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Codenamesailorearth/2nd Wikia Saga

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She's baaaack

On Sept 26, CNSE decided she hadn't made herself look retarded enough and tried to re-enter the community that had done all they could to eject her. She started by making her usual brand of hate videos that succeed in making her look as if shes incapable of reading

She then created a video deliberately attacking the Wikia sites, which had done nothing but attempt to help her redeem herself.

Also, in an act of hypocrisy, she makes a video telling people what they can and can't do because it "bothers" her.

It's only a matter of time before she starts a campaign to bring down ED. Too late:


Next thing she did to try and get her name off the wikia blacklists was to actually have the blacklists taken down. She told them to take a hint and remove the pages before their accounts were deleted, saying how wrong blacklists are. However, knowing that she was such a virgin goddess, she forgot about their own blacklists against her.


Though she claims she stopped editing Saboten models, the proof was found that she ripped off Saboten and Lat model hair to make her "original" ones.

Stealing, plagiarizing and blatant lies over lies are incurable disposition of this ungifted "freelance" artist. Who can ever give her remedy?

Moon Sisters Wall of Perpetual SHAME

<Codenamesailorearth/2nd Wikia Saga

Despite saying so much against blacklisting, SailorWhore has her own which is by far the most retarded one you will find.

Dear Sailormoon fans,
The following is a list of people and their websites whom you, the faithful must do well to AVOID at all costs. These villains of the Internet world contribute nothing but pain and selfish intent, and are the bane of existence to all who thrive upon the Pretty Soldiers. If you or someone you know has website devoted to Sailormoon, then PLEASE send a link to this portion of Moon Sisters, and WARN them about the trouble-addicts of fandom. PLEASE DO NOT e-mail or bother the following addresses. Simply do well to look out for them, in case they try to steal from you as well.

And just because I used Photoshop does not EVER mean you can use ANYTHING I post on
 this site, UNLESS you ask me permission first!

However, darkness does not exist without light, and there is a white list of people whom have more than redeemed themselves and are okay, upstanding people, who deserve to be treated as you would want to be treated. Avoid the black list people and please applaud and show your support for the white list people. White listed sites are a-ok! ^_~

Codename Sailor Earth
Creator and sole owner of Moon Sisters, The Unofficial Site To The Heirs To The Throne.

Black list~ Stay away from these people! 

It saddens me to no end, that a series about soldiers who fight for love and justice, could beget so many evil, ignorant SAVAGES. Odds are, that if your name and/or site is here, then it's because you are a prime example of why birth control was invented. May you at least find some peace, as you writhe in your own personally crafted eternal Hell. You are now the bane of existence to many a Sailormoon fan, and a leprosy ridden thorn of poisonous scurvy to the creators of the Sailormoon series.

And to you the kind Sailormoon fan, if your name is NOT listed here, then beware the names and sites listed below, and know that if you have suffered at their hands, that you are not alone. I am with you in spirit.

People whom have STOLEN my work and re-used it as theirs:
Owner e-mail: mailto:[email protected]
This person STOLE one of MY pictures from the Chibiusa's Lovers page, and uses it as "theirs". This person also STEALS from other websites, as "they" do not wish to try making pictures on their own. And the information on this site is inaccurate and atrociously misspelled. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!
UPDATE: Apparently Serenity didn’t live forever, as when Geocities closed, so did this piece of trash. Rest in Hell.
So! You think that this page is the stupidest thing you've ever seen? Ha ha. Very funny. I don't believe you, since if you hate it soooo very much, then why would you steal from it and ACTUALLY visit it apparently more than once? Did we forget that? Aside from you assclowns stealing MY crap, Lemme point out whassamatta with YOUR page:
* You piss on Doctor Who.
* You piss on Red Dwarf.
* You piss on Mystery Science Theater 3000.
* Yer grammmur skilz am be dat of a brein defficient fieve yar olde.
* You piss on anime fans everywhere.
* You pimp out Hotaru with your stupidity.
And let's not forget...... YOU PISS ON PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING!!!
Also, your layout is HORRIBLE!! I've seen crayon drawings that are more believable.
Over all, you suck! So please go away. Everyone else, please avoid these folks!
UPDATE: Somewhere lost in their archives is still a remnant of what they did.
If you wanted to use my pics, ASK ME FIRST!! I’m not hard to find!!
UPDATE: This profile has been dormant since 2008. But that’s still MY Kousagi picture up!
That picture of Naru’s child and Kousagi belongs to ME. Is it so hard to ask first? I see this person also stole from and a few other pages too!
This thief STOLE my Kousagi animation. Then took it down, but has been flagged more than once for stealing art from Naruto fans.
Just because I don’t speak your language does NOT mean you can steal TWO pictures from my site! TWO of my pictures of Kousagi are up here.

