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How chibixzaide sees herself
Generally more than one person holding the exact same opinion of you should be a hint to you that maybe they're right.


—chibixzaide, Feb 18, 2009

chibixzaide is a twenty-three-year-old home-schooled TARTlet and Invader Zim fan who lives with her parents. She spends most of her time drawing mediocre fan art, BAWWWW-ing on her journal, begging for gift art, obsessing over her crappy Irken original characters, and trolling for attention. She has an ego the size of the internets, and a record of contradicting herself in order to come out on top in arguments. A good example of this is how she states she can complain about whatever she wants to whenever she feels like it, yet also states the she has a fear of being ridiculed publicly. She also believes that if you don't agree with her, you're a stalker (she might also be getting off to the idea of being stalked, but we have yet to confirm this) and will block your ass to make it seem like she proved her point.

Fun Facts

chibixzaide in a nutshell.
  • She thinks that she is never wrong about anything.
  • Anybody who disagrees with her opinions of another person is an asskisser.
  • She believes that she possesses "artistic talent", and wants to become a Professional Artist (even though she is currently 23 and seems to have no Art school plans).
  • She brags about how much she earns with her "great job", but will then turn around and complain about how she can't even afford a cheap, compact air conditioner.
  • She believes that she can copyright her Irken characters, and their names.
  • She'll go on huge rants when people don't credit her "the right way" for using one of her bases.
  • She's been banned from dA before.
  • She used to RP on Furcadia.
  • She thinks that not giving anything she draws a fucking background is a stylistic choice.
  • She hates all of humanity because they don't care about her problems.
  • Reading her public journal makes you a stalker.
  • She thinks that she is not a weeaboo despite the fact that she draws in the generic animu style found throughout most of dA, draws Pokémon fanart, has chibi in her screename, lectures others about the proper use of Japanese words, has more than 6 Gaia accounts, claims to like most Japanese things, and wants to visit Japan
  • The only thing that matters to her in regards to her "art" is pageviews. So please go give her some more and leave her a few comments, she loves that.
  • If you create an original character that's similar to chibixzaide's, she'll accuse you of stealing if it starts to become more popular than hers.
  • She'll write GIGANTIC WALLS OF TEXT bigger than most walls made by the Asians, when she's arguing, while also stating that she doesn't really care about the subject she's arguing about.
  • She hates hypocrites.
  • She's 23, and she has a bedtime.
  • When she found her ED she tried to delete everything mentioned in it, from the article itself, to her journals linked within it. Not realizing that everything had already been thoroughly screen capped. Apparently saying whatever you want to and being a dick isn't the noble thing to do anymore once people start calling you out for it
  • Her Rabbit became very thin and died because it was left outside in chilly weather for one night. Please remember that this is her Daddy's fault and that she didn't have the money to take it to the vet herself with her $20-an-hour paycheck that she receives from her "great job".



Its also bad when its ripped off badly...and then the bad rip-off is more popular than the original. No one ever draws Morte for me, or gives much of a crap when I draw him, but happycat1 draws Tork and people oo and ah, and draw giftart.


In the year 2008 chibixzaide became aware that a fourteen-year-old TARTlet with an original character vaguely similar to hers was getting more attention than the one she created. Not realizing that the design was just generic as hell she approached the suspected TARTlet, Deviantart-favicon.png happycat1, and started to drop hints that he might have copied her. She came to the conclusion that his replies to her sounded guilty, and began to flat-out accuse him of stealing her OC, writing an extremely long journal, and making a hate-art (BALEETED) in the process. Never realizing that he got more attention because he was just more out-going, and that happycat1 had never even seen the TWO pictures of her OC out of the 100+ pictures in her gallery before. What makes this drama notable is how blatantly obvious it was that chibixzaide was just jealous that happycat1's crappy little original character had more gift art than her crappy little original character, how she refused to listen to anyone who didn't agree with her, and how she even stated, and I quote, "Typed up words almost always come out to the tune of what your presumption is about them." at one point to defend herself when another user accused her of attention-whoring, completely contradicting her initial argument of perceived guilt.

