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Deviantart-favicon.png BwueMutt is a furfag from DeviantART who has a habit of borrowing other people's designs. Her gallery consists of, for the most part, stolen designs, with a side helping of one or two that she positively begged for from other, more credible artists. Her constant drama has gained her the attention of many of the other 11-year-olds who reside on DeviantART, who of course kiss her ass for her amazing art.

When called out on her bullshit, she typically responds by deleting the deviation without a word of apology to the creator, of in extreme cases, pretending to be hacked so as to have an excuse to deactivate her account. Many people have tried to help her change her ways, but to no avail, as Bwue still chooses to steal design after design, offering excuses until she's blue in the face (no pun intended).

she Also offends alot of people, she currently offended a trans* by asking what their birth name was, said person was very upset and offended, Bwue even went as far as to call this person a she.

Drama with Bwue

Blue and her whore.

Bwue, like every other young child on the interwebs, has been inspired by many popufurs in her time. However, unlike most, she takes this inspiration too far and incorporates it into not only her style, but also her usernames, character designs, etc. This girl simply does not have an original bone in her body. At this point, nobody truly likes her anymore. Nobody.

Deviantart-favicon.png Agoraphobic-Blue

"Bwue", living up to her name, has stolen popular DeviantARTist Agoraphobic-Blue's character designs what is verging on dozens of times. Apparently, she falsely assumed that she was capable of getting away with theft, but instead has been called out on it by even her closest friends and idols. Blue herself has not confronted her on this issue, that we know of, but her fans seem to have gotten a kick out of it, as can be seen in the comments section of many of Bwue's old deviations.

Deviantart-favicon.png xCryptic-Acex

xCryptic-Acex, who has since deactivated their DeviantART account, was Bwue's second influence. Ace has been animating furries for quite some time under the alias YouTube Favicon.png SilverWolfNyght, and is considerably popular in the "Warrior Cats" fandom, though she never really made it big on DeviantART. It's presumed that Bwue found her back in her Warriors phase, but nobody truly knows for certain. Either way, Bwue seemed to have developed a fetish for Ace, as she has stolen the girl's fursona, and even paired their characters together on more than one occasion. She's commissioned people for art of the two nuzzling and being "romantic", despite not having Ace's approval to do so. Somebody's a little obsessed, if you ask me.

Deviantart-favicon.png Fuchsianess

Fuchsia, AKA DeviantART's number one kissup, is a long-time victim of Bwue's antics. Bwue has stolen her fursona nearly as many times as she's stolen Agoraphobic-Blue's, and yet, she's forgiven each and every time without fail. You go, Fuchsia! Good job standing up for yourself. Fuchsia is supposedly Bwue's best friend and "corgi sissy", and although they're sisters, Bwue likes to draw art of their fursonas... shall we say, "getting cozy". She very obviously has a little girl crush on Fuchsia, and continues to harass her like a lost puppy, despite the fact that Fuchsia has expressed her disinterest on more than one occasion. Clearly, Bwue cannot take no for an answer, unfortunately for her victims. Fuchsia has gone behind her buddy's back various times, talking shit about her and even handing out her password to Bwue's trolls. However, despite her dishonesty, Bwue continues to spend her time licking Fuchsia's ass and begging for her attention.

Deviantart-favicon.png Liixen

Liixen's design for Bwue.

Liixen is one of Bwue's ex friends, and also the first person that Bwue has ever managed to guilt into designing a fursona for her. Liixen was originally eager to help out Bwue, but considering the kid slowly began to ask more and more from her, she dropped out after contributing points, premiums, art, so on and so forth to the little fucker. She now berates Bwue every chance that she gets, and has nothing but bad things to say about the ways that she was manipulated and used. However, it seems that practically nobody heeds poor Liixen's warnings, and they continue to fall for Bwue's lies time after time again. It's a vicious cycle, and once it begins, there's no known cure. Bwue reportedly kept the character that was designed by Liixen for little more than a month, and soon resorted to her old ways once again.

Deviantart-favicon.png HinaUchi

As though stealing three fursonas in one go wasn't enough for her, Bwue decided to come back a few months later with what is practically a carbon copy of HinaUchi's fursona, Rena (later renamed Bird dog). After Hina changed Bird's design, Bwue copied the previous one, right down to the bi-colored eyes and neon blue ears. This has of course gotten her into heaps of trouble with Hina's white knights, and if one looks hard enough they are sure to find pages upon pages of whiny comments regarding the fiasco, as well as the occasional call-out journal and hate art. Bwue's most recent actions have caused her to gain enough fame that she wound up on the popular DArama blog, Tumblricon.png HinasCoochi, along with all of the other internet sluts.