People who are mean, and/or give off misinformation because they think it's funny:

SweetUsagi Sailormoon: version 2.0
Owner: e-mail: [email protected], aim: natsukigirl
This person is very mean, and is the mother of the false rumor of Kousagi not being second born, when the manga clearly states that Chibiusa is first born. This person also attacks others at whim, and should NOT be contacted for ANY reason.

The Sailormoon Pockybox
Owners e-mails:
[email protected]
[email protected]
Ok, so aside from one of the WORST Sailormoon site titles I have ever seen, these people came out of nowhere and trashed this site without actually READING any of it!
Not only did I NOT ask them their opinion, it is clear that they didn't bother to do ANY research, and they claim that Kousagi and Ami Jr are FANFIC characters?
I wonder what Naoko Takeuchi would say to that, since she's the one who CREATED the Parallel Senshi! And what the hell MORON waits over two months after writing up my site to tell me this? It took you people TWO MONTHS to come up with a few lame-ass retorts? Screw you!

AOL/Time Warner
This is one of those rare double edged sword things. I’m pissed at them for shutting me down after Halloween of 2008, but if they hadn’t have forced me to look for another host, I might not have had my new account. So thank you Time Warner. Thanks for your incompetence. Now fuck off.
A gathering for haters. People, update your links and go get a life.

This should explain what happened: ← This is from my official MySpace.
If you have a DeviantArt account, I highly suggest that you take it down for the following reasons:
1. IF you sell anything through them, you will only make 20%. 10% goes to production cost and DeviantArt makes the remaining 70%. You are essentially giving them your art for pennies.
2. They will NEVER try to protect you should a thief report your work without permission.
3. They claim that Photoshop pics are “not” art, yet they allow people to routinely SCAN stuff from the Sailormoon manga!
4. New artists will be flagged for Photoshopping, but this site still has Triple X material on it. Some of it is of underage characters. REALLY??
Avoid this website at all costs. You can always make your own website, and Bijutsukan Kokoro is always waiting for you!

Grey List:
Neither bad nor good. Anyone on this list is in an odd situation.
This person has been downloading content from Kousagi’s Colors, but was actually open about admitting it here: Um... Thanks for the support?

Tossing out her only defender

Ah... you guys need to see this. It will explain what I said before.This is on the Wikia Terms of Service page. (As in THE Wikia, not the Vocaloid Wikia.

You agree not to use the Service to:

  • Harass members of the Service; (I read Damesuke's posts on various talk pages.)
  • Use the Service in any unlawful manner or in any other manner which could damage, impair, or overburden the site; (Well you didn't do that.)
  • Post, upload, transmit, share, or store content which is unlawful, defamatory, infringing, obscene, or invasive of another's right to privacy or publicity; (Some English dictionaries define a blacklist as defamatory. Damesuke's insults about me on her talk page don't help matters.)
  • Impersonate another entity or person; (Nope, you're clear.)
  • Post, upload, transmit, share, or store unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, solicitations, "spam", or any other type of unauthorized solicitation; (Nope, you're ok.)
  • Solicit personal information from any user under the age of 18; (I saw you guys posted the REAL names of people on the Blacklist. With NO way to guarantee their REAL ages, you might want to re-think this.)
  • Access or attempt to access any information on the Service through an interface other than the Service or otherwise approved by the Company; (No clue what that means, but I'm sure you're ok.)
  • Solicit passwords or other information for unlawful purposes. (Nobody does that.)

So that's why I posted the video. I was trying to warn you guys, so you DON'T lose your accounts. Where I'm from, a video like what I posted is called "tough love". Alright, peace out!


