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Casey Decker is a pedophile!
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Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
Casey Decker
Born Casey Scott Decker
January 28, 1986. (aged 26)
106 N Cherry Ln

Huntingburg, Indiana 47542-1469 Mobile Phone: 1 812.661.1418

Website Casey's Deviantart

Casey Decker, also known as sonicmario64, is a 26-year-old autistic manchild, furfag, cartoonist, attention whore, and pedophile. He spends his entire life on DeviantArt trying to become a "professional cartoonist" by drawing furry foot fetish art of underage characters, including his original creation Whitnee Squirrel. He is allowed by his parents to eternally live like a child and blow taxpayers' money on video games. The proof of his pedophilia comes from his many drawings of underage characters, furry and human. His general ignorance of the world has led him to believe that fully grown men can have sex with teenagers and that it is perfectly legal. A normal adult would know that this is absurd however he continues to ignore society and just believe what he wants to.

DeviantART & Whitnee Squirrel

He usually spends all of his life on Deviantart-favicon.png Deviantart without even trying to get a real job in the real world. He formerly was a janitor in his real life job until he was fired. He often draws pictures that fulfills his own weird needs for feet, tickling, furries, Pepparroten, and his own original characters such as Whitnee Squirrel in which he most commonly masturbates to. If you see, he always posts his signature comments and replies to any art he sees such as these personal quotes:

That looks very nice, man! :D.


Thank you very much for saying so, man! :D.


No problemo, man! :D


This picture of (YOUR ART) looks very nice! :D


—all of these shit quotes are from yours truly, Casey Decker

Lyra from Pokemon? NOT PEDOPHILIA. Drawing foot fetish art of 12 year olds is perfectly normal.
What turns Casey on...

He spends most of his time drawing Whitnee and the rest of his fetish-based original characters to show to off his friends on DeviantArt.

Hope you're comfortable, because it's kind of a long story... ;) Well, Whitnee Squirrel is a character that I decided to create shortly after I became a member of deviantART. I became so facinated by all the other anthro characters that every one else had been drawing all the time, and I wanted to create some newer characters of my own so that I become a more noticeable artist on the site. Whitnee happened to be the first new character I created at the time; I was technically in the mood for drawing a sexy squirrel, especially after reading the webcomic "Sabrina Online" quite a few times. When creating her, I originally wanted her to have blond hair just like Amy (a character from "Sabrina Online"), but then I decided that blond hair with white fur would be a too obvious thing to draw on a sexy anthro character. I then decided that she would have long black hair that is straight, and I actually love girls with that kind of hair; it especially goes well with the white fur she would have, since I also adore furry females with fur of that color. I originally wanted to use a Japanese name for her that describes the color of her fur, but I couldn't find a good one and I decided to use a simple name that I found: "Whitnee" (which actually sounds more femenine than "Whitney" because of the two e's) As I began drawing her some more, I came up with an outfit that she would be wearing a lot: a red t-shirt with a fox tail on it and a pair of blue shorts; in fact, red happens to be her most favorite color, and that she is usually seen wearing something of that color. When thinking of a personality to suit her, I originally wanted her to be a sexy ninja like Kasumi from the DOA games. Just to make her even more unique, I then decided that she would also be a fan of old-school video games, since I happen to be one as well. About a year after I created her, I then decided to create a best friend for her: Amber Chipmunk (but I think I'll talk about her later). Ever since I've drawn Whitnee, I couldn't help thinking of her each time I draw something; she's usually the first thing on my mind because of how popular she's becoming at deviantART. If I were to make my very own comic strip series (if I had better writing skills, that is), she would actually be my choice of character for me to use, and I would like the world to know that I have the artistic skills become a popular cartoonist. :D


Casey describes the creation of Whitnee

Casey has grown increasingly obsessed with Whitnee throughout his adult years.

He was a sock fetishist since he had his older account casey64. He gave out the same comments, said weird things about foot fetish pics, and always dreamed to see the artist's OCs in long white socks soon just so it can fulfill his own long white socks or furry white feet needs.

That looks very nice, man! I also would like to see [YOUR OC] in long white socks soon! :D.


First Run-ins with Trolls

Every time you post fair criticism or a "negative" comment on his art.