Deviantart-favicon.png Zin0viy

Bwue decided, after nabbing HinaUchi's fursona, she would go after Hina's ex boyfriend's. At first, it was his original character design, from which she picked the colors straight down to the HTML code. Then, it was his newest fursona, a generic shiba inu. Not to mention the fact that her furry mate's character looks remarkably similar to Zin0viy's old fursona. It seems that they're making an effort to become the next "Rena x Fen" of DeviantART.

Deviantart-favicon.png Skodda

Just after a few months of Bwue Knowing Skodda, she started showing signs to them, such as begging for art in their livestreams, going far as to steal their fursona. The new thing now is Bwue using Skoddas boyfriends fursona and changing little things, such as adding rings on their tail, after a few attempts to make friends with her Skodda got fed up and decided not to be her friend anymore.


Despite being twelve years old, Bwue has had quite the number of relationships- most of them, when the other participant was completely unaware! Even now, she continues to beg her old partners for a "second chance", all the while adding furry upon furry to her already bursting harem. Despite the fact that she's dated more people in six months than most self-respecting people would go through in years, she's totes not a whore u guis!!

Deviantart-favicon.png DucttapeMaiaWolf

Friendly rape fantasies

Maia and Bwue have never actually dated, as far as the public knows, but when Bwue got her first craving for yiff, Maia was the unlucky victim. Bwue decided that she wanted to "ship" her fursona with Maia's fursona Ducttape, and Maia unfortunately agreed, none the wiser when it came to Bwue's secret intentions. Bwue appeared blissfully psyched with her new "OTP", and refused to shut up about how cute the characters looked together. There was much, much requested art of these two, though eventually it all came to a close, because Bwue had begun to whine to Maia about how much she "loved" her and wanted her brother to rape her. Maia changed her fursona, and got as far away from Bwue as possible. This quickly lead into the chain of events which earned Bwue the title of obsessive e-slut.

Deviantart-favicon.png Arkanine

Bwue and her mate.

Arkanine, now Deviantart-favicon.png RedPandii, was the first of Bwue's many girlfriends. She supposedly agreed to be in a relationship with Bwue out of guilt, although later decided that she "loved" the kid. The two were together for a few months, although throughout that period all Bwue did was whine for points and premium memberships. Eventually, she even had the brilliant idea to host a contest, because what better way to gain popularity than have your furry characters drawn together in generic poses?

After Arkanine and Bwue decided to split, Bwue continuously declared her love for "Arky", even going as far as to beg and plead for Arkanine to leave her future partners in favor of Bwue. It appears that somebody has planted the idea in the kid's head that no matter how somebody feels about something, the fact that you say "please" automatically means they're obligated to say yes. Perhaps it was her parents, who obviously spoiled her, as nobody can become this bratty all on their own.

To this very day, she still fails to realize that asking somebody out over, and over, and over despite numerous refusals is harassment, no matter how much you believe yourself to have "changed".

Deviantart-favicon.png Striety

Not long after the end of her fling with Arkanine, Bwue fell in mad rabus with another prepubescent child, who was known as Dark-Smoothie at the time. Dark, being an impressionable kid, supposedly harbored feelings for Bwue, and when Bwue asked her out, she eagerly accepted. Of course you don't have to get to know the person before dating them on the internet, amirite?!

Now, this caused a lot of back-and-forth between Arkanine and Dark, because poor Bwue was too insecure and lustful to make up her mind. During the weeks that she was in a relationship with Dark, Bwue often went behind her back, begging for Arkanine to date her, because she 'loved her more than she would ever love Dark'. Of course, when confronted about this, she denied it straight to Dark's face, until presented with chatlogs.

At this point, Bwue still refuses to acknowledge the fact that she cheated on her ex. Instead, she will vehemently refuse to answer inquiries about it, pretending to be the victim in the situation. By now, she has probably convinced even herself.

Using people for art

Other then begging people for love or stealing other peoples designs. Bwue makes friends with famous people to draw her TTLY NOT STOLEN FURSONA her logic is if you talk for a day you're instantly her friend, though we know its only for the art.

She befriends people with her 'oh so cute' attitude and 'totally not stolen' fursona and bounces around like mary queen of scots. she will continue to ass kiss you until you eventually draw her, such as -Deviantart-favicon.png The-Crazy-And-Insane,Deviantart-favicon.png Skodda and Deviantart-favicon.png FangKittyArtist akaDeviantart-favicon.png Paradisel0st So be warned, if this fuzzy design thieving mess comes towards you, just let it be until she starts showing signs of give me art plz now


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