Cute attempt, if it weren't for the fact that the wikias involved are not breaking the rules, and this is just another whore-attempt to get her way by using and abusing set rules to her whim. Didn't work, obviously, as the wikia pointed out her flawed logic easily. She even claimed one of the editors, who had spent days "helping" her, had turned to harassing her when the truth was far from it. The little bitch just can't seem to get a thrill off her attention-whoring unless she blames everyone else for her own stupidity.

She also claimed they blacklisted every user using an UTAU- at the UTAU wikia- that sounded like a Vocaloid (importing Vocaloid into UTAU is a "no-no"). This girl seemed to only get dumber, as she failed to realize how difficult it would be to get a Vocaloid in the first place, nonetheless making it into an UTAU (which defeats the whole fucking purpose). To look like she was intelligent, she quoted the wikias blacklist trying to find a case to taunt the wikia with, an act she did previously with a guy who had broken every legal rule one could. To make matters worse her videos continued and she added this crap to her video collection.

The world applauds her efforts! Incidentally when it was pointed out that Sailorwhore didn't know shit about what she was talking about and that case she used in her defense was already sorted long ago, she made the video private in an attempt to hide her stupidity. She had done this in her previous rounds, quoting a guy caught breaking every copyright legal rule as "some poor innocent guy", incidentally she took that video down months before her return.

Also, to hide her shame at the wikia, she blanked her talk page where the editors put her in her place. Finally growing a pair, albeit tiny, the editors blocked her for breaking the "no blanking" rule. Can she get any stupider?

LulzSec did CNSE


That's right, LulzSec themselves were responsible for spamming her Facebook page (although she fails to realize that all LulzSec members but Sabu have been arrested at this point).

Former Friends Got Fedup with This Bitch

Comment posted on MMD Wiki

I don't know why I actually read this now. I left CNSE case after I sent a message to Damesuke about it but I never read this before~~ Oh well.

I cannot understand how close-minded this girl is. She makes things out of her mind and doesn't even bother to search for them to see if her 'facts' are correct or not. Ironically, I was supporting her at first and when she talked about Richardo's UTAU "kinda sounded like LOLA", I tried to explain to her that Richardo admitted he imported Vocaloid LOLA to UTAU and why such act is a copyright violation. Result? she simply denied my comment and continued playing with words. Next great offence was when she said that modelers only use bases and ready made stuff like Polygon Love or 3D custom girl and a "tiny bit of metaseqoia or blender". This comment angered me so much that I never wanted to speak to her again, something rare for my character. I knew that she would deny any comment I made that would go against her thoughts, so I tried to relax and ignore her. You cannot say that to people who are stuggling to make models in metaseq from scratch (yes, every single polygon made from scratch). It is like saying "All you create is fake and you are wasting your time". Ahem../ But after reading her blogs... all I say is,

1)Get your facts correct,

2)Follow the rules,

3)Don't mix bullying with copyright infrigment and most importantly


Ways to solve?

1)Use google, do not use your imagination. Windows 100% existed way before MMD came out, bullying means severe harrassing, not informing people for a bad act they did, and Higuchi-M is NOT Animasa!

2)You have rules for for your photoshopped images on your site because it is "your art". I will not comment on your art but generally for PMD models. These models are also a kind of fanart. Crypton never made a Hatsune Miku model, the fandom made many of them. Editing a model is equal to taking an art piece from deviantart, recolour it, distrort it, blur it, filter it, trace it and draw another character and all the photoshop stuff. The fact that they are freely given out does not mean that they can be freely edited, just like with fanart images.

3)If you followed the rules at the first place, things wouldn't have gone this way. Also, blacklisting doesn't mean that there will messages like "AAAGHGHHH YOU USE POCALOID YOU ARE A C*NT" or "YOU ARE A B*CH BECAUSE YOU EDITED NANAMI MODELS!!! i WANT YOU TO DIE!". the MMD police is not this way. They never support such acts. And to tell the truth, I was very anxious about Saboten releasing Aoki Lapis and Akikoroid because of you.

