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I'm unique! Pay attention to me!

Catamorphism is a Wikipedia editor/lolcow/gender nazi. His M.O. is to revamp all dispute discussion into a conversation about his gender. He is known for flaring up at anyone who does not acknowledge his claim to be "genderqueer" (more like JEWderqueer, amirite?) and at anyone who doesn't address him as "singular they". Generally, people are not inclined to use bad grammar to appease this douche, but the flaming is usually significant enough to make people lose focus on the article and let him do whatever they want, because to revert him without arguing over his gender discussing the changes is a personal attack, lol.

His gender fanaticism cost him adminship[1] and he took an indefinite wikibreak[2], which he is currently still on. Had his adminship succeeded, his sexual deviance would have qualified him for the Authorized Anal Rape branch of dealing with vandals.

Dealing with him

If you encounter him on any dispute, the best way to milk him for lulz is to constantly refer to Catamorphism as he, him or his and completely ignore any attempts he makes to "correct" you. This will generally cause the involved editors to erupt in lulz, and will decrease his chances of becoming an admin.


What I did to Catamorphism, nominating her for adminship when I knew she would be attacked visciously and shot down was just my sick idea of fun. I have to admit, I hate bulldykes, and I've hated bulldykes ever since I saw them on my college campus. They told us to be tolerant, but I just can't. There's a certain degree of conformity and decorum that must be maintained. Catamorphism had better change her attitude if she wants to get a real job.


Brian G Crawford



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