His original account got removed by an anonymous hacker. Since a year has passed with his old account, a user known as Deviantart-favicon.png ilikethepixies was flaming on his WSFC group on numerous occasions that Casey got butthurt over it. Pixies made a picture of Whitnee getting hanged and tried to submit it to the group. However, it was rejected by Casey. He raged in front of the group telling everybody "NO MORE COMMENTS FROM INTERNET TROLLS, PLEASE!".

Pixies was later banned from DeviantART and made 2 sockpuppet accounts named Deviantart-favicon.png gilgameshthewise (banned) and Deviantart-favicon.png panda-halo (got banned as well, during the 789chan wars)

Casey is among the most trollable people on the list and is clearly a target for most hackers who runs by him. Now around 2010, he made another account by force which is CaseyDecker and he seldom does the same thing like before, he admits to stay on DeviantART with the rest of his lifetime.

Casey also met Pepparroten, his own internet girlfriend and dream girl, making weird ass gifts for her and she sarcastically wanted to meet him for real someday. He threatened to kill himself if his DeviantArt account was hacked again

Once, some fail hacker tried hacking his newer account just by posting a picture of a random dude's ass and someones anus and then turned his account off. A day has passed, Casey's sick fucks whined to the admins "HUURRRR SOMEONE HACKED CASEY DURR HURR!!!!" and the admins turned him back on. Right now, furfags and gay pedos are also beginning to befriend Casey because of the problems on 789chan. Also, he is very worried and scared about who's going to hack him next and he awaits at this day.

Where is he now? Doing nothing, just in his own room wasting his own life.


Casey's internet girlfriend IRL. He clearly imagines meeting her for real one day in his life to fuck this hawt emo.

Deviantart-favicon.png Pepparroten is Casey's under-aged, bisexual, "dream" internet girlfriend who lives way out in the eastern atmosphere from CaseyDecker.

She, like Casery, clearly is also a furry fetishist for anthro girls in long socks. She even also makes art that fulfill CaseyDecker's furry fucking needs for long socks. Ever since 2010 or 2011 CaseyDecker always imagines to meet up with her in real life until she admits she had a boyfriend as an attempt for CaseyDecker to stop trying to molest her.

RP: Because I care for him a bit, I will not do so. But one time he asked me out I said to him I had a boyfriend because I felt bad for him. But all of these little things on here about how bad Casey is just mind bottling. Well, he doesn't fap to my pictures, he draws my characters as gifts for me, do you have a problem with that? YOU SHOULD NOT.


—Pepparroten on pitty.

789chan wars

I would, but I think trying to stop them myself is something they actually want me to do as a way of humiliating myself. Besides, everyone who knows me on here actually knows what I'm REALLY like, so I pity those who are against me in some way.


—Casey Decker explains why he doesn't want to share his own thoughts

You all are some brainless pieces of shit. Get a life, all of you. Y'all quit acting like white trash teenagers and find something else useful to do. Casey is way more normal than all of you.


—Pepparroten on the thread before it was archived



—Cole Decker showing his rage against the chan.

He hates every videogame that's not sonic or nintendo, he's in love with a swedish lesbian who made up a boyfriend so he will leave her alone, he thinks he's the greatest artist in the world who doesn't need to accept any critique, that he has less of a life than cwc and he has a full gallery of furry foot fetish crap yet is in denial that he's actually fapping to it


—Who cares.

When Casey was informed about the existence of a /cwc/ thread about him, he was reluctant leave his DA hugbox out of fear of being hacked again. Instead he sent his footfag friends to take care of things. He even sent his 10 year old brother onto the board to "protect" him. Throughout the thread, his friends tried to SHOW THOSE TROLLS by spamming the thread with devastating insults such as MASTURBATING SOCCER MOMS.

After a few weeks, Casey finally plucked up enough courage to post on the thread and defend himself anonymously. The results of his visit can be seen below.

Use scrollbar to see the full image

Casey tardraging.

He's a pedophillic furfag who trys to get his 10 year old brother into his furry and foot fetish. He also tells him to come to the board and fight because Casey says he's to scared to do it himself.


—The situation summed up.

The Death of 789chan

Yeah, look who's so happy!
Born 2008
Died 2012
Website The website's successor

On November, after a few months of talking about Casey, he decides to hire his friends to take down 789chan. With all of the true happiness Casey had, he thought the 789chan wars has finally ended. Even now, the site was remade with a different name. n0chan.