4)DON'T THINK THAT YOU CAN FOOL US BY FAKE ACCOUNTS AND NAMES! "Andrew Jones" on Saboten's blog, the e-mail girls, and a couple of fake facebook accounts. Only a stupid person would think that a boy would write the blog entry because if he truly was an MMD fan, he would have a weabooish name like "I<3Miku". What kind of little boy would write his whole name and surname on the internet and know about MMD and Nanami? And what kind of "children" would open a facebook page with nothing in their walls and photos just to write supporting stuff on your page while having Middle-Ages' full names?

You can skip this like you did to Richardo's blacklisted case and make something from your mind, but I want to make you a question, CNSE. How does it feel to know that one of your TRUE human supporters is now on the MMD police's "bullying-according-to-you" side?

Comment posted on Tumblr

CNSE’s full MMD drama

I was CNSE’s fan for a long time, as a kid I was a die hard Sailor Moon fangirl and I always liked to watch her photoshop animations. So from my eyes, CNSE’s story has passed from beggining to today (it still hasn’t come to an end). With that being said, I would like to present you the whole story of her MMD drama. I am writing this mostly to inform the newer members of the MMD community and the people who do not know about her and why she is treated as she is treated. Here we go!

CNSE, or by her youtube username CodenameSailorEarth, is a user who has been on the internet for a rather long amount of time. About five years ago (when I started watching her videos), her videos mostly consisted of Sailor Moon fanmade animations, created using Photoshop and Windows Movie Maker. She was the very active administator of her page, moonsisters, a Sailor Moon fanpage dedicated to the protagonists’ daughters, Rini(Chibiusa) and Kousagi.

Two years ago, after discovering Miku Hatsune and making some fanmade videos with her as well, she discovered MMD.

Her first MMD video was a video with Animasa Miku laying on a bed (actually a picture on the background), and asking for people to send her Hello Kitty and Sailor Moon models. Shortly after that, she obtained ISAO’s Kitty'er Rio, a Windows 100% model, who she made a video with being coloured in blue with dark skin, standing above a spotlight and playing her guitar. In the video description, she put a download link to her. This video was generally ignored.

As time passed by, CNSE got models that represented all the official vocaloid 1 and 2 characters by various creators. This was shown in a video of the Honey MMD dance.

Sometime later, she noticed that some users are apparently “bullying” the illegal editors. For this reason she made a video with Saboten Miku, but with all her textures negative except for her hair, telling them to stop because “Miku doesn’t like this”.

A few days later, sometime before christmas, she made another video requesting her viewers a hello kitty model. This time, she also used Saboten’s miku, but with her textures edited to make her look like a kitty'er, plus giving a download link to her. As everyone knows, this was the boom on her MMD usage. For the next two weeks, She deleted all negative comments who told her to take the download down before it gets worse. At this whole time, she had put the following annotiation at the beggining of her video:“The model stays up! MMD and its models are FREE!”

As words couldn’t do anything to her, the fans directed her video to Saboten. Saboten wrote a blog about his rules being violated by “that person”, not referring to her by her name. Many of her fans (Saboten’s) left supporting comments on that blog, but after seeing them CNSE misunderstood that Saboten herself has sent the negatively commenting people. She tried to write something in japanese to leave a comment in Saboten’s blog as well, only to end up sounding too rude because of the message being machine-translated to the japanese language.

In the meantime, CNSE made a few rant videos.

The first one was about how her kitty'er miku video was under attack by a bunch of haters, showing concern on how Crypton and Yamaha will not bring Vocaloid overseas because “we act like children”.

The second one, being also a rant video, was about the vocaloid wikia’s blacklist. She ranted about how there are people who have no reason to be in the blacklist, like Richardo (a retired user who has imported vocaloid LOLA to UTAU), misunderstanding that his UTAU “kinda sounded like LOLA”. She also ranted on how the modelers do not own their models because the characters are not theirs and they use “3D custom girl and a tiny bit of metasequioa”.In the end of the video, he told the wikia admins to fuck off, showing her tongue to the screen.

The third rant video was about a little girl who was called a bitch for using her kitty'er miku on the internet. She tried to show affection for the said kid, though many users suspected it was a fake case.

The fourth rant video was a continuation of the third. She commented on how some people left negative comments on her other ranting video, telling them to be serious because “the targets are children”, which resulted in her putting the comments in approval.

