recently become a really aggressive troll after Cloptastic has been banned, it ill suits him cause most of the time he is nice, well mannered, makes funny or helpful posts, so when trollsing and drops down shocking statements people think he is serious and just think he is douchenugget instead of a troll. Only FooFoo14 seems to enjoy his trolling. Has recent been banned for 6 months.
  • Aceheart101: Some retard that thinks he is smart and that his opinion matters, even though just about everything he says is linque tier stupidity. He also tried to join the two branches of the cool kids club on the forums: the trolls, and the non-brain dead. Which he failed horribly at both accounts.
  • DrPhilMagraw: Some dude that claims to be working on behalf of Dr. Phil, and is writing a report on numerous forumers. His specialty is being incredibly eloquent with his posts and typically incorporates some elements of psychology into them. Rumored to be jjmcwill.
  • NoRacial: Some troll that likes making imitation threads of other people's retarded thread to mock them, a lot similar to Foofoo14... which draws suspicions.
  • alwasim: A mysterious forumer, it is unknown whether he is just awal as his name suggests and insanely stupid a very convincing troll.
  • MeKick: Some retard troll who is making a series where he plays from Trainee to GOA. Some retarded forumers have become his fans and actually watch his live stream cause they are even bigger losers than he is.
  • Tigerlilly: Some retarded shit bag that makes the shittiest weapon reviews evers and posts them in the media section. All his videos have terrible ass shitty music, and a segment of his idiotic social justice warrior bullshit after the intro.
  • HyeTillIDie: Some idiotic forum newbie who doesn't understand trolling and posts retard shit all the time. He for some reason feels that he needs to spam a useless idiotic post in every single thread on the first page which has earned him the scorn of some forumers. He also feels the need to lecture everyone about their actions on the forums. He is currently the receiver of the majority of aVoid's homosexual affectionate softcore trolling. Also has an idiotic obsession with some stupid movie/character named John Wick. Is also a giant hypocrite, some idiotic social justice warrior, and believes he can never do anything wrong... honestly the sheer pompous audacity he has is sickening.
  • Thread: Just some lame ass troll. Posts obvious troll bait meant to inflame other players, and even has a trollface for a profile picture. Obvious troll is obvious, but obviously not obvious enough.

What you can expect to see when on the forums:

  • People trying to scam you for your account.
  • Girl gamers trying to get people to watch them play live.
  • Spammer.
  • Troll thread.
  • People proudly displaying their skills in a pro montage.
  • People advertising (OP usually gets banned and the thread deleted).
  • Mexicans posting in spanish and ignorantly assuming that everyone on the forums is bilingual
  • You shitposting, faggot. Go die in a fucking fire.
  • People bitching about how terrible the game is, while still continuing to play it.

Trolling the forums

Due to the fact that the vast majority of forumers are idiots, trolling the forums is quite easy.

How to troll the forums:

  • Spam every thread.
  • Post shock images.
  • Have an opinion.
  • Call people names.
  • Generally be an ass to everyone.
  • Suggest ridiculous things, such as the ability to equip a scope on your knife.
  • Flood the tips and hints section with dipshit stupid questions, such as how to log onto the forums, how to shoot your gun, how to jump, ect...
  • Farm threads in the clan recruitment section until the mods show up and delete all your replies.
  • Admit to having used hacks in the past.
  • Use an offensive avatar.
  • Necro-bump as often as possible.
  • Bring up the death of Scarbird.
  • Bring up the death of Scarbird.

InGame Trolling

As with any other online multiplayer game, there will always be people who are constantly looking for the opportunity to ruin others' fun.

Trolling Tips:

  • Use an over-powered weapon and own with it.
  • Use the default weapon and own with them.
  • Rage-kick anyone who kills you.
  • Rage-kick the best player on the opposing side.
  • Rage-kick in general.
  • Team-kill.
  • Use flash and smoke grenades.
  • Use a machine gun.
  • Use a sniper rifle at close range.
  • Use a rocket launcher at point blank.
  • Use a shotgun.
  • Use only NX gear.
  • Hack.
  • Glitch.
  • Be a better player.
  • Be a terrible player.
  • Kill yourself over and over again in order to give the other team as many points as possible.
  • Refuse to start a room.
  • Play as a female base character.

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