After happycat1 blocked her, and she made her hate-art it was thought that this drama died. But no, about a year later on May 13, 2009 happycat1 was banned after a conflict with a TARTlet named Deviantart-favicon.png jibjabjoe123 chibixzaide left a comment on jibjabjoe123's profile congratulating her on her achievement. happycat1's girlfriend, Deviantart-favicon.png invader--ash saw this, and told chibixzaide that wasn't very classy of her, and left a similar comment on the hate-art chibixzaide had drawn. chibixzaide would later make a journal on June 24 about invader--ash, telling her what a little bitch SHE was for stirring up old drama. lol wut?


How does I troll more subtly?
I'm not arrogant. I'm simply one of the very very few people in the world who's self-assured enough to fearlessly speak my honest opinion; and not afraid to face the onslaught of 'asskissers who feel the need to defend their asskissee's to the metaphorical death. Though sometimes their obnoxiousness is just too dull, and their stupidity just makes me sad for humanity as a whole, so the discussion breaks down into me simply brushing them off rather than actually debating anything with them


—chibixzaide in response to being called ignorant.

The Aristocrats!

On May 29, 2009, chibixzaide found this picture in her inbox and proceeded to rant on about how she was the only person who realized that it was a joke, and how immature it was for people that she was watching to fill her inbox with crap. She than proceeded to tell everybody else who thought it was funny that they were all a bunch of asskissers, and how sad is was for anybody to find it amusing. She even went as far as to make two journals about it, the second of which confirming that she does indeed troll for attention. At some point the TARTlet who uploaded it, Deviantart-favicon.png ZTHM also known as Deviantart-favicon.png pika-pika-ichigo told her to GTFO, and blocked her. But chibixzaide hadn't finished yet, she started to harass ZTHM's friends on their own pages. ZTHM decided to let ChibiXzaide continue looking like a fool on the her deviation instead of harassing her friends and unblocked her. This led to a very long string of trolls trolling trolls until May 31, when ZTHM created five accounts to spam chibixzaide's comment box with her altered picture, and wrote a rather epic erotic story involving chibixzaide, ZIM, and Jesus. However these actions resulted in ZTHM getting the banhammer on June 2, to which chibixzaide probably bragged about to her parents.

After all, how dare someone not kiss the ass of a once poopular.


As it stands though this drama is not entirely over. ChibiXzaide and ZTHM are waifus now after all, they've made a commitment to one another. ChibiXzaide is still blaming unrelated trolls on ZTHM, and has accused ZTHM of using the internet as a shield while threatening to kick her ass over the internet IN THE SAME SENTENCE


Typical chibixzaide art.

Her artwork is some of the most generic, bland, and uncreative work to be seen on dA, mostly consisting of lineart of her original characters. There is not a single piece that stands out in any way. All of her figures, be they base or bovine, have unnaturally proportioned heads, suggesting that Hydrocephalus is a large part of her art. She is a perfect example of true mediocrity. However she will defend her work to the ends of the earth, because having many pageviews on dA make you a great artist, and insists on watermarking every single thing that she uploads, including the line-art which can be easily de-watermarked merely by adjusting the contrast of the picture. Editing or redistributing anything she draws will result in her cussing you out, and adding MORE watermarks to the pictures, never considering that at least 100 users may have already saved the original version. She will literally go on a crusade if she even THINKS you are copying her art.

chibixzaide in response to art theft.

Her favorite and most frequently visited subject of her artwork is her Invader Zim original characters, a subject which is infinitely lulzy on its own. For example; she writes journals about the specificity of Irken information from Invader Zim, then rapes the information with her art ignoring the fact that Irkens need PAKs to survive and never EVER have wings, bellybuttons, parents, genitals, or tits, and have green blood as shown in the episode "Planet Jackers" of Invader Zim. She will sometimes even have conversations with them, and argue with them in her journals. She has occasionally stated that her Irken original characters are the only part of her that she likes, and are the most important things in the world to her. When somebody draws fanart of one of her original characters she will go through all of the comments and correct anybody who isn't familiar with them who might have the audacity to suggest that something like a character with demon wings might be a Demon, or that her original character with the same coat as a character from the show might be an Irken version of that character. STOP MAKING BLIND ASSUMPTIONS U GAIZ.

The "Mysterious Hacker Person"

On Jul 8, 2009, ChibiXzaide’s email was hacked. Apparently someone thought it would increase the lulz, when it was simply fail, as it only resulted in her “stepping up security”. In reply to a fellow Tartlet on this topic, ChibiXzaide proclaimed how clever she was about the whole thing.