The fifth rant video was different, instead of showing herself talking, she decided to use a text video instead. There she displayed a message she claimed to have recieved from a second girl about how she was harassed in DeviantArt.

Soon after, Saboten wrote another blog, announcing that she’ll delete the previous blog, will not stop making models because she likes doing so, thanking the people who supported her and indirectly calling CNSE a bad person for her actions. In response, CNSE made another ranting video, on how all MMD haters against her are gonna be blocked from now on.

CNSE then went to the wikia and started speaking with its users for removing her from the blacklist. At that point, Damesuke tried to settle the things between the japanese modelers. For a few months, she decided to try to redeem. Around this time, she removed the download link from the video description and kept quiet.

After Saboten deleted the blog, she declared how the war is over and that she got the hello kitty model she requested. After one month of “peace” and her reddeming on the way, CNSE decided to make a new video featuring a collection of “bullying” comments she recieved and declaring the she opened a facebook group, the “fight MMD, vocaloid and UTAU bullies online” page.

Two videos followed in a very short notice. In the first, it seemed that ISAO noticed the illegal distribution of their kitty'er model and sent CNSE a note to stop the distribution because “this model is not free data”. CNSE misunderstood that message, claiming that ISAO “threatened” her. The second one was something else. One of her fans noticed how a page was brought up for her in ED (Encyclopedia Dramatica, a trolling wiki page), so she called it a “hate shrine”. On the “Fight MMD bullying” group, she was pretending to be happy that those guys love her for posting so much about her and updating the page, up until a member left a rude message, saying that all her followers are simply laughing at her stupidity. This resulted in her closing the group for some time.

The videos, however, brought rage to the wikia admins, to which CNSE had promised to not upload any new videos about “MMD bullying”. With that promise broken, Damesuke eventually grew fed up with her, which only resulted in CNSE blaming him for bullying inside the wikia.

As a result another video was created, this one with Rin and Yuki showing to react to the wikia’s blacklist and ED, as well as saying how Higuchi-M(the programmer who created MMD) quit updating MMD because of the bullying and MMD police. This activity was contrary against the piapro character licence, where it is said that Crypton Future Media characters should not be used to spread misinformation.

Damesuke decided to direct to AHS and Crypton for violation of their characters’ TOS and commented on her wikia page about it. CNSE misunderstood that Damesuke was a Crypton and AHS employee.

Her facebook page was re-installed and she declared she will start using exclusively animasa models, that are safe to edit and distribute. The page, however, had alot of articles with false info about MMD, windows 100%, doujinshi, copyright laws and generally a lot of misinformation.

Of course, this brought negative comments to her talk page, but as she couldn’t block anyone or delete any messages, she cleared her whole talk wall, breaking the wikia rules, resulting in her banning for a small period of time.

For the next months, she started editing animasa models by giving them a shiny spa (yiyihair) and giving them brown skin. And this is where the illegal editing restarted.

CNSE started using parts from not editable models and denied the usage of those parts, even if there was proof of the usage. The first model was a bikini Aoki lapis, using Saboten’s Lapis hair, the second a kimono CUL using LAT CUL’s hair and headwear, the third a SeeU model using Sourou’s hair, the fourth an Oliver model using parts from a not editable model, then a dong fang Zhi zi model with saboten Lapis’s three layered skirt and then a whole package of illegal edits. All this time, she removed comments, blocked users and did everything she could to not have any negative comments in her videos.

She is not a remarkable MMD user at all. Like her ED page said you can help her by giving her no attention. Let her mind her own bussiness and make sure that one day her actions will backfire

From your gracious host, haku123

Sockpuppetry Again:VocaloidChimi

Koriander has the notorious record of sockpuppeting a fake defender "Andrew Jones, an 11 yo boy she was babysitting". This time Kori made up another sockpuppet "VocaloidChimi, a 14 yo Malay girl standing up against MMD bullies". but VC doesn't speak Malay language at all. This proves how retard this homeschooled genious is.

World's Worst Hypocrite Ever

So who is really the MMD bully? Facebook removed her MMD harassing comment... orz CodenameSailorEarthHarassment.png