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No! No! Today! I've got all dressed. It's today!



That's a good Daddy

Caillou (Pronounced "Cay-Lou", "Cay-eye-you", or "Cay-Loe") was a Canadian television cartoon about a happy go-lucky satanic 4 year old with cancer. Everybody hates this little whiny 4 year old, because he throws temper tantrums all the time for stupid reasons like The Circus isn't until Tomorrow. This eventually led Caillou into becoming one of the victims of Grounded Videos, along with Dora the Explorer, who is also hated by pretty much everyone in this world. The only people retarded enough to like this shit are Pedophiles, Cancer victims, and 4 year olds who are dumb enough to want to watch this garbage.

After years of the world whining about this show, Caillou finally died from cancer in 2010, and went to Hell.

The Show

Shut up Caillou and get in the water


Pretty much every single episode is just Caillou being a whiny dick, who throws tantrums for some stupid reason. After their Parents got tired of his whining, they let him have his way, and Caillou has fun. He never gets in trouble, and his parents are Mr. and Mrs. Positive about pretty much everything imaginable. Caillou gets away with fucking Rosie, and he does not care with her.

In the earlier seasons, there were live action puppets that would spend their time molesting children who were retarded enough to watch the gay series. This led the children to have nightmares and was part of the reason why the show sucked so much.


Caillou was created by Hélène Desputeaux, who wrote books about the 4 year old just to piss people off. In 1997, probably the most controversial television series outside of Barney and Friends and Dora the Explorer was created, based on these horrific books. In 2000, the cancer then spread to other countries, and PBS Kids started airing the series, forcing innocent 4 year olds to watch the horror. This torture continued on for several years.

In 2005, after a short hiatus from creating episodes, a return was made. This time Caillou attended Playschool, where he hung out with some of his friends. Later after that, one more season was made which the world descended into chaos for a short time because of that. The show got cancelled in 2010 because the creators screwed themselves.

Caillou's mother is a pedophile


  • Caillou - The 4 year old with Cancer that teaches Children how to throw Tantrums and that it is Unacceptable Behavior that will not be tolerated good for you and that you should do. Kids look up to him as a role model and do the same, which Caillou is the reason why so many kids throw tantrums nowadays.
  • Rosie - An obnoxious 2 year old that likes to bother Caillou which pisses him off is the right thing to do for a bitch like him. Like Caillou, she likes to whine all the time. However, she does not always get her way so easily.
  • Boris - Caillou's gay father who is so positive about pretty much everything to where it gets annoying. He tries to be a good parent, but fails because he is a pussy who married a woman that gave birth to the Devil's son.
  • Doris - Caillou's Pedophilic mother who like Boris, is so positive to where it gets annoying, and fails to be a good parent for giving birth to Caillou. However, unlike Boris, she had sex with her own son. All of this led her into being the most hated mother of all time, both in the real world, and cartoons. She should've put Caillou up for abortion.

Influence on Children

Do you see the influence?
Caillou was a boy who grew up with hair but shaved it off and told people he had cancer so they would care for him but they found out he was lying. He then dies from cancer and goes to heaven but whines because his house in heaven is too small, so he then gets sent to hell for whining and burns there forever, which is how he went there.


—An Anonymous Caillou Hater

Caillou has taught children numerous that it is perfectly fine to throw temper tantrums and that you will get your way. Kids looked up to him as a role model, and then threw their own tantrums because Caillou told them to. Caillou also seemed happy to have cancer, which explains why he is always bald. It also influenced GoAnimators to be such big fags and make more shit grounded videos, because they're retards. Their parents should really be monitoring them.

On GoAnimate

Caillou's GoAnimate form

Caillou is one of the biggest victims from GoAnimate grounded videos made by 7 year olds who have no lives. His parents constantly punish and abuse him all the time, grounding him for no reason, or for going to Chuck-E-Cheeses. He usually gets harsh punishments like all the other troublemakers like going to hell, eating dog poop, and being grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded Grounded for (Insert random number from 1000-Infinity here) years. Here are some of the cancer videos that Caillou got grounded from. Notice the retardation from these.



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