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Charlotte Dawson. Maybe the single most butthurt person on Earth.

Charlotte Dawson, also formerly known as Twitter-favicon.png MsCharlotteD or Charlotte the harlot, was an over-the-hill, Ausfailian television host who was hospitalized and almost killed by vicious, remoreseless trolls in late August and early September 2012. Quite conveniently, this happened one month before her new book was to be released, detailing how she bullied people for the last 50 years as a spoiled model before eventually growing elderly, turning on and bullying her fellow spoiled models on Australia's less popular version of the hit American television program Top Model... Proving to the world that she did, in fact, suck at everything (not just cocks), she didn't even manage to kill herself correctly. Perhaps her real death will prove that she was more successful this time.

Each year, millions of people die from Internet trolling.


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Charlotte is very popular online.
Last tweet before hospital. She was back 2 days later.
Chalotte Dawson making extremely ableist comments.

After Charlotte went on television and publicly shamed a person who Tweeted her to "Go hang herself", the Internet expressed their opinion of Charlotte with the hashtag Twitter-favicon.png #diecharlotte. Charlotte immediately took the Internet seriously and attempted to kill herself in order to gain sympathy from the media.

#diecharlotte is trending because people don't appreciate faked suicide publicity stunts.


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Check out #diecharlotte #CharlotteDawson to find people holding Twitter responsible for not proactively monitoring tweets and removing hate.


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On February 22, 2014, she was found dead in her home in Woolloomooloo. Was it suicide? Was it pro-ana? ¯\(°_o)/¯, but we'll find out soon enough. The police claims there isn't anything suspicious about her death, yet we here at ED believe that she finally realized how worthless she was and how utterly disgusting she looked, that her body just decided to end it.

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