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Chloe Dykstra

From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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Go back to the... oh wait.
Chloe loves the cock.
Just to clarify, I am saying I would have sex with him.


—Chloe admitting she's a loose slut in an interview

Part-time model, rich daddy's girl, gigantic slut... Full time owner of nice tits.

Many of us were born of humble circumstances, aspiring to wealth and fame. Fortunately for Chloe, her father is a rich bastard and she gets to live her life free of worries like, "How am I going to eat this week", "I have $200k in student loans" or "I don't own a pair of nice melons". Chloe rocketed to Internet fame when she dated professional mommy's boy Lemon Demon. Some time after their breakup, some nudes of her were released. At the time, it didn't seem like so much of an issue for her. Young models need exposure right? Soon Chloe realized that for all the good publicity having your tits on the internet brings, there are also one million sick fucks furiously fapping forthright for a finish.

Lemon Demon

During a callout thread on Lemon Demon at Something Awful, it was discovered that Chloe was also a SA Goon and was extremely hot and with tits as big as Chris-chan.

Despite being clearly a good catch for someone like Neil, when Chloe asked Neil to move out of home with her he buckled under the pressure and refused to leave the comfort of the family home, stating that he didn't want to live too far away from his family (40 minutes drive was too far away). Neil's dependence on his family and reluctance to change is a typical symptom of AIDS.

There used to be a gallery there, but apparently Neil is a faggot and claimed the girl was underage, even though her tits were so hugely out of proportion for her skinny body that she obviously got implants. But now the tits are back on this article instead. Where did the pics come from? Well after breaking up with Neil, she decided to be a porn star:

okay so this is pretty bad. ugh. i figured i might as well tell you guys because eventually you'll all find out anyway.

I'm really low on money, and I wouldn't have been able to pay my rent this month. And I refuse to ask help from my parents. So I've been working on a movie. It's not as bad as you think it is, but it's still pretty bad. Pretty typical... stuff. Here is my reasoning:

  • Sex is not that special to me; I don't treat it as anything more than it is- an animalistic act.
  • It's all safe nowadays, I won't be catching anything.
  • Everyone's seen my boobs anyways.

It pays enough to keep me going for a little while until I can get another commercial or whatever. Everyone has to make a living somehow. I love you all, and I trust you'll be supportive.


—Chloe in her blog, broke after spending all her money on implants

Said Nudes

My Kinky Pics

For a short while, Chloe had her images hosted on, likely for extra income. After realising that the entire Internet was having at them, she deleted them. Luckily, as it has been proven that these pictures were taken when she was of age, they are hostable.

Chloe is a Whore

About to have a mascara brush inserted into my vajayjay by a guy named Uzzi (pronounced "oozy"). Wish me luck.



(how did you lose your virginity?)

I lost my virginity in a hotel room to an F-list celebrity, who was married, Mormon, and had three little boys. Evil, right? Yes, yes, I know I'm on the fast train to an eternity of cleaning up demon shit in 444.9 degree heat. In my defense, I halted it after a few seconds. Also in my defense, I was freshly 18 and still naive, while he was 34. BONUS FACT: This is the only time I cried after sex!

(how many people have you had sex with?) As for the second question I will simply say this... I can count the number on three hands. Yeah, I've counted and recounted and it still confuses me how the hell I managed that, considering I've only had three one night stands (one was my virginity, and two came after a MAJOR heartbreak... you understand), and aside from that haven't slept with anyone I wasn't dating/REALLY cared about for at least a month and a half. Life moves quickly, I guess.


— chloe, making up an obvious lie to sound innocent, actually lost her virginity when she was 10 to a kid in school

I had an affair with my rockstar idol that lasted six months.



Internet Presence

  • email: [email protected]
  • aim:glossiebell
  • mobile phone #:310-555-1234
  • home phone?:#323-817-8683


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