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Camel Case or "CamelCase", is variant of making a wiki link on wikis, and was how the first wikis that crawled out of the primordial ooze of teh tubes made links, which is not done here on ED for three reasons.

  1. ED uses MediaWiki, which has free links, or links without the words humping each other like hard up faggots. For example Encyclopedia Dramatica is a "free link". In CamelCase, it would be "EncyclopediaDramatica" with no square brackets at either ends of the words, as just having the words assfuck each other is what links them, much like a man train in gay porn.
  2. Even if we wanted to use CamelCase for some fucktarded reason, MediaWiki does not support it, and we have better things to do than to enable such a shitty feature.
  3. If the two points above didn't spell it out clearly enough, do the world a favor, retard.

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