After all, there was a message saying The reason I'd chosen to do this when I did was because over the past month or so the site's been falling completely off of its' base after certain people left the limelight and others entered. I will not be naming any names, but it's pretty much common knowledge who I am talking about these days. It was getting to the point where the pleasure/pain balance had been out of wack for many weeks and recently I'd barely even looked at the site, let alone was engaged in its' activities. I wasn't interested in the latest pursuits, statistics noted that over the past 30 days before this decision was made that our traffic level'd literally dropped in half. A couple people tried to encourage me to leave everything well alone, but the drop in traffic, the change in scenery, and the recent goings-on had made it really difficult to just ignore it and keep going with the chan's operation. So, at this point I'm left with half my normal traffic on a project I'm burned out on, twice the work as normal, and it seemed like all the site had become was a soapbox for actions that I neither agreed with or thought were amusing. I really wish it didn't have to be like this, but the truth is; running a site like this is only really an internal pleasure, it's not something that I can normally share with others or be outwardly proud of except in some stupid online echochamber. And that's fine, it's what it's always been and I didn't expect anything more. But, when things really get down to brass tax, it's pretty much up to things being worthwile for me. Some people may disagree with this mindset, but it is what it is. I made a few cool friends doing this, and I love all of you the same even though this's happened, and I hope you all understand, and I see why you wouldn't, but honestly this has been in the wings for many months now, it's just needed to hit rock-bottom. I'm sure there's a fair few people right now who are reading this who had their info on the site. I'd like to take this time to encourage all of you to turn your lives' around in some way. You all know who you are, and who I am talking to. If anything good comes out of this, I'd hope it to be that. <3, seanie

He among continues on with his bullshit on DevaintART without being told about n0chan that's running recently.

The current thread is beyond here-----> [] Enjoy all of the ween!

Casey vs. Guro Troll Art

Do you naughty little furfags find any good effort to fapping to her?

Unable to take any form of criticism or parody of Whitnee Squirrel lightly, Casey posted up a journal to round up his furry hugbox into getting the user who drew a few guro drawings of Whitnee banned from Deviantart. To Casey, drawings of his OC getting burned, dismembered, decapitated, or getting stabbed in the cunt is similar to watching this happen to a real life person. Besides the couple of furfags who were shocked and appalled by the pictures, nobody else from Casey's hugbox took notice of the drawings. Casey later admitted that he liked the art style of the troll art, but was still offended by the "sadistic" killing of his OC. Casey even threatened to draw the artist getting killed as revenge. So far, Casey hasn't backed up his threat.

I'm posting this to let everyone know that there is a user on here that has be posting nasty pictures of Whitnee Squirrel, and he really needs to be banned at once! I've just noticed that he's been doing it behind my back, and I don't think people like him should be allowed to do something like this to talented artists like me and get away with it!


List of things and fetishes that arouse Casey

Casey with his half-sister with Down's Syndrome. He's 26 years old physically and he unknowingly admits to molesting.
  1. Furfaggotry art
  2. Girls in long white socks at any age
  3. Minerva Mink
  4. Whitnee fanart
  5. Video games
  6. Weird Al Yankovic
  7. Sonic the Hedgehog
  8. Holiday World
  9. Bugs Bunny
  10. Cartoons based on furfaggotry
  11. Pepparroten
  12. Furry White Feet at any age

List of things that Casey hates & pisses him off

Casey death penalty.png

  1. Green Beans
  2. Dogs barking at him
  3. Internet Trolls
  4. Country music
  5. People who talks shit about Whitnee Squirrel
  6. People who thinks that his art is shit
  7. People who gives him fair critics
  8. People who posts insults on his group Deviantart-favicon.png WSFC
  9. Licorice
  10. People who bashes about Sonic the Hedgehog games in front of him
  11. TV shows with the wrong rating
  12. Video games with cpu players that cheat & cheating
  13. People who pronounce "Pokemon" wrong
  14. TV shows with incomplete endings
  15. People who tells him to "Get over it".
  16. People who hates that he enjoys.
  17. Cigarette smoke while he sleeps
  18. People who deletes his own stuff
  19. His account getting hacked
  20. Video games that require you to beat on harder difficulties

Picture Gallery

The Artistic Works of Casey Decker About missing Pics

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