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Ch'marr's fursona is a cheetah with scoliosis.

A shining example of administrative excellence in an online art gallery, he is the head administrator and top evaluator of new applicants on the VCL. His example, well worth emulating, includes ensuring that the gallery be always kept up to date with the latest age-old HTML code, and subjecting new applicants to the gallery and their art to a number of rigorous tests and examinations, such as:

  • Examining the background for any imperfections whatsoever, unless it is color, in which case the piece is exempt from this rule. (Exceptionally skilled artists have been rejected due to small patches of 254-254-254 off-white in the background, revealed through the use of the 'Levels' tool of what is suspected by many to be a pirated copy of Adobe Photoshop.)
  • Evaluating the compression of the image, likely with some second-rate HTML script. (Wait, that's the gallery itself.)

That's about it. Oh, wait, there's more.

His ability to properly manage the VCL is questionable, if not proven as nonexistant by the profound lack of quality and moderation present therein. It should also be noted that he's very sensitive to criticism. Though polite, he has been known to request that entire sites not unlike this Wiki be removed for containing even minor insults directed toward him. (Insults that would simply roll off the shoulders of anyone who had even half a testicle to their name.)

Now go, and defile your eyes here. He's surely in there somewhere.



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