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This girl is batshit insane!!!!!!
Here we go again!

Chibiicrap is a filthy 21 year old, self-diagnosed high-functioning Autistic furfag with ADHD who gets off to furry babies in nappies and also goes by the nickname "Chibii" (probably because "Chibi" was already taken). Her fursona is both a 2-year old and a 16-year old male Kacheek recolor in the one body. When dealing with Chibiicap keep in mind that while she appears nice sometimes, she is actually a fucking psychopath who will fly off the handle at the smallest issue, like all e-aspies.

What Chibiicap wishes she was.
Holy shit. Not only is she a babyfur fuck but a gender confused asspie as well!
Chibiicap IRL

About ChibiiCRAP

Chibiicap left home at 16 to live with her much older boyfriend where she draws her baby furry n00dz all day while he drops in and out of the psych ward. She spends all her time hanging around online roleplaying her babyfur character while she should be out getting a damn job so she can learn how to drive or help pay for her boyfriend's meds.

There are no two ways about it - this girl is as lazy as shit. Hell, she wouldn't even fucking BATHE if her boyfriend didn't MAKE her. She often wonders why her mother thinks she smells while she sits in front of her computer for so long that she falls asleep in front of it.

I was never given the opurtunity as a child to, my teacher promised me that i could learn a language after the first month i was in school and she LIED!! I GOT PISSED! special ed teacher said these were the best years of my life so i said i might as well go kill myself now cause i was hating life, landed myself in a mental ward for 2 weeks and...*takes a deep breath* No i only know english


—Chibiicarpcarpcarpcarp, the balanced individual.

The one redeeming quality about Chibiicap is her ability to see past people's race, gender and sexual preference and see them for the beautiful person that they are on the inside, just like how she wants to be seen:

[I'm] Scottish, Irish, Native American, Jew and umm I think I have other stuff but im just a dirty mixed breed


—Chibiicap, on her heritage.


Chibiicrap's artwork is damn awful and should not be allowed to see the light of the internet. Well, she's on devianTART and FurAffinity so what did you fucking expect? The galleries mostly consist of pictures of her babyfur pissing its pants or cosplaying anime characters. Sometimes she will diversify into fanart of Carebears dressed like cowboys and Pokemon recolors.

You too can own a piece of the Chibiicap Art Collection by following these simple steps:
1) Never bug her about when she's going to finish it.
2) Don't be rude to her.
3) Don't criticize her artwork!!!!!!1111!!!

First of all I wanna thank all of you MY FRIENDS! Who voted for me!!

I worked really hard to win and 2 scribbles and a copy and paster beat my neopets beauty contest entry. The sad thing about the beauty contest is it's not a contest of talent, it's a contest of who gets the most votes, if it's bad or not!

Which really sucks, beacuse the people who beat me had really ugly pictures. but than again im a critiqe beacuse I. LOL i crit my own work from 2 monthes ago.

I just wish that I could win the contest and have it be fair!! And not have things that aren't talented win.

Im sad, bummed out, but also really pissed of and OUTRAGED *points to mood* about all this, but I am going to brush it off my shoulder, go draw another picture and post it on here so I can get positive comments from all of you ^-^!!


—Chibii, ever the gracious loser

Fantastic artwork.
This was eaten is under 3 seconds.


Chibiicrap's journals are rarely checked for spelling or consistency, proving a great many lulz. Common topics include:

As you can see, Chibiicarp is a very balanced, sane person batshit insane, completely blowing up and throwing a hissy fit at the slightest problem. Whenever she doesn't get her own way, or family and friends fail to meet her unrealistic expectations, she will BAWWW on her journals and retreat to her hugbox to be comforted by her dorky and equally unsociable babyfur friends. She regularly takes online "Asperger's Diagnosis Tests" to see how much of her retardedness she can blame on her fake disease. Each time she takes it the score rises (at the latest test she was 41, but has been as low as 35. It's highly likely she'll try and blank this article when she finds out about it.

Why Chibiicap?

Could almost be shitting rainbows.

Chibiicap is a being full of contradictions and various other issues, making her a perfect, yet unexploited lolcow.

She (like all e-Aspies) takes everything out of context in order to gain sympathy from her e-friends.


Chibiicap responds to negative comments in the most mature way possible.

The drama began in mid-2008 when Chibiicap attended a furfag gathering called AFF. She took a ride with other yiffers across to attend and short-changed the driver by $25. When asked to explain, Chibii said that when the girl only put "like $10 in gas in" she decided paying $45 for a trip there and back twice with a stranger would be too much. Not only that, but the trip was actually $60 to and back where Chibiicap lived, as the furfags already lived in the town that the con took place in. If this wasn't enough, Chibiicap then asked for $5 back from the girl who eventually bailed her out so she could spend money while there. When the girl (rightly) refused Chibii threw a hissy fit and accused her of cheating on her boyfur or something. I can't fucking work it out and who cares anyway?. The story pretty much goes:

  • She was asked to pay $45 for the trip by car.
  • She paid $20.
  • She called the driver an "anorexic bitch" (because anything smaller than her is too skinny!) and said her family was rude.
  • She never paid the remaining monies to the driver to compensate for the lost money (it was her Asperger's fault, though.)