Well I kinda doubt I caught it 'in time' so much as, I was too clever to begin with. I was sort of able to map their activity to an extent, and they hit a deadend.


—chibixzaide, being clever

Chibixzaide starts accusing.JPG

This quote still wasn’t very lulzy until she was hacked AGAIN on Jul 10, 2009, showing that she was, in fact, not clever at all. However, she fails to mention that she was wrong. Another fellow Tartlet suggested for her to change her security questions, but ChibiXzaide dropped the email altogether because changing the questions was too HARD. The reasoning for hacking of her email is yet to be understood, because according to what she’s said, the “Mysterious Hacker Person” didn’t do anything drastic on the first day. She says that the hacker tried to take her PayPal account, but it’s unknown as to whether it was really successful, and it doesn’t seem to have been the original motive. ChibiXzaide told Mysterious Hacker Person on her journal that her parents would beat him up over the internets if he used any money. It does seem though, that her security is a tad easy to pass by.

Super-Ultraseven trolling ChibiXzaide.

No. Me liking Invader Zim is what caused it. Because I know EXACTLY who did it. They just have some personal vendetta against anyone and everyone in the IZ fandom, even though they used to be in it themselves. They need a life.


Even though she's being vague, she's obviously referring to a DevianTART troll Deviantart-favicon.png Super-Ultraseven, because he hates all Invader ZIM fans. In mid-February, Super-Ultraseven, and her got into a brawl. This ended in her giving up and shutting her trap after proving the troll's point.

Thank you, Mysterious Hacker-person for letting me know my security was too lax. :3 I have now stepped it up.


—ChibiXzaide, being grateful for once

Lol. They just stupidly responded to an email my dad had sent me but I'd never read. So as soon as my dad comes up and goes "What did you mean?" I was able to tell that I had been hacked and came promptly to fix it.


—Obvious Troll is Obvious

Just TRY spending my parents hard-earned money... They will kick your ass.


—over the internets

I don't think they ever got into it oast the security questions but I'm gonna be beefing up its security too.


Of course it's best to remember that trolling should be kept on an interwebs-only basis so to avoid any kind of legal action.

How to troll like her

  1. Find a comment that you disagree with and write a paragraph or two about how utterly, and completely wrong the person who wrote it is without actually proving anything. Make it very repetitive and illfully formatted, also make sure to use circle logic. Blocking optional.
  2. If they reply just keep doing the same thing, that is if you have not blocked them, and try to include snippets about how smart you are or how great your life is.
      Also go make a journal to tell your friends that you're arguing. Keep it nice and vague so you can't get banned for being a drama whore.
  3. If they make a well-written post that proves that you are wrong, tell them you didn't read it, and put some kind of smiley at the end, and/or block them.
  4. If they keep replying call them a stalker and/or block them.
  5. Say something witty and block them if you get bored.
  6. Follow the person you blocked, making sure to find out if they have any other accounts that you can post publicly on, then accuse them of stalking you, and/or block them again.


I don't CARE how the "lulz" work. The internet is just as serious as real life, because it IS real life.


—Very serious business, people.

If I could be any one race, I would be English...I'm already part English, but I would FAR rather be completely English than be Asian.... But "OMG I'M SO WEEABOO, ZOMG!" Shut up. Grow up. Fucking trolls."


—Chibixzaide, totally not racist.

Humans are a society of wayward fiends, clawing greedily at their own gratifications and giving all others out.


—Herself in a nutshell. Way to go, Chibixzaide!

hovercrafts don't exist


—Don't argue with science, folks.

Oh yes, so I now must convert to assholism so that i may conform to the utmost degree, or throw myself from a bridge in order to stop being just another mark against the human race's efforts to be one big accumulative, shit-spewing ass!


Wohoho, she got you there!

Its what I get for being outspoken, I suppose.



I don't draw anime style.


—You sure don't!

Maybe I'll just take down the base; this is ridiculous... I don't want to have to police all of DA and keep telling people to fix it and give credit to me.


Yeah, I know what you mean. Its hard to find decent people in the world. I guess the assholes don't see it because they ARE the assholes, and they think highly enough of themselves...that other assholes seem fine too 'cause well...they're alike.


—She sure loves assholes.

They need to make it so blocking people makes it so they can't respond to ANY comments even on other people's pages.


—That would be very convenient for you wouldn't it?

Journals and Comments

They see me trollin' About missing Pics

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