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Screenshot of Chanmongler v1.0.1

Chanmongler (formerly known as 4cGet) lets you download and/or search through threads from a range of *chans. Chanmongler is no longer developed, and support for most chans is broken. Another program called Chan Thread Watch works as a good replacement, and works with most chans without chan files.


Getting started is fairly simple. Download it, extract it, start it. The only obstacle would be if you don't have .NET Framework installed. Don't give up though, there's a link to it at the bottom of the article. Once you've started mongler, you have a couple of options. You may use the GUI like some guiwhore, you may control it using the tray icon (the thing down where the clock is), or you may use hotkeys (the manly option).

Speaking of hotkeys:

  • Press Alt+1 to add thread from your browser (works with Opera, Failurecox 2.0, IE6 and IE7, although not when viewing *chan through frames)
  • Press Alt+2 to add thread from clipboard (for framefags)
  • Press Alt+3 to check for (and download) any new files from added threads
  • Press Alt+4 to bring up the search function

You may also minimize mongler to the tray by doubleclicking the tray icon. Combine this with the Alt+4 hotkey to use it like some searching front-end. Note that the application may also be used for regular websites - this includes directory listings, sites with music downloads or embedded videos. Your imagination is the only limit, which is also why the creator had to stop adding chanfiles.

Furthermore, it's probably worth to mention some of the newest features. Due to popular demand, the creator has finally added some new features.

  • Sorting function for the threadlist
  • Thread thumbnails and stats
  • Automatic checking for / downloading of new content
  • Removed the nagscreen on startup (thanks to a generous anon)


There's built-in support for the following *chans:

  • 4chan
  • 4chan Archive
  • 7chan
  • 420chan
  • Chansluts
  • Fapchan
  • Not4chan

Additional chans can be added by creating a .chan file with the proper configurations. As this might seem horribly difficult, the creator will add new *chans on request. Use the "Contact me" button to nag him about that.

Note to imageboard owners

If you don't want Chanmongler to work with your imageboard, just do a simple modification of the board's design. I will not try to circumvent any attempts to block Chanmongler, as that is not the purpose of this project. For ideas of what to modify, have a look at the chanfiles. This won't stop the odd anon from making a new chanfile himself though, but I doubt that many are capable of doing so. Stopping most of the users could be as simple as just adding a space somewhere critical.

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