On top of cheating just about everyone within 20 feet of her out of their money, she participated in other retarded behavior such as:

  • Insulting the family that let her stay in their house for free.
  • Insisting to the family that being a dominatrix or slave are the only two approaches to a relationship.
  • Bitching about how the family had to drive her to the convention.
  • Badmouthing the family at the convention to anyone who would listen.

"The great thing about being a cub fur is you don't have to stop for bathroom breaks!"


—Chibii, on way home from furfag convention.

After the trip, Chibii returned to her FA account and cried about it in her journal seeking sympathy. She only responded to those sympathetic to her plight, offering their $5's to help her get over such a terrible financial hurdle. Several furries caught on to her faggotry though, and started to question why she just didn't pay the goddamn $25 for her chauffeured trip there and back...and her pathetic whining on her journal seeking comments and comfort from all of her friends list.

"Everyone hates me.. and i don't really give a fuck"

Ah, a paradox. If such a statement was not worth noting, why has the statement been noted?


—Kupok, a furry with half a brain.

Naturally, this question was never answered.

It's unknown at this point if she ever repaid the money, although it's unlikely. Perhaps she just needs some prodding to make sure she pays it. Her Asperger's probably made her forget, guys, so do your bit to help her remember.


At AFF, Chibii commissioned the Guest of Honor, FoxyFennec, for a badge. While she was taking down the character's details, Chibii threw an "age" appropriate fit because the artist did not have the PERFECT color of marker. Rather than pick the closest color, Chibii became so irrational the artist, seemingly very frustrated and glad to be rid of her, didn't bother getting the money before sending Chibii away. BIG MISTAKE.

Chibii proceeded to hover around the GoH's table, stopping back to check on her badge's progress, often with a fucking pacifier in her mouth. She also demanded a change on the sketch every time she stopped back, complaining that the ears were not the right shape, etc. (It's a fucking KACHEEK)

On Day 3 of the con, Chibii's badge was complete, and so FoxyFennec requested payment before she could have her badge. HOHSHIT! Chibii only has $20.00 on hand, NOT the $25.00 the badge was priced at. Foxy withholds her badge (until that $5 is coughed up) and much disappointment ensues. Apparently that $20.00 for gas money went toward getting more babyfur faggotry IN COLOR, and not to the people it was promised to.

Once the badge was complete, Chibiifat made a point to bitch to anyone who would listen that the character on the badge IS TOTALLY THE WRONG NUANCE OF PERIWINKLE.

General Retardedness

Chibiicap constantly complains when family members don't drive her places she wants to go. The fact is, she is twenty fucking years old and should be starting to take responsibility for her adult life.

She doesn't work and is not interested in getting a job. When her boyfriend returned home after an extended period of time in hospital, the first thing she made him do when he got out was fix her computer. Priorities, amirite? She often complains about having no money (because she doesn't work) yet she keeps 6 cats, a guinea pig and a turtle (and would like to have a chinchilla as well). Perhaps if she didn't keep so many fucking animals she could eat food more often? She's also considered joining animal rights groups, while consuming meat at the same time.

She is against gay marriage and sees homosexuality as a cry for attention. (Yet pretending you are a recolored Neopet on the internet in real life isn't?)

She's also a nosy little bitch who gets mad when someone criticizes pictures someone else drew of her boyfriend's gay fursona.

ALSO: Watch out, she's voting for Obama. She's too clueless to be a socialist; most likely is in it for the handouts.

Paganism and hatred of Religion

Chibiicap is a Pagan, because no other religion takes whales apart from Scientology, which she can't afford. She regularly claims that she doesn't like people who push their religion onto others. Why the world can't follow her example I'll never know. She also does a super job of being unbiased toward other religions in her journal entries.

i hope all the Jew had a good fucking hanaka, if your pagan I hope Yule the solstice was good, If your celebrating kwanza (which i have no FUCKING idea what kwanza is) i hope thats good for whoever celebrates it. and any other holidays i forgot but i really don't care. and whatever for the new year..


—Chibiicap, who isn't racist at all!

Oh, sorry, I was being sarcastic. Reading her journal it becomes painfully obvious as to who Chibiicrap really is; a self-loathing Jewish closet lesbian with mental issues who should probably be ignored and left alone for a while.

Oh, and I didn't know what the fuck Kwanzaa was. Faggot spelled it wrong, but this is it if you're interested:


Her b/f's parents have forced her to leave him, so he wouldn't became an hero and she is now begging for a place to stay from other furries. He also hasn't been to his DeviantArt accont for over one and a half years.


She uses the same screenname everywhere, finding more won't be hard!!

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